Are You A Straddler? Discover Your Life’s Mission

Are You A Straddler? Discover Your Life’s Mission
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We are in a transition phase. The world is changing at a rate never before witnessed, and this can unsettle people. Some are even terrified. Does that sound extreme? I promise you I regularly meet people who are full of doom and terror.

This transition phase means that all aspects of our lives will change. But not all change is bad, and not all change is going to happen overnight. To take one example, we all agree we need clean energy, but expecting that we should immediately stop flying by aeroplane isn’t realistic. Neither are we going to suddenly start growing bean sprouts for food and all become vegans, or ride horses and donkeys instead of driving cars.

Some want immediate change, while others want no change. Neither will get their way. Positive change will happen over time, and to ease us from the old way to the new way we need people who bridge both worlds. We need the Straddlers.

Bridging Both Worlds

What we are concerned about is how change will affect our world of work. We have already seen how our world of work is changing fast, and it will change faster in the future. Some jobs will fade into obscurity. Many self-employed fields will become so overcrowded that people will be left twiddling their thumbs.

This is starting to happen already, but through these turbulent times, the Straddlers will be our guides. They will guide us through transition phases and help us to find a positive way forward. Do not underestimate the power of the Straddlers. They are the people who will lead us from the past to a better future.

I can often spot a Straddler. They are the people asking the right questions. They are problem solvers, and although many of them do not see themselves this way, they lead people to a better future. When I work with Straddlers I take them into the future to find out what part they have to play. For the Straddlers, that is their purpose.

Are You a Straddler?

Being a Straddler is a calling. It’s a knowing that there is something more that you are meant to be doing. Often the Straddler has no idea what it is. The calling can be scary. It can be triggered by an upheaval or a sudden change of direction.

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A Straddler can see their old industry fading and know something new is emerging. They don’t always know what is coming next, and that breeds fear. The difference is they go in search of answers. They step into the unknown, looking for a better way. At first, they don’t always get it right, which makes them doubt themselves. But they can see their industry fading and they know something new is emerging.

How to Tell If You Are a Straddler

You get the sense you are meant to be doing something.

The old way of working doesn’t seem quite right anymore.

You feel there is more to your life.

You are searching for answers.

You instinctively know the future will be amazing.

You are noticing changes going on around you when others don’t.

You are not sure where things are heading, but you somehow know you have a part to play.

The Straddlers step into the unknown and look for the next stage or new industry. Then they find the bridge between the old world and the new world and lead others over the bridge to a better future. They are problem solvers. They search for answers. And they very often find them, although not always easily. Straddlers need to be brave. They need a warrior energy and mindset that will help everyone have a better future.

Visionaries: Shaping the Future

In recent decades, the business world has shifted and a new way of thinking has emerged. Innovative people shook up the old ways. Anita Roddick believed business could be ethical and led the way with Body Shop. Yet I remember being in the company of a group of business people who laughed at the idea at the time. The mindset was that you needed to be ruthless to get on. You needed to be tough and hard-selling.

The new emerging breed of business people is a growing army who are aware of a bigger picture. Making money is not their only goal; they want to make the world a better, cleaner place, and they want people to be fulfilled. They want to give something back, not just take.

Over the years I have met many incredible people from all over the world and from many industries. I tend to attract business people who have a certain way of thinking, a particular awareness – and above all they are focused on the future.

They “get” the future and have an instinct about the best way forward. They have a tendency to have their finger on the pulse and be ahead of their time.

Discover Your Life’s Mission

This is a wonderful exercise to help you discover your mission in life, why you are here.

I want you to take a few moments to relax and focus on your breathing. As you do so, I want you to be aware that you are here right now, in this body and at this moment in time, for a reason. And knowing the reason can lead you to a wonderful and fulfilled life. We are about to find your own personal purpose, your reason for being.

As you relax you start to feel lighter and lighter, until you are aware of floating upwards. Float up and up, and be aware that you have floated out of your body.

You find yourself floating high above and looking down on your body below. Take a moment to look down at your body , breathing gently and relaxing, and as you look down, aware that you are floating, you realize you are detached from all cares and worries. You are your eternal true self.

In a moment you are going to float back in time to a point before you were conceived, to find out what you came here to do and be. So be aware of floating back and back through time, back and back, back to your childhood, back to when you were a baby, back into your mother’s womb, back to before you were even conceived. You are back at a time when you were pure energy and consciousness.

Take a moment to experience this time when you were pure energy and consciousness. You are getting ready to enter this lifetime. Take a moment to be aware of your intentions, the challenges and, most of all, what you are here to contribute . You are about to enter this lifetime to donate something to the betterment of the world, to fulfill your purpose. Allow your mind to be totally open, and be aware of the purpose that is driving you to enter this new life, and how you can be of service to the world.

Take as long as you need and know there is something deep within you, your purpose. Allow it to waken.

And now take a nice, deep breath and float forward through time, through your mother’s womb, through your early childhood, all through your life, back to your present time. Float again above your body and watch yourself below, relaxing and enjoying the experience.

In a moment, you are going to float forward through time, beyond your current lifetime, so that you will be able to look back and review your life and get a sense of whether there was anything you wish you’d achieved. Anything you missed. You will have both the gift of hindsight and that knowledge from the future to benefit you right now on your current path.

So I want you to float forward, and keep floating forward way beyond your current lifetime. Float off far into the future, where you can turn and look back on your current lifetime.

Take a moment to feel the peace of being beyond your current life. Now look back and review your current life. You know there was a special purpose for this lifetime. Take a moment to find out what that was.

Did you fulfill it? Do you feel happy with the way it went? You have the benefit of hindsight now: is there anything else you could have done? Is there anything you wish you had done differently?

Take some time to think about what you have discovered and how you can apply it to your life right now.

©2020 by Anne Jirsch and Conor Corderoy.
All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with permission.
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Future Vision Your Working Life: 10 Strategies to Help You Get Ahead
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Future Vision Your Working Life: 10 Strategies to Help You Get Ahead by Anne Jirsch Just imagine if you had something that gave you the edge, that steered you in the right direction, filtering out erroneous information, leaving you to focus fully on exactly what you need to know. Future Visioning is a unique tool that will allow you to anticipate the way forward in your career or business, but also help you to thrive and enjoy the journey. It will help you navigate the best path to your future. Fusing clinical hypnosis, visualization and intuition work Future Visioning will help you tread your future work path.

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Anne JirschAnne Jirsch is an international trainer and speaker, but she is best known as an intuitive, leading world pioneer of Future Life Progression (FLP). This technique uses a blend of clinical hypnosis and visualisation to guide clients into their own future to discover their best options regarding life choices. Anne’s FLP training company is now in 20 countries and she is regularly consulted by business leaders, Hollywood directors and politicians for advice. Visit Anne’s website to learn more

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