Taking The Next Steps: So Many Possibilities, So Many Choices

 Taking The Next Steps: So Many Possibilities, So Many Choices
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Hello Love,

How are you doing over there? How are you holding up?

Whether you're riding the intense waves of 2020 like a professional surfer or barely dog paddling enough to keep your head above water (or both depending on the moment), I'm sending you a GIANT HUG right now.

Take a breath and inhale that right into your heart. Feel my words like a gentle embrace. Exhale a deep sigh. Aaaaaahhhhh....

It can feel like this time we're living in and all the stresses of navigating it are doing the opposite of bringing us closer. The feelings of isolation and separation are real. The divisive tools being used against our greater good are real.

There's a lot at stake and there are complex challenges facing us. And I'm so grateful to be alive with you.

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Like most of us, I've been soul searching. Dredging up the underbelly of my thoughts and ideas. Questioning myself, my beliefs, my reality. It's time to unearth all the stories we've been told. It can leave us shook up and uncertain how to deal and move forward.

Daily Practices That Keep Me Afloat

Engaging my daily practices, allowing myself to have zero answers, showing up for tough conversations, supporting people and organizations doing the heavy lifting of change, keeping my eyes on the horizon and visualizing a safe, just and loving future for the children are all ways that keep me afloat emotionally, mentally and physically.

Through it all (and probably no surprise to you, although I do doubt myself at times), I keep coming back to love. I know that even when things feel the most challenging, love will guide me forward.

While unprecedented levels of upheaval are occurring inside and out, the question I keep coming to is "how do we come together and amplify LOVE for our own healing and our greater human family?"

It's a HUGE question I know, and one we will be asking for a long time to come.

So Many Possibilities, So Many Choices...

Somehow, through the course of creating a daily affirmation calendar, I became very aware of time... Years, weeks, months, new moons, full moons, solstices... I've been tracking time and paying attention to cycles and overarching themes for nearly 18 years now. What a trip!

I'm working on the 2021 calendar now and was going through my big book of oracles - where I document the intuitive process and write down the oracle cards for the year, the deeper insights, what I'm being shown, etc... It's a bit like time travel, pulling back the veil and peaking ahead, looking for guidance and clues, while remaining unattached to what comes through.

This process creates the foundation of the energy I infuse into the coming year. It guides every step from what artwork goes on the top of each month to the daily messages themselves... Getting out of my head and into the magic is essential for the calendar to do what it does.

So when I re-read the 2020 chapter this week I was blown away!

Written on the page dated 5-9-19:

"2020 ~ So many possibilities,
so many choices...

With listening we grow,
with feeling we heal,
with doing we change."

I don't remember writing that, but it sure struck a cord.

Listening, feeling, doing... In that order. Sounds about right from this midway vantage point, doesn't it?

Taking The Next Steps

With all that's happening in our world, with all the obstacles facing us, with the urgency of this time, how can we take the next steps with hope in our hearts and a sense of purpose for the future?

It's a bit like holding the tension between opposites.

We've got to slow down to change the patterns. We've got to move with intention and not look away from what's really going on. Even while the alarms are sounding..,.

For me it feels like a thousand years of healing to do AND a future hanging in the balance... A time to transform how and why we do what we do on every level.

While it may feel absolutely overwhelming and incredibly disheartening, I want for us to feel the opportunity in being alive right now. The opportunity to shift and change, to act from love, to create true justice, to uncover the deep imbalance that was created a long long time ago AND to tip the scales in the direction of equality for all.

We Are Here For This!

It's a whole lot to digest much less know how to show up. But for right now, take a moment to pause. Check in with yourself. Be here. Listen. Feel. Then comes the doing.

We are most certainly not at a destination. We are on a journey. One that started long before we were born and one that will continue long after we're gone...

With all that said, I'll let you in on a secret... From what I'm seeing in the 2021 oracle process a new day is dawning. There will be a calmer time for us to rebuild and we will do it with love. The next generations are coming together and we need to pave the way for them. We are here for this!!

So keep listening, keep healing and DO what you can with what you've got. I'm grateful you are alive and I'm honored to be here with you!

An Invite For You

For the 8th year running, we bring you I Stand For Love day on August 8th!!

 I Stand For Love day, August 8th

Can we harness the power of love in our hearts and make a commitment to lasting change? Can we uplift each other now AND inspire fuel for the journey ahead?

YES we can!

I Stand For Love Day is coming up! Get ready to share the love with your community and create a ripple effect far and wide.

Start thinking about how creative you can get, how you want to show up, how powerful it can be when thousands of human hearts are unified in a loving force...

AND Let's bring it!

We that believe in love as a powerful force of unification, can harness our collective energy and weave together threads of hope, inspiration and action to move us all forward in the direction of love and healing.

There are countless ways we can create a feeling of deeper connection and strengthen the web of love we have here. Let's get creative. Let's lean on each other when we lose hope.

We are not alone.

Hugging you in my heart now.

Written by the creator of:

Life is Beautiful and So Are YOU! Calendar
by Sarah Love.

Life is Beautiful and So Are YOU! CalendarThis calendar was created to help you love yourself more. The I Stand for Love Calendar is filled with daily love nuggets. Every day you get a fresh morsel of truth and delight for you to take in, so that over time your thoughts become your friends. Daily love will transform you.

Click here for more info or to order this calendar (on Sarah's website).

About the Author

Sarah Love McCoySarah Love McCoy is the visionary artist behind the I Stand For Love movement and the creator of the "Life Is Beautiful and So Are YOU!" calendar. Art and magic intertwine in all of her creations. Besides firing up the Love Revolution, her most favorite things to do are finger paint, hike through lush landscapes, sip jasmine tea and ponder the mystery of it all. Say hello to Sarah (and find out how to become a Love Warrior) at www.istandforlove.

Video/Interview with Sarah Love Mc Coy: Cosmic Convo


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