There IS a Reason for Living

There IS a Reason for Living
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Modern society—which has become almost totally externalized, objective, mechanistic and materialist in its worldview—informs us that we live in a random, purposeless, dead and dumb universe. All that really matters in such a world is satisfying the body’s biological needs until we die. So the more sensory satisfaction we can generate for ourselves (and for those few others whom we really care about) the better. Control the world’s externalities so they can’t upend your little corner of reality, and life will be fine. Allow the world’s externalities to control you or undermine your little corner of realty, and life will be miserable.

Such a self-limiting perspective this is! If we buy into it—even if we believe in a god who exists somewhere “out there” (as the ultimate externality that lies beyond our control!)—this totally outward-focused perspective cuts us off from insightfully directing our awareness inward and investigating the deepest and highest truths about ourselves.

Instead, we run around anxiously trying to accumulate more—ever more!—material stuff to soothe our biological needs, although there never seems to be ENOUGH for us to feel satisfied that we’ve got life under control.

Compulsively Trying To Control Everything

We keep compulsively trying to control everything all around us to protect our fragile biological bodies…too often without the slightest sense of awareness that there exists within us a vast, subjective realm of eternal wisdom, filled with boundless creative capacity, that longs to express in the world THROUGH us, as its beloved tools of form. When we connect with this energy field and resonate with it, we discover the power and wonder of bringing our most precious and sacred gifts forward, for the benefit of ALL of life.

That is our primary REASON for living, for having a body, for being in-form with this astonishing capacity for self-awareness.

Taking The Plunge

It’s no wonder then, from my perspective, that so many people don’t yet know how to be in right relationship with each other, and with life. They have not met themselves in the form of this profoundly awesome inner energy field, so have not yet discovered their purpose for being alive.

Almost nothing we do for our children today—or for our adults, for that matter—encourages individuals to take the plunge into the awe-inspiring center of the Self, where we can discover the truth of ourselves for ourselves. Yet this deep dive must be performed by each one of us if we’re to fully self-realize, and then self-actualize to our highest and best capacities in this world.

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The Good News: The Solution Exists!

The good news is that the solution to all the world’s pain and suffering exists, and it can be freely accessed and implemented by anyone who feels called to bring about an end to their personal suffering, and by extension, to the suffering of the collective. All that is required is the willingness to sincerely acknowledge the wondrous mystery of the subjective awareness that abides within us all, and a desire to explore that mystery for ourselves so we can realize the truth for ourselves.

The greater news is that we all—each one of us!—possesses the free will to explore our own inner realm. Nobody can prevent us from doing so if we so will it. All others can do is try to make us afraid to go within, and dissuade us from taking the journey of self-discovery.

Shining A Light Into The Self

So courage, my beloveds. Even if you feel mortal fear that you’ll meet a lurking monster under the bed should you peer into the darkest depths of the self…isn’t it better to KNOW what’s there than to simply fear what might be there without ever being certain?

Why live with that unspoken fear another moment? Shine a light on it…and discover what longs to meet you within yourself.

Copyright by Eileen Workman.
Reprinted with permission from the author's blog.

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Eileen WorkmanEileen Workman graduated from Whittier College with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and minors in economics, history, and biology. She began working for Xerox Corporation, then spent 16 years in financial services for Smith Barney. After experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2007, Ms. Workman dedicated herself to writing “Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life” as a means for inviting us to question our longstanding assumptions about the nature, benefits, and genuine costs of capitalism. Her book focuses on how human society might move successfully through the more destructive aspects of late-stage corporatism. Visit her website at

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