Your Personal Journey from Cocoon to Butterfly

Your Personal Journey from Cocoon to Butterfly

Every situation in life has been an initiation—the leap forward, an activation; the reconciliation and clearing, the integration; and all of it leads to the brilliance of your illumination. Let each moment in life be an awakening to some untapped part of you. This is not just time passing by. It is all with purpose. You need only conduct your life on purpose, committed to fully experiencing each moment.

We are not to wait for something to happen. A moment or event is not to happen to you. You are to happen to the event or moment. There have been so many times when people were in anticipation of an event or set of dates, waiting for something big to occur that would change eclipse, the full moon, a meteor, 11-11-11, 12-12-12 or 12-21-12.

Of course, these were or are heightened times for energy and openings. But where do you think they occur? These were not to tap you on the shoulder, suddenly changing anything and everything. They are markers—messages in fact. They are symbolic of a time to open. These things occur inside of you. But as in most cases, we have become lazy and unconscious. There is no quick fix. That is not why we have come. We have come to play full out. It is time to stop gazing up at the stars and instead become the stars.

We are the gateways, the locks and the keys. We are the strings and the strands. We are the hypothesis and the theory. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Willingness to step forward, and be that experience, engages the opening.

We are initiated through experience, both the challenging and the easy. On a deep cellular level, within the DNA strands, there are locks and keys. Specific leaps of consciousness are keys to scaling the great ladder that rests within. Having the courage to be the change leads to the deeper treasures that have been hidden away. The secret garden, this heaven, lay within you.

You are comprised with God-stuff. This mystical essence is a series of locks and keys, each opening with your alignment to the truth of who you are. There is an energetic opening that happens each time we choose to move from a lower vibration of thought and action to the next level. Conscious choice and response are the graduation of the soul as it awakens to the unknown of itself.

Awareness, the byproduct of growth, is relative and personal. The one who believes she is most aware usually has much to discover. The ONE who is truly aware realizes he knows nothing. This ONE, rather than proclaiming enlightenment, will live life being the light, being the change. In doing so, this individual taps into a magical sphere of co-creation. This is a realm any can attain. If a person is willing to walk the narrow path of moment-by-moment courageous living, in an expression of openness and vulnerability, then the mystical life is a continuous experience, while all others live what is currently normality.

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Initiation is not something you feel, but you will see it. How? There will be a series of events that begin as goodness and synchronicity. This is how you know you are awakening to another bubble of reality. It is how you realize you are emerging from the chrysalis to a new form. In actuality, it is the cellular structure morphing to a new state of being. On the inside, it appears as if a butterfly dives back into a cocoon. The cocoon is a sacred space. It is stillness, quietness, and meditative. It is the place of power where the ONE eventually emerges, gaining courage and commitment to burst through.

Most people love the idea of being the emerged butterfly. They can’t wait to leave the chrysalis. However, the true nutrients for change and evolution rest within encasement of the cocoon.

The emerged butterfly is new life, excitement, and joy. It quickly forgets its encasement. As the butterfly, we fly, but we begin seeking nutrients on the outside. The world is enamoring. This emergence is another opportunity to become blinded by the beauty of what we see in the outside world. The butterfly moves from beautiful flower to flower, but its true evolution was gained pushing through.

In each step of awakening, you will encounter a new world, because you are a new person. You experience the world from a new perspective. Your attraction factor is going to bring you new interactions and experiences. The world will appear with a different shimmer, as new baubles and sparkly objects show up in terms of experiences, people, and things. Each phase is a test as to whether you can remain committed to what is real or become mesmerized by the illusion. Even the most “enlightened” person can fall victim to their new experience of the world, as they once again find themselves off course. But, even that is alright; this too is experience.

The outer world is the place of course correction, hence why it is termed Earth school. This play on the outside is designed so that we are led back inside when necessary. However, the outer world has become so enamoring, we are forgetting the importance of the quiet inner world. Everything from personal turmoil to weather patterns is creating course correction. It is not God doing this to us. It is our own intelligence, individual and collective, balancing the outer focus back inside. We are not to become hermits, but a certain degree of introspection is necessary to create renewed balance in the world. Inner reflection helps awareness and innate intelligence arise.

We are to always keep one eye/I on the inside while the other eye/I is playing on the outside. The third eye/I is the space between that can tap into the unknown. This is the trinity of full experience.

The Universe is naturally realigning us, always shaping us towards the ultimate Divine Plan.

When course correction happens, where does the more conscious person go? They return inside, back into the quiet solace of the interior landscape. It is not an escape method, like depression or isolation. This is the willingness to contemplate and witness oneself. We are learning to view the experience, replaying the hologram in the mind now, rather than waiting for the reconciliation of life after crossing over to the other side.

The new human is not interested in the story created. She seeks growth and awareness. There is a deeper level of self-love and personal commitment to experiencing. There is no place for blame, because there is no one to blame. There is only one of us here; it is you.

You are Divinity. You have always been. Life’s experiences occur to bring you to that remembrance. There is no need to look for truth. There is no need to find it. You never lost it. It is inside of you. When the questions come, listen within; the answer will follow.

An essence exists inside of you, a rich Divine Essence. Not only is it inside of you, it is you. It is pure being. This original form is the concentrate from which we come. It’s the juice—succulent, refreshing, nourishing, sparkling power! We came from Divine Source, as smaller individuations of it. This flows within us, from us, and around us. It is also what we marinate in all of the time. We cannot get away from it. It can never leave us. You are God-stuff.

This essence that you are is a Divine inheritance. It is why you are a Master and always have been, whether or not you recognize or act upon that truth. You are, in essence, equal to all Masters.

We are Love; this is an eternal ever-expanding truth. Fear is a choice, as is lack, limitation, and disempowered living. As ruler of your kingdom, your command is always adhered to. You can have what you want; just choose those things that serve you well.

The Essence that we are never leaves us. When we choose to live as the Divine Children of the Universe on the vast playground of creation, we open to receive all of the riches of the kingdom. The issue is not that we have become separate from; that is not possible. The primary issue is that we have forgotten how to play.

Many are trying to remember or return to who they really are. This is being identified as many things: authentic power, presence, energy, spirit, and so on. Yes, you are all these things, but more. Those are aspects of you. The irony is that you are being who you really are whether you know it or not, conscious of it or not, acting intentionally or not.

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