The Higher and Lower Mind: Playing (and Winning) the Mind Game

The Higher and Lower Mind: Playing the Mind Game

There are two levels of mind in operation at any given moment. When we engage in the intuitive process through the energetic structure of the lower mind, we gain only information that leads us to make the same limiting choices as in the past, which leads us to the same limited outcomes. This decision to access the field through the higher mind or the lower mind is a choice point that is directed and decided upon by the conscious mind.

Higher Mind Speaks Through the Voice of Our Intuition

Our higher mind is the physical representative of our nonphysical soul, and it speaks to us through the voice of our intuition as the link to the superconscious mind of the creative field. It is able to transcend the boundaries of matter, time, and space and to operate beyond ego. This is the aspect of self that guides us to safety and ensures that we are greater than our perceived physical limitations; that anything is possible; that we are continually guided, protected; and that we are endlessly loved.

This level of mind has a high frequency and is more spirit than matter. It is causative and is the source of groundbreaking ideas, innovative solutions, paradigm-changing outcomes, and new realities. It is the true source of our creative power.

When we are so present in the current moment that all the incoherence caused by the lower mind fades away and we perceive, with all our intelligence systems, the beauty and perfection around us, it snaps us to attention, if only for a brief moment and says to us, “See this beauty, feel this power? This is who you really are!” This is the true voice of our intuition.

Lower Mind: The Representation of Our Wounded Ego

The lower mind is the physical representation of our wounded or damaged ego and speaks to us through the distorted belief that we are separate from the creative power of universal intelligence. Our lower mind is also known as the deceiver, and it likes to convince us that we are limited in every way — including time, space, and resources — and that the only way to succeed in life is by manipulating the physical world in any way possible.

Its guidance is heavily steeped in negative emotion. It leads us to take actions that may not be in our best interests, and which enmesh us in old patterns of attitude and action that keep us spinning on the wheel of karmic repetition.

Unfortunately the lower mind is the one that most people continually use. It certainly is the one running most governments and ruling political choices these days, and it is definitely the one in charge of the financial, medical, educational, and religious establishments globally.

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The lower mind is an equal-opportunity frustrater. It likes to believe that it knows all the answers and has all the solutions, but it does not and never will have the power of wisdom or true intelligence.

Attributes and Energies of the Higher and Lower Minds

The table bellow lists the attributes and energies of the higher and lower minds. Becoming intimate with their differences will empower you to distinguish between the two and gain greater precision with your intuitive awareness.

Higher Mind

Lower Mind

Life affirming

Life negating







Based in abundance

Based in lack

























Exists in present moment

Exists in past and future

Hanging out in the lower mind is a habit you will have to break. The easiest way to break that control is by focusing on the foundation of peace, precision, and perception. At first this will require deliberate and continual focus, but eventually the practice of being in the higher mind will become automatic and organic, just like riding a bike or driving a car. Remind yourself that if you have learned to do either of those things, you have already mastered this mind process, and that what you did then, you can do again. So, for the purpose of moving forward in your intuitive practice with a sense of ease and certainty, choose to consider yourself already successful.

Playing the Mind Game

Think of the relationship between your superconscious, conscious, and subconscious minds as a game of cosmic baseball played out on the field of dreams that represents all possibility. Except, in this game, every player on the field is you: your superconscious mind is the pitcher, your conscious mind is the player at bat, and your subconscious mind is every other player on the field.

The superconscious mind winds up and pitches the conscious mind a great desire, one that has come from the field of all possibility and is crafted especially for you. It throws this pitch in a perfect arc right in front of you, across home plate.

Your conscious mind sees it and really wishes it had the courage to take a swing at it. But there is some lame guy in the stands who heckles the conscious mind. This brute in the bleachers is the lower mind, and it shouts at you to ignore the desire that has been tossed your way, because you are too old, or because you don’t have enough experience, or because if you swing at it you are going to miss and look like a real idiot to everyone watching.

The Higher and Lower Mind: Playing the Mind GameSo you stand there at home base and let that heckler tell you what to do, and you consciously decide to let that desire fly right past you. You don’t move from where you started, and life stays the same. But that’s just fine and dandy, because the superconscious mind has endless patience and an endless source of supply. Since it has no relation to time, it will patiently and continuously toss desires your way. And so it throws another perfect pitch right into the sweet spot across home plate.

You let the desire whiz past you once more, and you don’t move. You are well aware that you are ignoring these desires because of what that lousy heckler is telling you from the bleachers. And it is starting to really frustrate you, not only because part of you knows what he’s saying is untrue, but also because you’ve been standing still for so long, hovering over home plate while your dreams for a greater future are whizzing by, that it’s causing your body to ache and seize up.

Changing How You Play the Game

For a while, you could stand still and ignore these pitches, but now the pain has built up, and you can no longer ignore it.

Once again, you are thrown the perfect desire, but this time your conscious mind ignores the yammering of the lower mind and swings. The bat and the ball, the mind and the desire, make contact, and the desire soars out over the field.

In that moment the dream becomes alive, and possibility becomes activated. A powerful shift occurs and now all the players on the field are aligned with a common goal, even and especially those who once stood in opposition. Now all levels of mind are moving: the cheerleaders of the higher mind line the outfield and wildly urge you on as you run from base to base, while the players of the subconscious mind throw the ball from one player to another, coordinating with one another to work out the creative details to help drive the conscious mind home.

These creative details appear to the conscious mind as intuitive ideas, innovative strategies, coincidences, and synchronicities; and the conscious mind pays attention, acknowledges these things, and takes action to move ahead.

Once in a while the conscious mind may stumble or fall between bases, and occasionally it may need a brief time-out so that the timing of different moving parts can be coordinated, or so that it can rest. But when the conscious mind consistently chooses to act, this propels the desire to fruition. The only way this can fail is if the conscious player chooses to walk off the field.

The conscious mind finds itself so deeply engaged in this new effort that it no longer hears the noise from the bleachers, especially not the disturbed mutterings from the lower mind. Those chants that once so depleted its power no longer hold any sway.

Committed to Victory

With this increased momentum, the conscious mind’s ability to use the power of its spiritual desire to propel itself to a greater destiny becomes clear. Home base is visible. There can be no stopping now, and the conscious mind, still committed to its victory and supported by the other players, makes its final charge home to complete its assignment.

The players take a brief moment to celebrate this success, but because all things are in a constant state of growth, and because new dreams for the future are always coming our way, the super-conscious once again reaches into the field of all possibility. It grabs another desire, winds up to make another perfect pitch, and the game continues.

©2014 by Simone Wright. All Rights Reserved.
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First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition by Simone Wright.

First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition
by Simone Wright.

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