When You Have A Critical Moment of Emotional Stress

When You Have A Critical Moment of Emotional Stress

Have any of you noticed that sometimes when you try to create something, certain obstacles will come up which question exactly what you're trying to create? I've wondered if this is some kind of test, you know, to see how bad I really want the creation.

For instance, I decided to create "good health". I've been doing everything right. So then something happens which throws off my emotional health, and in turn affects how I feel physically.

In the middle of this, I begin to question my creation because I certainly did not feel like I was in any way "creating good health". I felt totally out of control as these emotions seemed to take over my body. I couldn't bring myself to exercise...I couldn't sleep well...which was affecting the very thing I was trying to create. I began to question the affirmations, my ability, and even my very existence! Anyone else experience this?

What To Do in a Critical Moment of Emotional Stress

I've come up with a list of things to do in a critical moment such as what I was experiencing. These are things which can be used to alleviate the current emotional stress and return oneself to being a creator of their own good. You can do one or more of these things during a critical time...whichever feels right for you.

1. Pray... give the emotion and the circumstance over to your God and just breathe deeply and pray.

2. Cry... crying releases the tightness your body may be experiencing. Emotional stress to me is like a storm brewing inside... I can physically and mentally hear, see, and feel the thunder and lightening racking my inner world. Crying is the rain that comes during the storm... it's cleansing to the body and soul just as a summer rain shower cleanses the earth. I feel refreshed afterwards, just as the earth smells clean and refreshed after a shower. Do whatever you can to cry.... go in a room alone and allow it to come. Watch a sad movie - just find something to encourage the tears to come on out.

3. Laugh... laughter releases pent-up up stress and emotions as well. Laugh about how ridiculous it is that when you try to create one thing, you subconsciously create additional obstacles.... laugh at the thought of you testing yourself like this, and how silly it seems to be saying these affirmations when you certainly don't feel like they even apply. Watch a humorous movie or recall a humorous memory. But laugh... it will make you feel better and return you to the state you wish to be in afterwards.

4. Talk it out.... to your spouse, or trusted friend, or partner. If no one is there, talk to yourself. Ask yourself questions and answer them. This helps to get whatever is going on out in the open. And talking to yourself might cause laughter, which would also be helpful. <smile>

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5. Do some form of physical exercise. Exercise loosens up your insides as the adrenaline begins flowing. With each move you make during exercise, you can see that you have not lost control.... you are still in control. This seems to help when you are feeling out of control. Because you control each sit up or leg lift or step you take, you slowly realize you are still the one in charge here.

6. Ask someone to hug you. There is something about the physical touch of someone else that helps you to realize a feeling of "support". Sometimes when doing these statements, one can begin to feel all alone. A hug from someone lets you know you are not alone and you are supported. If you're uncomfortable asking for a hug - then GIVE ONE.... you're almost sure to get one in return.

7. Breathe. Concentrate on your breath - in and out. Try to slow it down, try to speed it up. See the control you have and experience as you do this. Imagine your breath as a movie on the VCR.... you can fast-forward it or you can slow it down. Close you eyes and visualize clear breath moving through your body. Just breathe.

8. Surrender. Don't be attached to the outcome. Continue with your efforts, and know that they are the right things for you to do at the moment. Surrender any attachment you have as to the outcome. It's the attachment to outcome, to things being a certain way, that brings us pain. Peace comes with letting go, surrendering, and acceptance. It also makes us more open to learning from our experience, instead of resisting it.

If At First You Don't Succeed...

When You Have A Critical Moment of Emotional StressAll of these things can help.... I used every one of them during a recent stressful time I was having. But I didn't use them at first... at first, I tried to *fight* the emotional feelings. I questioned them and told them to go away! It didn't work.

I had to resort to other measures and after suffering emotional distress almost all day, I finally let go and did every one of the things above. I did numbers 1, 4 & 7 on the list first. I felt a bit better. Then I did #6. I felt a bit more relieved. Then I did #2, then #5, then #3. And finally, #8, as suggested by a student of mine. And then it was gone. The distress had finally left my body and I have now returned to being a Creator of My Good.

This article was excerpted with permission from the booklet "A Good Life".

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