Can Negative Energy Be Transformed?

Can Negative Energy Be Transformed?

I want to talk to you about energy. I know that there has been so much talk about negative energy, especially with the spirituality movement coming into its own. I want you to know that all energy is positive. I want you to quit speaking in terms of negative energy, because that gives dark forces a channel into you.

All energy is good. It changes depending on what you do with it. The birth of energy is all good, because it is neutral. Neutral energy is simply benign and good.

If you give energy to something that is negative -- such as worry, anxiety, or fear -- then you build it to such a state that it becomes worse than any action directed toward you. Let us say you have a problem with death. That in itself is not a negative phenomenon. Death, as we know it, is a positive transformation. It is very much like being on an island from which you are finally rescued. This Earth is like an island of thorns and problems, then all of a sudden, a wonderful silver UFO comes down and takes you to the Other Side, which is where you belong in the first place. You are only transplanted here for a few years -- even if it is 80 or 90 -- to see how well you can survive.

A Journey to a Greater Place

Most cultures, especially those that you call primitive, look at death as being a journey to a greater place, a happiness. The ancient Mesopotamians, the early Greeks, the Sumerians, and every one of the ancient cultures, as well as the Third World cultures -- all look at it as a release. Even warriors killed in battle in American Indian cultures were seen as victorious, because they conquered life.

In your culture, you are constantly trying to ward off aging and death. You are constantly bombarded on the small boxes that you watch -- I believe you call this TV -- with information about making yourself not age and forestalling the Grim Reaper. There is goodness in this message, as everyone wants to stay well and keep their bodies in shape as long as they are here. No one wants their house to be in disrepair, yet do not be obsessed with aging and death. Too many people look at death as being an evil of sorts -- not you who are spiritually advanced, but most people. When you are around those people who direct this kind of emotion toward you, you can absorb this negative energy, if you are not prepared. Because you are sensitive, it will become part of you for a while until you learn to cleanse it.

Begin by addressing the fact that you are a spiritual entity with nothing but neutral and positive energy; I guarantee you that you will not have the problems that you had before. Be aware of how energy is directed toward you and what people say to you. Make yourself like a funnel or a sieve.

I Do Not Accept Your Anger...

If a person gets mad at you for no reason and starts offending you, then say to yourself mentally, if not directly to the person -- "I do not accept your anger, rage, or hostility." Feel as if it is beautiful, clear water running through a sieve. You have purified and neutralized the energy sent to you. You have done a very beautiful thing: Now that you have neutralized that negative energy; it cannot harm anyone.

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You have to say, in all truthfulness, "Give it your best shot!" Instead of resisting, try to just relax and let it pass through. If you do, it goes away. The harder you fight, the more negativity you add to it. They really cannot do much beyond scaring you. Let them do whatever they wish. Trust me when I tell you that it will subside.

When you get a harsh note from someone, when there is bad news, or when you get something that gives you anxiety, take a deep breath and say, "I will not let this impact me. It cannot affect me. I am like a sieve through which water just simply runs. It cannot stick or cling to me; I will not give any voice, knowledge, or reality to it!"

If you are having money or financial problems or a lawsuit, and you are distraught, then petition Azna. Mother God will interfere and help you with this. She can use Her beautiful golden sword to transform this negative energy.

Purifying Negative Energy

Can Negative Energy Be Transformed?You should not send negative energy back to its source. If you pull from that negative energy and slap back, do you know what happens? It begins to spiral. Now sometimes, you must fight fire with fire, because occasionally negative energy rises in such a flame that you must rage out against it. But when you do, I want you to think of it as a pure flame that burns hot blue -- a pure fire. If somebody is out to get you or you feel threatened, immediately begin to purify that negative energy. If you start doing that, it will be as automatic to you as breathing or blinking an eye. It should be, so you are not attacked. 

You have at your disposal every defense against anyone that is out to hurt or harm you. If you are concerned about your job, loved ones, family, or people around you that are hurt, then you can surround them with a blue flame as well as white light, because that will burn out a lot of your illnesses. If someone is sick, think of them as surrounded by tons of blue flame. If you have a problem of infertility, think of your organs as being cleansed by this blue flame. You can use green, too, but think about how powerful the blue flame is. Very hot!

Now what about a righteous, justifiable fight? Is that negative? Whatever starts from a pure motive is also pure energy. Many crusades that you take up have a positive bearing and positive energy. People say, "I put out positive energy, but I get back nothing but negativity." Well, for every positive bit of energy that rises, so does the negative rise with it. Because God is love and goodness -- I know it is hard to see, but it is always true -- the positive outweighs the negative. It does! The ultimate is that you have the last laugh, because you eventually come to the Other Side, and that is the positive balance.

How Can We Stop Verbal Abuse?

It would be so much better to light a white candle, open up your hands, pray, and surround the person with white light. If you really want to stop verbal abuse, then put a purple light around their mouth. Not so much to bind their mouths, but to give them judgment. To open up their God-Center so that they see what is just and what is right. I would much prefer that you petition God to allow them to see the light, rather than do anything to them: Let them be opened to what is truth. You will ask that the person, from that point on, would just speak spiritual truth. The purple light is the highest of spiritual colors. Say, "When speaking to me, about me, or for me, this person can only speak spiritual truth."

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