Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel?

Would You Call Yourself A Replica or A Rebel? by Ramon F Velasquez (cropped) CC BY-SA 3.0

It is essential to live your truth, especially when others do not understand. Your truth cannot have an effect if it goes unspoken, or if not acted upon. Where would we be if people did not question systems? Where would we be if people such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, Einstein, John Lennon, and Jesus did not speak and live their truth?

As you choose to walk your authentic path, people may point fingers in judgment, engage in gossip, step back from you, abandon your relationship, and pretend they do not know you. This is their fear—of your power, of themselves, their own power, their world, and the discovery of their false self.

Living Authentically Without Fear and With Compassion

We are equally special and equally not so. Once we get beyond that knowing, we can get to living, loving, and celebrating one another for that.

When we move from being a society that loves drama, pointing fingers, and engaging in gossip, to one that has compassion, celebrates one another without fear of personal loss, and lives authentically, the ills of the world will no longer be present, because we will stop being the disease. What we see outside is the world trying to show us who we are being.

Who are you being? The truth is you are Divine. You are an individuation of the Divine Presence. Do not show up less than that! Others are that as well. They just have not awakened from their replicated existence.

Accept others where they are, with compassion. If they cannot see you, what you share and how you walk in the world, that is not your problem or a problem with your vision. Their own vision may have the glitch. They could be shortsighted in how to move, connect, grow, or expand. They might be farsighted, seeking an end result rather than engaging as experience. They may not have the courage to dive into the organic process of unfolding by saying yes to something unknown. They may not yet understand it.

Nonetheless, do not cloud your vision because they cannot see. Do not stop speaking, simply because they cannot hear. Do not stop walking because they cannot keep up. That is their experience as the journey, and it too will evolve, just like you.

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How could you possibly know how others see you? They wear filters from wounds, upbringing, beliefs, and needs. When they see you, they cannot fully see you. They only see the projected aspect of themselves they have yet to know. Once they discover that, they will be able to see you as you are—not as they are.

Allowing the Unfolding of You in Each Present Moment

Your purpose in life is to allow the unfolding of each present moment as the full experience that you are. When you hold back or doubt, or when you are half-hearted, the world will speak back in the same manner. Imagine how the world would speak to you if you were in full love, service, and commitment to your deepest heart desire in this present moment. Every piece and part of the world would self-organize to fulfill that prophecy. You are that. The question is, will you allow that?

You have permission to do whatever you want whenever you want. You willingly gave that up.

What is the great mystery of the world? YOU are! The possibility you hold, the expanse of creation you possess, the love you can exude, all the mystery of you—you are the untapped magic in the world. You hold an individual piece of genius from the Great Mind. Instead of questioning everything around you, take the questions inside; involve and evolve in the mystery! That will become your Mastery.

The genius you hold will never look or sound like anyone else’s. It is why it is your unique genius. The planet needs that. Do not place pressure upon yourself as if life is something to do. It is what you are to BE. From your Being, the Doing will rise.

Identify your truth. No one else will know that but you. No one may understand it. The real way to illustrate that authentic expression is by being the example of that truth, completely uninhibited. Then, you will show up in the way that serves your soul. You will stand apart from the army of clones society has unconsciously created.

The Holographic Universe

This holographic world is filled with people, representations of the many pieces of you asking to be released. They need for you to live as an individuation of Divine Truth: as the inspiration, an intimidation, the one to be jealous of, the teacher, the friend, and the collaborator. Regardless of the way they respond, how they label your actions or see you, their opinions, reactions, and responses are not your focus or business. These are merely perceptions through their filters. Everyone has human filters. The only real spiritual purpose is to live and be the conscious example and experience. That is the walk of the Master—through sunflower fields, murky marshes, and rocky mountains, and amongst the stars—all sacred spaces.

You never have to scream or shout your truth. It does not even need to be spoken, not even a whisper. Your truth will be self-evident; it will be lived and embodied. That will be its loudspeaker, its megaphone. When something speaks that evidently, it cannot be ignored, denied, or go unheard. Your living truth will ripple out in ways you cannot see, imagine, or fathom. It’s rippling should not even be of concern. Just BE your truth—for no one else but you! There is only ONE here...and it is YOU! When you choose to fully embody that, boldly expressing your heart and soul, your dreams and desires, you are choosing the path of the Rebel.

The Rebel lives in a constant unfolding potentiality, without attachment to anything, but in wonder and discovery of everything. The Rebel is not fighting against anybody or anything. In fact, they are not even interested in the outcome. It is about the experience of creation. There are no goals. The result does not matter. The only thing that matters is the experience of full love, courage, and commitment to something greater than the small self. Because of that, an automatic and Divine flow leads to what is the best outcome.

They are awake and aware, but glide as a magnetizing movement, catalyzing others to stand in their true power as well. Rebels free themselves and their experience through the conscious growth of their own destiny. In walking such an authentic path of devotion, the inherent gifts locked within the DNA and RNA structures of the cells are awakened through a series of organically opening physiological and energetic processes. The Rebel’s ability to be true to their soul is their self-created awakening and the activation to these bodily gateways.

Are You Willing to be a Rebel?

The world’s powerful turning point is predicated on individuals willing to be Rebels, which awakens Mastery of multi-dimensional experience. Rebels do not have a need or desire to control. They rest securely in trust and intimacy with all that exists. The Rebel is loyal and devoted, building movements and communities. Beautiful and holy, The Rebel Road is a sacred path that will transform today’s human into the unfolding of the awake and aware Hue-man. There is a very ancient, deep part of every human being that is ready to take The Rebel Road.

We are no longer wounded. That is story.

We are Masters. We have always been.

It is time to awaken to the Light and Truth of that.

It is the moment to awaken to the play of Hue-mans.

This is the moment. This is Moment-US!

The Rebel travels a road that few have known. It appears, to the outside, one of risk, perhaps even insanity, but it is all in sanity.

Rebels do not have attachments. Who they are is not dependent on what they have, degrees attained, or number of digits in a bank account. It is not reflective of a political or religious affiliation. Their lives are solely based on experience and expansion and the communal bonding with more of themselves. The side effect created by the Rebel is loyalty, union, and communion. Their heart and passion for the effervescent bond of life is their magnet. This wealth of passion and heart attracts everything that continually radiates their “feel”-d of Love.

The Rebel knows that life is meant to be a co-creative adventure and is willing to live that experience out fully. Rebels listen and look for the conversations from the Universe, knowing they are ever guiding and present.

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