The Power of Releasing and Letting Go

The Power of Releasing and Letting Go

We're all carrying around such incredibly heavy loads of excess baggage, stuff we don't need, stuff that's weighing us down and preventing our Good from manifesting.

One of the best ways to feel better is to release. When you release, you become lighter. Releasing is a good way to raise your energy.

There are different ways of releasing:

Mental / emotional release
Physical release

Mental/Emotional Releasing

When we harbor negative emotions toward people, places, things, situations, or events, we are actually linking ourselves to them with an almost unbreakable bond. You can be on the other side of the world, but if you hate someone, you are linked to that person as if you were sitting in the same room, battling each other.

Who do such negative emotions hurt?


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You are the person who suffers because you're the one who's carrying around the negative emotions. You're the one who's being eaten up inside. Not only do negative emotions make you feel bad, they can actually make you physically ill and manifest in the end as ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer, just to name a few of the more obvious ones.

So not only is releasing a great way to make yourself feel better, you can even heal yourself of serious illness by releasing the negative emotions you have toward people, places, things, situations, events, and so on.

What Is Releasing?

Releasing is not a question of forgiving, although truly forgiving is probably even better than releasing, though harder to do. By releasing I mean just that: You let go. Releasing is not an intellectual exercise. You don't have to forgive the person or event, nor do you have to explain to yourself why or how or if the act of release is justified. You just do it.

By releasing or letting go, you avoid arguing with yourself, so it's an especially good way to free yourself from those people you are having a hard time forgiving.

In other words, releasing is something you are doing for your own good, for your own health and well-being, not for anyone else. You don't practice release because you are trying to be noble. When you release, you do it simply because you know that if you can let things go, if you can release negative emotions, you are going to feel a whole lot better. So all you have to do is make the decision to release and do it on a regular basis.

Remember to Release First

It's interesting to note that often people who are working with positive affirmations don't get the results they're seeking until they start releasing. This is because when we hold on to negative emotions, they do more than just bring us down, make us sick, and clutter up our minds; negative emotions fill up so much space in our lives that they can block our Good from coming to us. And when we work with positive affirmations, we are striving to manifest new Good in our lives.

You can practice releasing by proclaiming aloud or by writing any of the affirmations of release listed below.

Good Statements of Release

Some of my favorite statements for releasing troublesome people from your life:

I completely release you _______.

I release you and let you go to your Highest Good.

I completely and absolutely release you _______.

I bless you with love and release you.

I completely and wholeheartedly release you_______, to your Highest Good.

Sometimes we feel intuitively that troublesome people are also holding on to us, so we can also affirm for them:

________, you completely and absolutely release me. You relax and let me go.

________, you completely and wholeheartedly let me go. All things are in harmony between us, now and forever.

If a situation or event is bothering you, you can say:

I completely and wholeheartedly release _______ (situation, condition, relationship, experience, or event.) I relax and release it.

I now let go of any conditions or relationships in my life which are no longer for my Highest Good. I now completely let them go and they now completely let me go—for the Highest Good of all.

Releasing People You Love

Releasing the people we love is often the most important type of releasing we can do. Love of children or love of a partner that becomes possessive or that makes us try to dominate and control the other person in the name of love is always damaging. True love means liberation and frees the people we love to grow and evolve in whatever way is best for them.

For example, we might need to release a beloved son or daughter to his or her Highest Good in whatever way is best for the child, and not for us. This type of release not only brings peace and harmony in every case, it will strengthen our relationship with anyone who is near and dear to us.

In cases where you need to release someone dear to you, you might want to say:

________ I completely and wholeheartedly let you go to your Highest Good. I love you but I let you go. You are completely free and I am completely free. Perfect harmony is the one and only reality between us.

Releasing Problems or Situations

Sometimes we need to release a problem or situation that has been bothering us for a long time. We might be spending a great deal of emotional and mental energy thinking and worrying about something, when what we really need to do is release it. By letting go of the problem or situation, we free it to work itself out in whatever way is best. All our thinking and worrying actually prevent the situation from resolving itself.

In cases like this you can say:

I now completely and wholeheartedly release _______ (name the problem or situation.) I allow it to work itself out for the Highest Good of all concerned.

Physical Releasing

To make space for new Good in your life, it's also important to release things on the physical plane. We all have a tendency to collect things even if we no longer need them or use them.

If you have a physical, mental or emotional problem, I highly recommend releasing as much as you possibly can, also on the material plane. Let go of clothes, papers, books, furniture, and other items that you no longer use or that no longer please you. You can release them either by giving them to other people who can use them or by just throwing them away. Do whatever seems right, but let as much go as possible.

As you release old possessions, you will find yourself stirring up old energy and old emotions. It can be quite a dramatic and interesting experience. For many people, releasing possessions can be a real eye-opener. As you release, you can thank these items for serving you so well and then send them on to serve someone else.

After all, everything in the universe is energy and energy doesn't like to be trapped or to stagnate. Energy likes to circulate. And you will feel better when you help it circulate.

All sickness is basically congestion.

All healing is basically circulation.

Releasing Attracts New Good

Not only will cleaning up your clutter make you feel better, creating new space or emptiness in your life is a good way of attracting new Good, new things, new energy, and new people into your life. It makes sense, doesn't it? Because if your life is too filled up, how will there be room enough for new Good?

Releasing, both mentally and physically, also stimulates creativity. When you let go of old stuff, old ideas and things, new ideas come pouring in. Somehow just creating the mental space for new ideas attracts them. So don't worry if after releasing people, thoughts, and things from your life, you feel completely blank or empty for a while. It's this very emptiness that is a sure sign that new Good is on its way to you. Emptiness always comes right before you get your best new ideas. Emptiness is the vacuum that attracts new Good.

Releasing Relationships

It can be the same with relationships. We can love and respect people and still outgrow them. This is not the same as rejection—we are just evolving, and people don't always evolve in the same way or in the same direction at the same time. In fact, we should thank and bless the people who have shared time, energy, experiences, and space with us on the planet, but this doesn't mean that we cannot and should not move on.

When we release people with love so that everyone involved can continue to evolve in whatever way is best for them, we also make space for new relationships and new people in our lives.

When in Doubt, Release

So when you are in doubt about something, when you feel troubled, when you face problems you cannot seem to solve or resolve, or when you have an illness which lingers on, practice releasing each and every day. The results are sure to amaze you.

General Statements of Release:

I let go of all fear.

I let go of all anxiety.

I let go of all pain.

I let go of all doubt.

I let go of all sorrow.

I let go of all tension.

I let go of all sadness.

I let go of my resistance to change.

I let go of all anger.

I let go of all guilt.

I let go of all criticism.

I let go of all unforgiveness.

I let go of all hurt.

I let go of all blame.

I let go of all resentment.

I let go of my negative patterns.

I let go of my negative thoughts.

I let go of all struggle.

I let go of old patterns.

I let go of all limitations.

I let go of my negative beliefs.

I let go of the pattern in my consciousness that created this negative condition.

I let go of _______ (name the thing, for example, this apartment, this job, this relationship, etc.)

I bless _______ (name the thing or situation) with love and let it go.

I let go of the past.

I let go of the future.

I let go of my fears about _______.

Choose those statements that suit your needs best and say them aloud fifteen times in a row many times a day. Or repeat them to yourself silently fifteen times or write them down in your notebook fifteen times in a row.

Speaking words of release aloud is the most powerful, but silent or written affirmations are also effective, especially when you're at work or in a situation (for example, right before your next meeting) where it's difficult to walk around saying aloud, "I release all fear and doubt. I release all tension" fifteen times in a row!

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