How Do You Get in Touch with Your True Self?

Getting in Touch with Your True Self

This above all: to thine own Self be true and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.  — Shakespeare

I am often asked how I can walk on stage in front of audiences of up to 15,000 people without knowing what I am going to say. This approach only works when I am in touch with my true Self.

My brain—the part of me that wants to control and organize and be certain not to make a mistake—used to go nuts with that concept. But connecting to the true Self gives me access to information and knowledge way beyond anything I have ever learned in a book or the limited amount stored in my memory. I know if I can tap into my true Self I will have access to all the information I need.

Who Am I Really?

Most people at some introspective point in their lives ask the existential question, “Who am I and why am I here?” They suddenly wake up to the fact that there must be more to life than working every day, paying the bills, and an annual two-week vacation. While living their day-to-day lives most people identify with the body, the mind, and the emotions, however that is not who they really are.

The true Self is in the invisible world—in the 90 percent we cannot see. With this in mind, I do my best to let the true Self lead me and when I do this life works fantastically. It is magical, marvelous, amazing, easy, and it flows. It is full of loving and kindness and joy and laughter and compassion. Nevertheless, when I do not live from my true Self, I come up against all the fetters, dross, and tediousness of the world.

I do not know anyone who lives from their true Self 100 percent of the time, but I do know that if we set that as the direction and intention, we can live there more frequently and for longer periods. And when we do, our experience and the environment around us grows better and better. One way to do this it to be willing to look at things differently.

Light Practice

Place your index finger above your head pointing upward and turn it in a clockwise direction, looking up at it. Keep turning it in the same direction and bring it down to eye level. Now move it below eye level so you are looking at it from above. What direction is it turning—clockwise or counter-clockwise? Which is the right direction? It is both. The correct answer all depends on your viewing point or point of view.

Every disagreement between two people occurs because of differing points of view, often called opinions; who is right? If you expand the context so it includes clockwise and counter-clockwise, you will have more options, which can lead to more effective choices. You will become more compassionate, more understanding, wiser, and life will improve many-fold. The false self only sees clockwise or only sees counter-clockwise, whereas the true Self is able to see infinite ways.

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Positive and Negative

The true Self is also known as the heart, the essence, or the Soul; the part of us that just knows. Then there is the mind, emotions, body, and unconsciousness, which is where most people live their daily life from because they see it as reality. I call that the negative or lower level, but that does not mean it is bad. It is like the poles on a battery; positive and negative are both necessary in order for it to function.

Like Attracts Like

Getting in Touch with Your True SelfOne way I stay in touch with my true Self is to meditate every morning. If we meditate every day with an intention and focus on being loving, kind, and giving we tune our human instrument into that vibration and we radiate that frequency. Then people and things in the world tuned into that frequency will resonate and show up in our environment. But if we choose to focus on negativity, such as anger, resentment, hatred, and vindictiveness on the inside, on the outside we will see a lot of fighting, separation, difficulty, and war.

Where You Look Is Where You Will Go

One of my major teachings is, “Where you look is where you go.” Other ways this is said are, “As you sow so you will reap,” “As you give you’re given unto,” or “What goes around comes around.” If we do actions that are harmful, the harm will come back to us. The painful or difficult results come from the false Self.

Most people say, “I don’t want pain, suffering, difficulty, doubt, despair, hurt, or discouragement in my life so how come I have it?” Well, you have it because of the choices you have made. Take a look at what you are holding inside energetically.

Your vibration (whether conscious or unconscious) attracts its like kind and that is what you notice in your environment, situations, and circumstances. If you want a different reality simply change your focus toward what you want more of. That last sentence is an important one. You may want to re-read it for it contains the solution many are looking for.

How Do You Connect With The True Self?

1. Notice—Observe—Meditate

To meditate, simply get comfortable, relax, and observe your body, breathing, feelings, and thoughts. You do not have to understand them, figure them out, correct them, or argue with them—just notice. I am not responsible for what comes into my mind, only what I hold there. So observation is a key.

Then ask yourself, “Who is doing the noticing?” Is it the mind noticing or is something else noticing the mind, body, and emotions? Who is that?” That is the true Self.

2. Build your support team

None of us knows as much as all of us, so it is a good idea to build your own support team. I have an inner and an outer support team. I speak to a friend once a week and I also belong to the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC) made up of members who are living lives of purpose and service.

I also have an inner support team, which consists of three of my best friends who live in different cities. Often I simply go inside and converse with them. They each have different personality traits that compliment my own.

You may wish to form an inner support group with people you admire who have passed away, such as Jesus, Buddha, or Mother Teresa. Your team can be as large as you want, but it is real. Meet them and talk to them whenever you fancy, and you will be amazed at the support and wisdom available.

3. Get clear on what you want

To discover what you really want from life ask and answer some structured questions, such as the examples below:

Q: What do you want?
A: A new car.

Q: What experience are you looking for?
A: An experience of abundance.

Q: How can you get it?
A: I could go down to the showroom and start looking.

Then return to the first question, “What do you want?” Now take the answer to the last “What experience are you looking for?” question and plug it into the beginning:

Q: What do you want?
A: Abundance

Q: What experience are you looking for?
A: Sufficiency, knowing that my needs are met.

Q: How can you get it?
A: By trusting and noticing that they always have been.

Q: What do you want?
A: Sufficiency—trusting that I’m connected with, loved by, and taken care of by the Source. (Once again the last answer becomes the first answer as I cycle back through.)

Q: How could you get that?
A: By going inside more often.

Keep cycling through the questions until you reach an inner truth. Clue: it will be associated with your beingness rather than your doingness or havingness.

Finish with “How could you get that?” so you have a specific next action step.

Light Practice

Here are a couple of other methods to help you to get in touch with your true Self:

1. Write down all the things that you would describe as peak experiences in your life, especially activities you loved doing, including moments of joy, loving, and bliss. Include both qualities and experiences, as well as the way you expressed the qualities. Start at the youngest memory and work through the timeline. You could also do it geographically via the places you have been. Do not analyze or think about it, just write everything down as fast as you can.

2. Go back to when you were a child, under the age of 12 or seven and think about what you loved to do. Make another list.

You should see a common line running through those lists—learning, teaching, exploring, creating, guiding, scouting, serving, dancing, moving, risking, adventuring, playing, writing, reading, and researching; that is your purpose in life, which comes from the true Self.

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