How to Change, Let Go, and Reclaim Your Happiness

How to Change & Let Go of Struggle

Certain situations can sweep us up and swirl us around in a whirlwind until we feel we have fallen to the ground. These may be emotional situations and I am not suggesting that you hide your emotions, as they are there to be experienced. However, see whether you could take a moment to draw back so that you can see the situation more clearly.

If you realize you are being carried away by negative thoughts, bring your awareness back to your breath and ask yourself, 'Is this bringing me peace? Am I willing to let go of this?'

Watch Your Life Get Easier As You Change

Enjoy watching how your life gets easier as you move away from the struggle within yourself. Enjoy simply asking for a change and watching that change show up.

At first you may notice small, subtle alterations in your life and everything appearing to flow with ease. You may find that other people start to notice a difference in you. You may even find that situations that you have always hoped for turn up. Most importantly, you will notice how you feel as a new state of being evolves. Welcome them all into your life with gratitude ... and reclaim your own deep joy and happiness.

HOW TO CHANGE EXERCISE: Three-Part Action Plan

Now is the time to create your pathway to that fulfilled life.

Write down, from where you are now, your ideas, hopes and wishes for your new self and life.

Now create a new set of affirmations which will support you in moving towards this reality. Remember to phrase these positively, in the present tense, and to lay claim to them with your heart as well as your mind, as emotional investment is key. Include any diversions that you feel will support you, for example.

DIVERSION 1: 'I see myself as a loving, divine and blessed being. I love myself just as I am.'

DIVERSION 2: 'I choose to let my life flow with love, peace and fulfillment. I am strong and powerful and know what is right for me.'

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DIVERSION 3: 'I allow my inner happiness to flourish without the need to rely on feeling attached and restricted. Fulfillment flows through me always.'

DIVERSION 4: 'I allow myself to feel safe, secure and provided for now and always. I have confidence in my ability to create a life that resonates with plenty and stability.'

DIVERSION 5: 'Releasing my anger, guilt, resentment and pain makes me feel light, peaceful and free. I allow love to flow into me.'

DIVERSION 6: 'I love every part of myself in mind, body and spirit. I find the wonder in being myself and embrace myself fully.'

DIVERSION 7: `Peace and harmony flow through me always. I give myself time to relax.'

DIVERSION 8: 'I love listening to my intuition, trusting that it is my truth and for my highest good. I allow myself to reclaim a fulfilled life.'

How to Change & Let Go of StrugglePart 2: Time for Action & Change

Now for action! Don't worry – this isn't a 300-item 'to do' list. Just write down five steps you can take to begin to create a life that resonates with your joy and fulfillment.

Examples could be starting a hobby, organizing a relaxing weekend, applying for a new educational course or making an effort to see your friends. Go with where your feelings take you. And remember that you deserve it.

Part 3: Allow Yourself to Change & Enjoy a New You

Listen to your state of being right now and let peace and happiness flow through you. Give yourself the time and space to experience the deeper elements of yourself. This will keep your connection to your real self alive. Address any resistance to not relaxing, resting and meditation in a short daily practice. Persevere, learn and allow yourself to enjoy the beginnings of a new you.

The essence of faith is to believe that the unseen is as real as the seen.

Facing Challenges: Recognizing the Opportunity to Change & Let Go

Learning doesn't just happen by reading a book and absorbing knowledge, but by being out in the world and putting that knowledge into practice. So allow your new understandings to filter into your whole life, and if you face challenges or new situations, know that not only are you able to cope, but what lies before you is an opportunity to change.

You may have been wearing your 'I can't see any help' glasses for far too long, so they are worth changing too. If you are open to receiving help, it can shine through to you. Don't prescribe how it will arrive, just allow yourself to move away from your pain.

We can picture the pattern of learning as a spiral: sometimes challenges we have had before come round again but in a slightly different form. However, this time around we may be able to understand why they are showing up in our life. And more importantly we can begin to create a different experience which does not resonate with the disharmony that originally attracted these situations to us.

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Reclaiming Happiness: 8 Strategies for an Authentic Life and Greater Peace
by Nicola Phoenix.

Reclaiming Happiness by Nicola PhoenixPresenting eight common misunderstandings about the body and spirit — such as egoism, fear, attachment, and disorder — this manual shows how to divert life away from these behaviors towards happiness, peace, and harmony. This guide helps readers find their divine nature and shows them how to live life aligned with it in order to acknowledge the true magnificence that lies within.

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