How To Discover Your Unhealthy Beliefs

How To Discover Your Unhealthy Beliefs

Virtually every aspect of your daily life is impacted by unhealthy beliefs. Unhealthy beliefs have the power to impact your body (due to the mind-body connection), your emotions (because they impact on how you interpret life) and your life circumstances (because your beliefs determine your choices and actions). Therefore, by healing your unhealthy beliefs it is possible to cause positive changes within your body, your emotions and your life. Despite this, many people find it hard to change their unhealthy beliefs because they don't know what they are, how to find them or hoe to change them.

Fortunately for you, this is exactly what my 5-Step Method does! It heals the hidden unhealthy beliefs that may be causing your current problems. To find the beliefs, we access them via a significant emotional event in the past; the event in response to which it is most likely that you formed the belief. To do this, choose a current problem you want to heal and follow these five steps:

Step 1: When did it start?

Finds the age of the Root-Cause Event.

Step 2: What happened?

Helps you to recall the memory of what happened.

Step 3: Why was it a problem?

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Explores why what happened was a problem for you so you can define the Root-Cause Reason.

Step 4: Why not a problem now?

Considers what you know now to be at peace with the past.

Step 5: Test the work

Checks the emotional rating for how the memory feels when you think about it now. If the memory feels neutral, then the unhealthy belief is healed.

Step 1: When Did It Start? (Find Root-Cause Event)

Choose the physical condition, emotional issue or life problem that you would like to heal. With your permission, let’s find out when this problem started to that you can move on and stop it being a problem now.

Trust your first answer to these questions:

What event in my life is the cause of (state problems here), the first event, which when resolved will cause the problem to disappear? If I were to know, what age was I?

(For example: “What event in my life is the cause of the psoriasis/anxiety/depression/migraines, the first event which when resolved…”)

Top Tip:

Avoid editing your thoughts or disregarding your immediate answer if it is not what you expected. In most cases, the Root-Cause Event happened before the age of 10, so if you trust and go with your first answer you are more likely to have discovered the right Root-Cause Event.

From an initial sea of infinite possibilities, the answer to this question narrows your investigations down to a specific moment in time, like you at the age of two, six or 16. This will help your mind to uncover the memory of the possible Root-Cause Event now. Once you have discovered an age, it’s time to move on to…

Step 2: What Happened? (Clarify the Context)

Let’s find out more information about what happened at the age you’ve discovered, so that you can establish the Root-Cause Event that was a problem for you. You will do this by clarifying the context: the specific person(s), place, event(s) or thing(s) that were involved.

Hold the age you found in Step 1 in your mind while you discover - and trust - your first answers to the following question:

When I think of that time, what is the first person, place, event or thing to come to mind now?

Remembering the Memory Now

You may be now have recalled a specific detailed memory. If not, then you should focus on remaining open-minded and curious about what might have happened around that time in your life. It can feel as if you are making it up; that’s normal. You may need to dig around a bit before the complete memory returns to your conscious awareness.

In the same way a detective or an interested friend would ask questions to find out what happened, you might want to also ask:

When I think of this (person, place, etc.), what else comes to mind? Who was there? Where was I? What might have happened in relation to (person, place, etc.) around that time in my life?

For example, if your answer to step 1 was “age four” and your first answer to Step 2 was “Dad”, then ask, When I think about age four and my dad, what else comes to mind? Or if your first answer was ‘box of matches’ then ask: When I think of age four and a box of matches, who or where pops into my mind now? Who else might have been there? What else was going on?

Like an artist painting a picture, aim to gather as many details as you need to paint an accurate picture of what might have happened. Your goal is to find a memory of an event that could have been a problem for you then. The moment you find a problematic memory immediately go to Step 3: Why was it a problem?

Struggling to Find a Memory? Ask Yourself:

- When in my life did I not have this problem?

- When did I first notice I had this problem?

- How long have I had this problem?

- What was happening during the 12 to 18 months leading up to the first time I noticed the problem?

These questions can give you clues as to the possible Root-Cause-Event.

For instance, I once asked a client who’d been suffering from migraines, When did you first notice you had migraines?

She remembered that she’d got her first migraine around the time a friend committed suicide. This then reminded her of an older memory, from when she was 12, when her aunt died suddenly. We worked on healing the age-12 memory, and once we had, she stopped getting migraines.

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