Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans

Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the Atlanteans

We need to awaken a crucial understanding at this time of evolution: that what we need to stretch into is the dawning of a radical new breath. What we need to become aware of is that the choices many of us have made on Planet Earth are not resounding with the highest truth, and therefore our planet is not evolving as fully as it could. These self-exploitative choices have fixed our human condition into the desires of the flesh alone, which constantly grabs for more and more stimulus.

It is crucial that we alert the emotional body to its desires, elevating grosser emotion to a higher plane of pure feel­ing. We must know that within each of us is the key to bring about change; it is our responsibility, our free will, and our choice.

Twelve Universal Laws

The people of Atlantis lived out their earth borne incarnations through a three-dimensional plane of existence, whilst perceiving life from a fifth-dimensional perspective. Living a fifth dimensional frequency meant being in connection with a rare degree of sensitivity — particularly with regard to the holy law of one-ness.

Human and Planetary Evolution: What We Can Learn from the AtlanteansThe Twelve Laws of The Universe were crucial maxims by which physical life in the three-dimensional nature of Planet Earth was fully comprehend­ed. The laws were considered to be fundamental keys to creation, and used effectively to balance the lives of the people. Furthermore, the keys were direct conduits to Source energy, and the laws stabilized love, harmony and abundance.

Moreover, by the maintenance of the Twelve Laws it was believed the divine jewels of unconditional love, patience, charity, compassion, grace, honesty, joy, hope, gratitude, kindness, humility and faith were more easily maintained.

The Laws were:

  1. THE LAW OF ONENESS — All molecular energy, of both Human and Planetary force was considered to be part of the interconnectivity of Uni­versal Consciousness. There was no belief in separation, as all things were considered inclusive. Hence the presence of each temple built through the geometry of the circle, suggesting the inclusivity of the feminine principle. Through fifth-dimensionality, the Atlanteans could see the direct affect of the theory of oneness.

  2. THE LAW OF VIBRATION —All of creation is composed of vibration occurring in cycles or waves of circular patterning. All outer manifestation was believed to be the vibration of all inner reality. Therefore, the Atlante­ans meditated on the vibration of quickening in their lives. They observed the quivering of a leaf in the wind, or the impulse of sound vibrating across water. They truly honoured this powerful force of nature.

  3. THE LAW OF RELATIVITY — Each incarnation was chosen to expe­rience initiations or soul tests, and therefore to strengthen the soul-light within. Each test was seen as a challenge not a problem, and each indi­vidual was taught to remain connected to heart consciousness by loving the natural world. Similarly, it was believed that if unhappiness existed, there was always someone else experiencing a deeper despair. So emotional and spiritual intelligence were taught and experienced as tools for becoming embodied — spirit fully living in matter.

  4. THE LAW OF RHYTHM — All of nature vibrates through the rhythms of life, creating the seasons or circadian rhythms, the cycles of nature — in that day follows night through the rhythms of growth or evolution. Positiv­ity was always seen as transformed negativity. Therefore, the Atlanteans honoured the substance of rhythm in their lives by honouring the sacred­ness of the day moving into night, or of spring into summer.

  5. THE LAW OF POLARITY— All parts of planetary force exists through the continuum of contrast — all states exist with an opposite pole. Therefore, the Atlantean people were taught to change the existence of a chal­lenging circumstance by concentrating on the opposite.

  6. THE LAW OF ACTION — All flow exists by being engaged in the action derived from thought, word and deed. Sound brings action to man­ifestation, and so the Atlanteans engaged in sacred voice through song, chant and speaking prayer, to evolve practices of profound action.

  7. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION — All thoughts, words and deeds attract like energy. Therefore, the Atlanteans used the individual, universal and cosmic heart chakras to magnetically draw creation into existence. They saw thought as an electrical force, and feeling as magnetic. So they were able to decide on what they wished to attract, and feel what it would be like to have the desired object, all in service to the Source.

  8. THE LAW OF MANIFESTATION — The visible effect of our actions may be given in gifts, miracles, blessings and friendship, or as contradictory measures. Therefore, each Atlantean was encouraged to see the daily mira­cles of life on Earth in direct consequence of their belief in manifestation.

  9. THE LAW OF KARMA — Every action has its cause and effect, its ac­tion and reaction. Nothing happens by chance, for what you sow you reap, and when we see life thus, we truly see the grace of spirit moving through all things.

  10. THE LAW OF TRANSMUTATION — All beings have the essential ability to transform all conditions so sad becomes happy, and hate becomes love. Applying this universal law through respect of polarity brings power­ful healing and transformation through the vibrations of light, colour and sound.

  11. THE LAW OF GENDER — All beings and all force has a male and female counterpart. The Atlanteans learned that becoming a Master meant first that you must balance these energies within, and thence become a co-creator with the Source.

  12. THE LAW OF INTENTION — All energy flows through intention, and the force that is denied, refused or resisted, holds negativity rather than supreme acceptance. Therefore, the Atla [priest-scientists] taught to always focus on the highest ideal, and then the higher levels of spiritual consciousness would be attained.

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