Our Future Has Not Been Written: Where Do We Go From Here?

Our Future Has Not Been Written: Where Do We Go From Here?

Man didn’t believe he could fly – until the day he did. The four-minute mile was said to be impossible – until it wasn’t. Many thought it inconceivable to educate a blind/deaf person – until the day a determined teacher broke through her willing student’s isolation. Wilbur and Orville Wright, Roger Bannister, and Anne Sullivan weren’t heroes, they were ordinary men and women who dared to envision and act on an idea that was meaningful to them. When more people see through the eyes of expansive knowing, we will birth a new paradigm that impacts the way we live each day.

Imagine: a world that works for everyone. Buckminster Fuller, a brilliant innovative thinker was driven by his intention to make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time. He felt it could happen through spontaneous cooperation. His vision was in advance of the era when it could become reality.

Now is that time, unique to history, when everyday people like you and me can evolve into a society of conscious individuals; empowered to accept the responsibly for designing and shaping our lives. Becoming aware of unconscious beliefs – frees you – you have access to choice.


Many of you already live and breathe the paradigm a world that works for everyone; some of you are not quite there but are open to new impressions and discoveries, while others think it’s too big of a leap.

We are in the midst of evolutionary change – for some people a world that works for everyone is as inconceivable to imagine as it would have been for our forefathers in covered wagons to envision a world powered by the technological advances that are commonplace today. It’s especially challenging to regard when the crises of humanity are so prevalent: the meltdown of global financial markets and increasing poverty, the natural disasters causing famine and extinction, the continuance of wars and ever-heightening corruption, the oppositional nature of political parties, and the countless countries where no one seems to know how to move toward common solutions.

What We Are Being Offered At This Time In History Is The Most Extraordinary Possibility Ever Presented To Humankind

Sometimes we are given insight into avenues of unlimited potential that are exciting but seem too BIG to handle. So we just walk away, leaving the responsibility to someone else; a leader who has more power and capability will do what’s needed. Right? This kind of thinking is outdated. Today, we make it happen. Joining together, while still retaining our individuality, because we each have something to bring to the banquet. We make it happen.

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The best approach I’ve found happens when we express ourselves and take action from higher learning, accessing the profound Energy of consciousness and applying the practical and advanced knowledge we’ve discovered. Less overwhelm. More simplicity.


What would it be like if you lived from your highest potential, surrounded by people accessing an awakened mind and open heart? Ervin Laszlo, Mikhail Gorbachev, Paolo Coelho, and other global leaders have contributed to writing a handbook with answers; filled with concrete solutions to implement radical and positive change in the 21st century. You Can Change The World details the universal rights and changes that a new consciousness can bring and the crucial steps needed to bring about this reality.


Where Do We Go From Here? Our Future Has Not Been WrittenWhy is it that when a person envisions what others can’t yet see or don’t agree with, their ideas are often dismissed? I’m sure many of you have had this experience, as being on the leading edge of anything is never very comfortable. Cambridge biochemist Rupert Sheldrake would most likely agree, as his work regarding the existence of a new ‘morphogenetic field’ (M-field) was highly controversial.

Roger Bannister redefined the unthinkable when he broke all records running a four-minute mile, proving again the phenomenon that once we move beyond the inconceivable, it quickly becomes the norm for others as well. In scientific terms this is when a new M-field is born. I believe we are approaching humanity’s evolutionary leap through a similar window of opportunity now.

Each person who integrates the life force Energy of peace to flow through them makes a difference – and joins in the birth of an M-field where that shift in global consciousness can occur. Will we be the ones to activate it?

If new thoughts and behaviors were to somehow become habitual in a sufficient number of people, it would become increasingly easier for other members of humanity to ‘tap into’ this information. I believe it is already happening; the question is – will you take part by being one of that ‘sufficient number of people’ who sparks this marker in the evolution of humankind?


