The Loving Present

0ne moment of the present is worth your whole lifetime. The present is complete; it has no limitations. It is holy. It is blissful. In the present, whatever you do would be of love. You could multiply the fish and the bread. Our true Self is timeless. You see, time only comes when I invent a past and a future. That is my invention. When I am in the past projecting images of the future, I am dreaming. In reality there is only the present. You say, "I'm helpless, I can't be in the present. I wish I could." And I say, "No. Come to determination. Miraculous things happen in the present, when you do not compromise."

Eat And Be Merry

As a young man in India, I went through a period when I would make myself get up very early to sit quietly. If I fell asleep, I would not eat that day. It was just my own nonsense; I thought it would please God. So I did not eat for several days. I was walking on the road, when a truck stopped. The people asked if I wanted a ride; they saw me as an unworldly person. "Well," I said to myself, "God is kind. I better get to civilization to get a meal; I am starved." Suddenly, the truck broke down, in the middle of nowhere, and they began to fix it. Hours pass by -- I am so thirsty and hungry. I see some berries growing in the planted fields, so I go toward them. Then my brain tells me, "That is stealing." Then it says, "You are hungry; leave some coins. When they come to harvest, they will find them." Finally, I said, "No matter what, I am not going to steal and I am not going to listen to this stupid brain of mine." I really came to determination. If I am hungry, I am hungry.

When you are in the present, there is so much energy that thought can not touch it. In the present, your mind is totally innocent; you are not tormented by 'yes' or 'no' anymore. I came to that moment of innocence. As I stood there in that freshness, someone came and gave me a handful of those berries. By the time I looked up to say 'thank you', though I could see a good distance, no one was there. I cried tears of joy. The glory of the present! In the present there is love. I can speak from this direct experience: all needs are met. Once your brain is silenced, you have the power of the word.

This awareness would bring me to the present effortlessly. You do not have to stop thought; you do not have to energize thought. You just let it be. Awareness has the vitality to silence the mind. A silent mind is timeless; it is in the present. Awareness is resting in God (A Course In Miracles, 109)

You are Blessed

Then you are God-like, your gladness and your gratefulness would bless your neighbor and your friend. You have your peace to share. And your life becomes simple. Whatever you do not need, you give to somebody else, In this giving, you find love in you. It is a transformation; instead of wanting, now you have something to give. When you become aware of someone in need, you respond. And there is quietness in what you do. I rest in God. This thought will bring you to the rest and quiet, peace and stillness and the safety and the happiness you seek. This is True Knowledge. It changes your state. There is no learning in it. It is like taking a bite of food; it nourishes you instantly.

In this silent moment, you would see the holiness of your own light. Make contact with your own kindness. It will liberate you from past and future. Then you will extend your gratefulness. And in blessing others, you will be blessed. The present is before time was, and will be when time is no more. Look lovingly upon the present, for it holds the only things that are forever true. ACIM, Text, Page 234.

A Course in Miracles

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Tara Singh is the spiritual teacher and founder of the Foundation For Life Action. The above was excerpted with permission from their monthly newsletter. Tara Singh can be reached at: Foundation For Life Action, P.O. Box 48932, Los Angeles, CA 90048.


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