Becoming One with Your Soul

Becoming One with Your Soul

For most of us, the shift from trusting your soul to becoming the servant of your soul is already a huge challenge. Going the next step—mastering the ability to live a fear-free existence, automatically satisfying your needs before you know you have them, and manifesting what your heart desires through thought—is beyond our wildest imaginings.

And yet, everyone who has connected, befriended, trusted and become the servant of their soul has had the experience of doing all of these things during specific moments, hours or even days of their lives. Whenever, and in whatever manner you connected, befriended, trusted and served your soul, you were, during those moments, at one with your soul.

Our Souls R Us

The reason why you find this difficult to believe is because you have objectified your soul. You think you have a soul and your soul is separate from you. The truth is the opposite: your soul has you. Your soul (you) is attempting to master living in a three-dimensional physical reality in the same manner in which it lives in four-dimensional reality— with love and a deep sense of connection to everything.

There never was any separation. It was an illusion. There was never a separate self. You were always your soul living life in two different dimensions of reality—one part of you in four-dimensional awareness, and one part in three-dimensional awareness.

Soul Prompts

Ultimately, the one thing you have to do to live the life of your soul is to keep your mental field completely clear and focused in present moment awareness, so your three-dimensional self can stay in contact with your four-dimensional self.

There are three main ways in which your three-dimensional self can communicate with your four-dimensional self:

  • Direct conversation (initiated by you—the three-dimensional self)
  • Direct thoughts (initiated by you or your soul—the four-dimensional self)
  • Synchronistic experiences (initiated by your soul)

Direct Conversation

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I call this dialogue with your soul. There are two main ways to experience such conversations— visualization and automatic writing.


Find a quiet place, where you can sit or lie down, and use some form of progressive relaxation to quiet your mind. When your mind is still, imagine yourself going on a journey along a pathway to the safest place you can imagine, where you will meet your soul. When you meet your soul, ask the questions that are uppermost in your mind. Listen for the replies. Ask more questions, until the conversation is over. Thank your soul, and return along the same pathway to present moment reality in the three-dimensional physical world.

Automatic Writing

You prepare for this experience in exactly the same way as visualization, except you have pen and paper close to you so when your mind is quiet, you can write down the questions that you have for your soul, and record the replies. Just let your pen flow. See what words want to be written. You will be surprised at what you learn.

Direct Thoughts

This is the mode of contact that my soul and I use the most. When I am initiating a conversation with my soul, I use the power of my concentration to close down my mind to everything around me and speak (in my thoughts) to my soul. It usually takes less than a second. I then ask the question I need guidance on and wait for the thought that comes in reply. Sometimes, if the matter is not urgent, I will simply concentrate on connecting with my soul just before I go to bed and say something like, “Soul, I am feeling stuck right now. I am not sure what to do. Please give me guidance so I can stay in alignment with your purposes.” The next morning, I have my answer.

When my soul (my four-dimensional self) contacts me (my three-dimensional self), it is rather different. I call this inspiration. It is a mode of communication that lies beyond intuition. Whereas intuition is a thought popping into your mind from the collective unconscious, inspiration comes as a specific directive from your soul—something your soul wants you to do.

The soul is persistent; the thought— whatever it is that your soul (the four-dimensional you) wants you (the three-dimensional you) to do—will not go away. It keeps popping into the mental field of your awareness. Even when your ego (your three-dimensional self) finds what it believes is a good reason to resist the thought, your soul (your four-dimensional self) will come up with a new argument.


For me this is one of the most exciting and intriguing ways of getting a soul prompt because it involves detective work. A prompter, in theatrical terminology, is someone who supports an actor in learning his lines. If the actor makes a mistake, the prompter will get the actor back on track by giving him the correct lines. Since the actor and the prompter are operating in the same three-dimensional world, it is easy for the prompter to communicate with the actor if he makes a mistake and tell him what he should have said.

Imagine now that actor and prompter live in different worlds (dimensions of existence) and there is no direct form of communication which the prompter can use to get the actor back on track. So the prompter has to get the attention of the actor by some form of indirect communication which conveys his meaning.

The prompter in our case is our soul and the means of communication is synchronicity: The coincidence in time of two or more causally unrelated events which have a common meaning. Having a thought about a close friend, and receiving a call from the friend a few moments later would be an example of synchronicity. The thought and the telephone call are the unrelated events; the common meaning is that they both concern the friend. Synchronicities are unbounded by space and time.

The concept of synchronicity arose from the merger of quantum theory and psychology. This came about through collaboration between Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli. Although the origin of quantum mechanics is credited to Heisenberg, his friend Pauli was the one that convinced many physicists that quantum mechanics was correct.

Jung initially identified synchronicities as reflections in the outer world of inner changes in consciousness. He later went on to define three categories of synchronistic events:

  • The coincidence of an external event with a dream or thought, where there is no evidence of any connection (synchronicity).
  • The coincidence of an external event outside the field of perception, with knowledge of that event (simultaneous knowledge).
  • The coincidence of inner knowing about an event that takes place in the future (prior knowledge).

When you begin to pay attention to the voice of your soul, you will notice all three categories of synchronicity occurring in your life. Increasing awareness of these phenomena in my own life has led me to conclude that there is a fourth category of synchronicity which involves direct promptings from the soul.

Synchronicity as Promptings from the Soul

Whereas the purpose of inspiration is clearly directive—the soul (your four-dimensional self) is giving you (the three-dimensional self) a thought that you should follow—synchronistic promptings are more like subtle directives. They are events, situations and happenings that are hints about where you should focus your awareness, or things that you should pay attention to. Your soul becomes your prompter in the play you are acting out through your life.

You know you are receiving synchronistic promptings while your attention is “accidentally” drawn to the same thought, the same book or the same person several times in the course of a few days. I used to notice these situations and wonder why they were happening. When I realized these were soul promptings, I began to give them all my attention.

Most of my soul promptings occur when I am working on a book. When an article or book comes across my awareness, not once, but twice, I immediately search for it and read it. There is usually an idea in the article/book that I need to incorporate into my writing.

Soul promptings are the support your four-dimensional self gives your three-dimensional self when you are working on its purpose. There have been moments in my life, particularly in recent years, where synchronicity has rained down on me continually for several weeks or months. It is as if you are receiving total guidance from your soul about what to focus your attention on.

“Coincidental” Meetings

The other form of prompting I frequently receive that supports me in implementing my soul’s purpose, is “coincidental” meetings. These are people I meet by “chance” who are there to help me or I am there to help them. Both these forms of prompting have become part of my normal everyday experience: So much so that I don’t think of them as unusual anymore.

I know that every encounter is important, because ultimately everyone I meet is working on the same project. They are all involved directly or indirectly, or consciously or unconsciously, in promoting the evolution of human consciousness, either in themselves or supporting others. If they were not, they wouldn’t be in this world.

From Having a Vision to Having a Mission

All these experiences have led me to the conclusion that my four-dimensional energetic self is using my three-dimensional physical self to live out its purposes in our three-dimensional world.

I used to have a vision for my life. I don’t anymore. I just have a mission—to serve my soul. I don’t have any plans, because I just follow the instructions I get from my soul as they are revealed to me. I know my soul’s purpose, but I do not know the details of the journey unless they are revealed to me by my soul.

I listen for my soul’s thoughts and I watch for synchronistic promptings to help me on my way. I have become the relaxed, detached observer of my soul. I let my soul design my life the way it wants, and I watch it unfold in front of me. I (my ego aspect) do the best I can stay out of the way. However, I know my ego is still lurking in the background somewhere because it still gets hi-hacked occasionally by some unresolved subconscious fear-based belief.

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