The Culmination of 2012: What It Can Mean to Your Life

The Culmination of 2012: What It Can Mean to Your Life

Those of you reading this are part of a great spiritual movement, sometimes known as the "Great Shift." While your personal mission is to know yourself, your global mission is to help birth a New World here on this planet. You are doing that in your own unique way, sharing your consciousness and love with the world, lifting the vibration so that others can make the Shift too.

You are, in essence, building a new consensus reality, a new mainstream consciousness that ultimately all peoples will adopt. As you do this, you are seeking ways of aligning the movement to the frequencies of the planet.

One way to do this is to honor cosmic geometry, which are dimensional patterns expressed in numbers, frequencies, and codes. 12-12 is an observation of this alignment. The number 12 shows up significantly in metaphysical order. You have twelve signs and houses of the Zodiac. When your personal numbers prominently show the number 12, numerologists consider it a spiritually evolved indicator. So there is no surprise that the year 2012 is considered significant by those who are into numbers.

But the extra focus on 2012 comes from the idea that the Mayan Calendar is ending, and thus the reality we have had up to now is also ending. The ending and new beginning is marked by the alignment of earth and Sun with the center of the galaxy, marking our solar system's true belonging into the Milky Way. This event does indicate a hugely significant new era of consciousness although it happened already, back in 2009! However, the incorrect math does not necessarily reduce the significance of this year.

The Mid-Point of a Twelve Year Cycle

We are on a 12 year cycle that began in 2006 and ends in 2018. As the midpoint of a 12 year cycle, 2012 has a powerful function in the divine game plan, and much of that function is internal, where it counts most. This year has seen you change radically as a person.

Think of the person you were back at the beginning of 2012. Notice how you have become more aware, with a greater sense of innate confidence, courage, and strength. For many of you, your inner mind-talk, that chatter that goes on all day long in your head, is freer, quieter, and more positive. Your identity is greater and thus your perspective on life and reality comes from a higher and more secure place. You more easily attune to higher frequencies now than only a few months ago, and you see and know more. Expect this expansion to continue and also to get sudden bursts of clarity about where you're going.

Now some of you have allowed yourself to sink into despair, reacting against external changes, and running from pain. You may feel that you have stalled out and that too much is going on for you to understand. Confused and overwhelmed, it's easy to doubt yourself and your divine plan.

The Opportunity of Chaos

The Culmination of 2012: What It Can Mean to Your LifeWhichever way your 2012 has manifested to you, you are on track! The confusion and information overload is actually what we call the Light Chaos. Now in previous years, especially between 2009 and 2011, you went through a lot of Dark Chaos. That's when you had to let go of the past, of the way you saw yourself, of old dreams and pathways.

However, 2012 brought you and your world a full, head-on Light Chaos. This is a time where you have been and are continuing to be bombarded by the pieces and fragments of your reality. These are the ideas, feelings, beliefs, and opportunities that you are putting together into a new structure, a new personal paradigm. In 2013, you will be creating a Divine Flow in your life with all these many pieces, and your life will feel fresh, new, and brighter. You will see yourself more as who you are becoming rather than the person you used to be, with his or her limited patterns and possibilities.

Initiating the Second Half of the 12 Year Cycle

Now is a time for initiating the second half of the 12 year cycle consciously, to activate the emergence of your purpose. To prepare yourself, let go of any remaining judgments of yourself. Otherwise, you won't be able to do your mission. Then stop judging others. They are doing the best they can on their own path as well. Take nothing personally and stop comparing yourself with where others are or what they've achieved. Build your love and compassion for all human beings, as well as animals, plants and earth.

Moreover, stay in your power and don't give your power, attention, and motivation away to other people. Have fun and choose to live joyously. Share your love and light. Keep claiming your essential Divinity, your Light Mission. You are a divine being having a physical plane existence. It's an adventure, a soul experiment. Don't worry. You are on your path. You'll see that your world is supporting you to learn who you are and challenging you sweetly to step forth and shine. It's your time to be more visible.

How to Utilize 12-21-12

If you've noticed, all the huge predictions made a few years ago for this month don't appear to be happening. California hasn't yet fallen into the ocean and Atlanta is not a seaport. And you probably suspect by now the prediction that everyone will be enlightened this month and the world will move into a new era isn't accurate either!

However, because of the new consensus you are building, you have made this mid-point a grand turning point opportunity for you and your world. That's because on the two power days of this month, December 12 and December 21, many people will be meditating and focusing the light on themselves and the planet. Tap into this huge pool of conscious attention and intention. Remember, 1 is you, 2 is all others and 12 is All-is-One or Divine Union.

We recommend that you do indeed meditate on December 21st. Do rituals. Dream your dreams for the planet. Put your energies out there with other people – make a wave over the planet, a Ripple Effect. Let the amplified energy between you and other humans give you an acceleration of change, a boost of Light and Power. Don't forget yourself either. Make some important, pivotally personal choices on that day.

Add your positive intentions and love to the world. Allow for a lot of healing! Then, welcome 2013, as new doors of Light open to you.

This article is being published with permission of the author.

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