Reverse The Aging Process And Regenerate Your Body By ReprogrammingYour Brain

Methods Of Reprograming Your Brain

The physical body is a biological robot. This biological robot is under the control of the Computer Brain. There is absolutely nothing that is outside of our actions and our thoughts that is outside the relationship between the biological computer and your body. Your body does everything your brain commands it to do.

To determine whether your thoughts are positive or negative,
look at the picture in your mind.
If you like it, then your program is good.

To me, the brain is the master computer. In fact, the whole body is a computer and every cell of the body is a computer chip. It is a unit of information. If you know how to operate this computer brain and how to reprogram it, you can have absolute control over the functions of your body. All it requires is that you reprogram your computer brain.

The third force is the thinker, or "mind". Mind is the thinker that lives within you and is the programmer of the computer brain. The program used to communicate is language. So with the help of language, mind programs the computer brain.

Language is a programming device. What does language use? Thoughts. Without thinking we cannot use language; without language, we cannot think. As explained in the Bible, As a man thinketh so he is. We are what we think, and we become what we believe. Our purpose is to become the best and most successful programmer we can be. To do this, we must learn to use language.

Think Happy Thoughts

Thoughts are pure symbology. Your brain does not understand why all off a sudden you cause something, you do something. What it cares about is the formula that goes into the brain. This formula is simple: If you don't like something and you express yourself in this way, even by just smiling at it, you are hurting yourself. You are programming your brain to do something you don't want it to do.

To determine whether your thoughts are positive or negative, look at the picture in your mind. If you like it, then your program is good. If you don't like it, change the picture.

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Eliminate the negations, for your mind does not understand them. Be careful with your language, especially your "nots", for the brain cancels out "not". Think about the picture. If you think, I will not touch that cigarette, you will touch it. If you think, however, "I am a nonsmoker", you are looking at a positive picture.

Every thought changes the biology of millions of cells in your body. Every moment, eight million cells of the body are born new. Eight million. Every breath, fifty million cells are born new. Just think about the state of mind in which they are born. The more joyous you are, the more you enjoy life, the more enjoyment you are giving your cells. They are your children, they are your body. If these million cells are born into a wonderful environment of love and happiness, it will be programmed into their memory immediately.

You can reverse the aging process and regenerate your body by changing your program. Assume the responsibility for reprogramming your computer brain, so all your cells will be born anew. Saturate these cells with love, kindness and compassion, and in a short time you will become these thoughts.

We are learning to become the best driver for this vehicle we are in. We have to accept responsibility on the physical level for this computer vehicle, for it cannot be traded in. Being the best driver means taking good care of it, storing it in a warm garage, feeding it good gas, taking it to the best mechanic you can if there is something wrong with it.

Be very careful, chose the safe road, give it rest, polish it, pet it and love it. Then you can smile and drive it. How the drive goes and how pleasant the road will be is up to you.

About The Author

Dr. Gene Basin is an internationally known artist, musician, author, speaker, teacher, seminar presenter, healer and therapist. He has helped thousands make dramatic changes in their lives.

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