Mastery of Self: All Things In Your System Doing Their Work Perfectly

Mastery of Self: All Things In Your System Doing Their Work Perfectly

Through the attainment of self-mastery all the energy that comes into action in the system can be turned into any channel of constructive expression that may be convenient at the time; in fact, to master a desire does not mean to suspend that desire so that it is not felt any more, but to change the course of the force that is active in that desire, so that something of value may be accomplished now while that force is in working condition.

The master-mind never destroys a single desire; he not even thinks of putting down a single feeling that may arise in the system; when he cannot carry out the original desire, or when he finds that the original desire is not normal, which is frequently the case, he redirects the forces that are felt in the system causing them to do something else, something that is normal, and that is possible now.

Mastering Natural Functions by Promoting Them to the Highest Degree of Perfection

To master the natural functions is not to interfere with the purpose of those functions, but to promote that purpose to the very highest degree of perfection. You can master a natural function when you can cause that function to perform its work perfectly under all sorts of conditions, and thereafter, to continue to further perfect the perfection of its perfect work.

To master the organs and functions of digestion does not mean that you can cause those organs to digest anything that you might take into the system; self-mastery does not violate law, neither does it willfully admit an enemy in order that it may demonstrate its power to overcome that enemy. Self-mastery does not resist what is not wanted, but gives man the power to create and secure that which is wanted.

To master the organs of digestion would mean to keep those organs continually in such a perfect state of action that whatever the system needs could be digested perfectly, and without the slightest unpleasant sensation at any time or under any circumstance.

Mastery of Self: All Things In Your System Doing Their Work PerfectlyTo master the heart does not mean that you can increase or decrease the heart-beats at will, but that you can keep the heart constantly in its true, normal action, no matter how much confusion or excitement there may be in your immediate environment.

The attainment of mastery, therefore, does not mean to interfere with natural action, but to promote natural action to the highest possible degree of perfection.

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The idea of mastery is perfect action of all things at all times, regardless of circumstances or events. When you attain self-mastery, all things in your system will be doing their work perfectly, at all times, no matter what your work or your environment may be. And, in addition, this perfect action will constantly develop higher degrees of perfect action.

Mastering The Elements and The Forces Of The System

To master the elements and the forces of the system is not only to promote normal action in the chemical world, but to increase the quality and the power of that action by producing new and superior compounds.

Every mind forms different compounds, unconsciously, as the various grades of vibration are entered by the predominating mental states; but what is formed unconsciously is not always desirable, and when it is desirable it is always inferior to what might have been produced through a similar, intelligently directed conscious action.

Mental states of anger usually produce poisonous elements in the system, while states of fear and depression convert healthy tissues into useless, foreign matter. Such matter always clogs the system, thus interfering with natural functions, and producing, directly or indirectly, a number of ills.

Mental states that are lofty, true, and constructive produce chemical compounds in the system that are nourishing and vitalizing, and that have a strong, refining tendency.

Through the power of self-mastery, undesirable compounds may be prevented entirely because the mind that masters self will not create other than wholesome mental states. Through the same power we may so direct and blend the elements of the system that the formation of the most beneficial and the most highly refined compounds may be constantly taking place.

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The Optimist Creed: Discover the Life-Changing Power of Gratitude and Optimism by Christian D. Larson.Article Source

The Optimist Creed: Discover the Life-Changing Power of Gratitude and Optimism
by Christian D. Larson.

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About the Author

Christian D. Larson, author of: The Optimist CreedBorn in Iowa to Norwegian immigrants, Christian D. Larson (1874-1962) abandoned plans to pursue the ministry in favor of a more independent spiritual path. In 1901, at age 27, he launched one of the first journals devoted to positive-thinking, Eternal Progress. He moved to California and grew into a popular New Thought and inspirational writer and speaker, producing more than 40 books. Christian Larson’s most enduring work is the meditation called “The Optimist Creed,” which he originally published in 1912 as “Promise Yourself.” In 1922, it was officially adopted as the manifesto of Optimist International and today is quoted around the world.

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