What's It All About?

What's It All About?

Have we not all asked ourselves this question at one point or another? "What's it all about?" Since to every question there is an answer (cause and effect) I asked my Inner Self to provide an answer. The answer I heard was "It's all about you!"

Well... I thought, sounds like a pretty self-centered point of view. But upon reflection, I realized it's true -- it is always about us. Whatever we are doing, thinking, seeing; it all reflects something inside of ourselves.

Once you embrace this philosophy, that everything 'out there' is simply a mirror of what is inside of you, things start taking on a different perspective. Or rather, I should say that we begin to see them differently.

What Message is Your Car Giving YOU?

At one point, I had problems with the starter in my car. I asked myself, "What is this saying about me? What's happening with my inner starter, with my connection to the Divine Spark?" Of course, when I decided to meditate on that and be open to the answers, they came rushing in... I became aware that I had felt somewhat reticent to complete and undertake certain tasks. My own starter was showing signs of non-participation. My car gave me the clue that there was something in my own psyche that needed attention.

What's It All About?I find that our cars can provide a great source of information as to what is happening with our own physical body. So what is happening in your life? What messages are there clamoring for your attention? Flat tire? (Problems with your support system?) Low battery? (Are you perhaps in need of a boost?) Car needs a wheel alignment? (Do you need to re-adjust the direction you're headed in?)

Look Around... What Do You See?

We can also see these reflections in the people around us, the movies we see, or the books we read. I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction as a way to relax and unwind. When I started doing this, I didn't realize that the Universe (or my Higher Self, if you prefer) would be using these means to communicate with me. If I'm reading a book in which the hero or heroine has a lot of anger, I look within myself to discover where there is still some unexpressed and unresolved anger issues.

If you find yourself hearing gossip, forget who the gossip is about, and instead turn it around. Look and see how whatever you are seeing and hearing can be applied to you... If it's about someone who did something 'wrong,' see where you feel you have done something wrong. If you are judging others, you can be sure that you are judging yourself for the same behavior.

The Game of Life: Getting Clues

This can become a very enlightening experience. Rather than waiting for your lessons to come to you (and sometimes shake you up if you haven't been listening), you can look around and see the messages everywhere. You then start to see everything as an opportunity to learn and begin to feel more in control of so-called "circumstances." We are all One Energy. Thus, what is happening to others is a microcosm of what is happening to the whole.

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It's a great game we are involved in -- the game of life. We are really living in a giant hall of mirrors. We can detach ourselves from the melodrama by looking within. Remember to love yourself throughout it all. Love and accept who you've been and who you are. It's all a game, remember?

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