My grandfather was a pioneer who believed what many thought an unattainable feat at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1932 he became the first aviator to cross the Atlantic from Europe to America. He was given a ticker tape parade in New York City in celebration and was invited to meet with President Herbert Hoover at the White House. Yet, when he decided to learn to fly, his family thought it ridiculous, they were so upset no one spoke to him for months. It didn’t deter his vision and eventually his family celebrated his accomplishments as though they had welcomed his ideas from the beginning.

We are all pioneers, and as we accept and exercise the power available to us, we will discover that we are the people who can bring peace to this planet – inner and outer. We each have an ability to determine our fate. You can redefine what is possible. And you can do this through all the colors of your personality. Now is the time.


Inner peace lives out loud as well as in still moments. You can have a glass of wine with dinner and not feel like you’re being disingenuous. You don’t have to change your entire life, become a vegetarian, give up all your bad habits, and give all your money to charity to participate in this evolutionary movement. By inviting this field of potential into your life you’re creating this new world, just by living life more consciously.

You are the perfect expression of you right now: the loving, funny, caring, sometimes foolish, overwhelmed or anxious you – inviting the greatness within to emerge. The most enlightened mystics and sages had unique personalities, so why not you? You can have a bad day and still elevate humankind by your vision and stand to make a difference. Once that spark is ignited, transformation happens layer by layer – with exponential shifts occurring along the way.

What does living at your highest potential, progressively advancing higher consciousness look like? You are powerful and thoughtful, compassionate and assertive, courageous and peaceful. You listen to other points of view while looking for synergistic solutions that magnify harmony for attaining peace. You initiate cooperation that inspires and stimulates innovation beyond what you have ever dreamed.


Be committed and take action. Be playful and share what’s possible in the best way you know how. Your vision can be as big as your imagination and it can be as simple as a sincere prayer for more love and peace to enter the world.

I love imagining a world without war, where the prevailing peace is thought of as the norm. I love imagining new systems in place where nature and all living things can coexist and flourish. I love imagining every person communicating from an awakened mind and open heart, a world community that recognizes the inherent value in each person. What do you enjoy imagining? What is your vision? What can you intend that makes you smile just to think of it?

Consider the possibility that this M-field generating the world you want to live in, can only open when you become a part of it. Only you can be responsible for setting the stage of a transition that includes your design. Here are a few steps to assist in the process:

The Practice for Creating Inner & Outer Peace

IMAGINE PEACE: Commit mentally and emotionally to your vision of A World That Works for Everyone.

SHARE LOVE & Live in Awareness daily by asking yourself three questions:

  • Are my thoughts loving and peaceful or innovative and inspiring?

  • Does this action encourage synergy, creativity, and solutions?

  • Are the words I’m speaking empowering, caring, and kind?

If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these questions – you are designing your life to have meaning, purpose, and fun. If you can say ‘Yes’ on a daily basis – you are creating a world that works for everyone just by being you. You are opening that M-field that can ignite the most extraordinary future possible for you and everyone in our global community. Imagine the possibilities...

  • Imagine Peace
  • Share Love
  • Stay Connected

It’s that simple and that profound. STAY CONNECTED to the power of peace in you.

Just by committing to being in awareness of your thoughts and actions and reconnecting daily, allowing Stillness to guide you will have an astounding effect on the collective consciousness. Together we can initiate a wave of cooperation that inspires and stimulates innovation, embraces the Love at the core of every person, and entrains a new era of peace.

Thank you for your courage, commitment, and beautiful heart. What an amazing ride we are on as this extraordinary future comes into reality.

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The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century by Marlise Karlin.The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century
by Marlise Karlin.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book on Amazon.

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Marlise Karlin, author of: The Power of Peace in YouMarlise Karlin is a visionary pioneer, author, and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. Titled the "Inner Peace Expert" by SheKnows.com, Marlise has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News, spoken at Cesar Milan Events to ignite an intention of peace, is a contributor to The Huffington Post and Malika Chopra's Intent.com. "You can't create lasting peace in the world, until you know it in your own heart." ~Marlise. Visit her website at http://www.marlisekarlin.com


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