Seeing Through and Decoding Your Life Story

Seeing Through and Decoding Your Life Story
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At any given point in our lives we all have a life story. This story evolves over time as we accumulate more experiences. People create many ar­chetypal stories based on their life circumstances.

There is the victim story, in which you feel that you are the victim of your parents’ upbringing, your childhood experiences, the financial climate in which you were raised, and your lack of opportunities growing up. You feel like everyone is out to get you somehow and you cannot trust anyone.

There is the "not deserving" story, in which you feel that you do not de­serve to be happy, healthy, and living an abundant life, based on guilt or shame over things you may have done in the past.

There is the competition and lack story, in which you feel that you are in competition with everyone else around you for limited resources including consumer goods, financial wealth, love, relationships, and almost anything else you can think of.

There is the power and domination story, in which you feel that you must be in complete control of everyone and everything around you for your life to run smoothly and to take you where you wish to go. If even one thing does not go as expected, you become hopelessly frustrated and feel that all is lost.

These archetypal stories are all rooted in our upbringing and early child­hood experiences. Life stories also often revolve around the roles we play in our lives, such as spouse, partner, parent, child, sibling, friend, acquaintance, enemy, employee, manager, or co-worker.

We All Have Stories

There is nothing wrong with having a story, and we all have them; in fact, nobody can be born into the physical realm without accumulating experiences that culminate in a life story. The problem arises when you start to identify with your life story. Your life story is the accumulation of experi­ences you have had in the physical realm, but it is not who you are in your essence.

Who you are is far greater than you can ever imagine. Who you are is pure consciousness, awareness, presence, being, energy, spirit, or a host of other words that we often use to try to unsuccessfully describe the indescribable. The important point is that you are not your life story but the Higher Self that experiences your life story. In essence, you are the observer of the events of your life situation as they unfold over time.

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You Are Not Your Life Story and Circumstances

This is a crucial point in the healing journey, because once you have this realization, then you do not have to be defined by your life story and circum­stances. Yes, they influence your lower aspects, such as your ego, your mind, and your physical body, but they are not who you truly are. This realization allows you to unleash resources and energies that have been spent upholding and maintaining a false identity and redirect them to go deep within, to the core of your true essence, where the beauty and mystery of life reside.

Once you are able to identify and merge with your essential being, it illuminates the other aspects of yourself and allows you to see them in the context of your true nature or being. In this way, you see your life story as a natural unfolding of your soul’s journey in the physical realm, with all its twists and turns, which are meant to wake you up to your true nature.

Why Are You Here?

The other aspect of your life story is the deeper meaning it holds for why you have been birthed into the physical realm. Everything that you have experienced and endured in your life, no matter where it falls on the emotional spectrum, has not occurred randomly or without purpose. Your life events are meant to offer you a greater lesson, whose ultimate purpose is to reveal to you your life’s mission.

Every one of you has a reason for being here and a higher mission or purpose, even if you are not aware of this. If you have not discovered your life’s mission, it is because you have not scrutinized your life experiences to the degree needed to reveal the greater message that lies behind them. The key to discovering your life’s mission is to start to decode your life story by tracing a thread through your life experiences and trying to find the com­mon theme underlying them. An example of this comes from my own life.

I was brought up in South Asian Muslim culture, and was clearly a minority in the community where I grew up, with most of my peers being of European origin with Christian-based beliefs. When I went to school and interacted with my peer group, I was exposed to a dif­ferent culture outside my home. This created a lot of confusion in my early childhood, as I was seen as different and treated as such by my peers, and even by my school teachers. I suffered a crisis of identity, as I felt like I was two different people, depending on the environment I was in. This feeling persisted through my adolescence and early adulthood.

As time passed, I started to feel like I was a bridge between these two worlds and tried to live by integrating the best of both these worlds. The theme of being a bridge has grown as my life story has evolved over time. This has helped unlock my life’s greater mission, as I now understand it, which is that I have to be a bridge between modern, conventional medicine and a more holistic, multifaceted, multidimensional approach to health and healing. This does not mean that my life mission will not evolve over time, but this is where my life story has brought me at this point in time.

Finding Your Mission

Finding your life’s mission by scrutinizing your life’s story provides a solid foundation for your intention to heal. It puts any stress in your life into the context of a higher purpose, so that it does not become detrimental to your health but, instead, fuels your life and healing journey.

You can do this by trying to identify a common theme in all of your life experiences and noting which direction they are pointing you in, as I de­scribed in my own life story. Use a meditative technique to enter a state of deep introspection, which will help illuminate the thread that underlies your life story and holds the key to unlocking your life’s true mission.

Keep a journal to highlight the common themes that emerge, and try to find the underlying hidden pattern permeating your life experiences. Where have your barriers and challenges been? What can you learn from your tri­umphs and defeats? What is the underlying lesson that these things have been trying to teach you?

The deeper lessons and underlying thread of your life’s experiences may not be readily apparent, but they can be teased out through inner exploration, which may require the services of a coach or mentor. This is crucial work, because it holds the key not only to your health and healing but also to your ultimate happiness, peace, success, and fulfillment.

I started out this chapter discussing the truth of who you are, which underlies your life story. Once you are able to realize this truth, you are then ready for the next step in the healing journey: raising your vibrational frequency.


* You are not your life story but the Higher Self that experiences your life story as the experience of your physical self here on the earth.

* You must trace a thread through all of your life experiences in order to find the pattern that will be the key to unlocking the truth of your life’s true mission as an expression of your higher purpose.

Questions To Ask Yourself or your Clients

* Who would you be without your life story?

* Can you trace a pattern through all of your past and current life experiences?

* Does this pattern reveal anything to you about your life’s greater mission?

* If this pattern does not reveal to you your life’s mission, then what are the missing pieces that could lead you to the truth of why you are here?

* How would discovering your life’s greater mission transform your experience of life?

Copyright 2017 by Nauman Naeem MD. All Rights Reserved.
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Findhorn Press.

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Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life
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Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life by Nauman Naeem MDThe principles in his book can be applied to many situations including improving personal relationships, finding your life’s purpose and mission, and increasing focus, productivity, and creativity. The purpose of this book is to take you on a journey to the core of your being. This is done through unraveling layers and layers of density which most of us accumulate throughout our lives which often initiate and perpetuate chronic disease.

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About the Author

Dr. NaeemDr. Naeem is a physician specializing in pulmonary and critical care medicine whose intellectual journey has taken him far beyond the confines of conventional medicine. Over the course of his career he has treated tens of thousands of patients and has realized that the majority of patients with chronic disease do not heal, a percentage of whom have no desire to heal. This realization compelled him to dive deeper into the psychology of healing, human consciousness, metaphysics, and healing traditions from the past through his own personal research and study to uncover how he can facilitate healing in his patients and clients. He now coaches clients in how to heal, despite any condition they may be suffering from, and to find their unique life’s mission as an expression of their life’s purpose. He also coaches entrepreneurs and other business leaders on how to accelerate their focus and productivity for exponential success. Visit his website at

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