The Prostitute Archetype: Connecting to Fears Around Survival

The Prostitute Archetype: Connected to Fears Around Survival

(Editor's Note: The prostitute archetype has to do with fears around survival, integrity, sincerity, inner strength, etc. Consequently the archetype applies to all humans, male or female, young or old, and has nothing to do with prostitution as a sexual business.)

The study of archetypal aspects and influences is an in-depth exploration. Each archetype presents you with important lessons and gifts, and reveals your ability to exercise your power — or lack of it — in many crucial areas of your life. It is important to understand archetypal patterns because they help you delve deeper into your subconscious and unconscious thoughts, your emotions, your energies, and your behaviors.

Every archetype has two components: the shadow and the light. The shadow shows us the parts that are buried deep within, occupy our subconscious mind, and often emerge unexpectedly, in destructive ways. The light aspects show us the opportunities to reach our highest potential and to live from a place of gentleness, integrity, and power.

The Prostitute Archetype: Connected to Fears Around Survival

The prostitute archetype is connected to your fears around survival. It helps you learn lessons in relation to your integrity and inner strength. It asks questions such as, Are you willing to sell your spirit, your loyalty, your body, or your morals for money and physical survival, or do you have the courage and the stamina to stand up for what you believe in and do what you love?

This archetype also examines your faith and sincerity. It prods: Are you willing to be honest with yourself and others, or would you rather pretend, lie, and take advantage of people in order to survive or to get ahead?Through exploring the prostitute archetype, you must decide if you are going to live your life based on fear and the temptation to seduce, control, and sell out, or if you are going to live with love, Divine Guidance, faith, and self-worth.

A question you need to consider: what is the price that you are willing to put on your physical security?While your shadow prostitute may urge you to give up your honor, creativity, joy, and freedom of thought, the light aspect can help you to keep your power and your integrity, and to stand your ground.

The Shadow Prostitute Archetype: What's In It For Me?

We live in a society of instant gratification, and the shadow prostitute is constantly asking: What is in it for me? How can I make others feel that I am more important, intelligent, successful, evolved, interesting, and powerful than I really am? How can I make others look up to me... and so forth.

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The prostitute archetype demonstrates the difference between self-imprisonment, dishonesty, domination and freedom, self-expression, and self-empowerment. It gives you a choice to use your power, talents, and abilities for the positive or the negative. If you believe that you are Divinely guided and put your trust in the higher powers, then this archetype makes it more difficult for you to be controlled, manipulated, or bought.

Embracing the Prostitute Archetype: Follow Your Heart

When you embrace the prostitute archetype, it can be your biggest ally. It can forewarn you when you consider acting out of integrity in order to gain something in the physical. It can also infuse you with the courage and the perseverance you need to follow your heart.

When you move away from the situations and the people who use you, and cost you too much energy, time, emotion, and dignity, you can truly heal and transform your life.

Linda’s Story: Befriending Her Prostitute Archetype

Many people prostitute themselves by staying in abusive relationships or in jobs they hate. Due to habit and fear, they remain in a toxic environment, disregard their principles, and make themselves ill to ensure their financial security and status — rather than change, take responsibility, and grow.

Linda had been married to her husband for over twenty years. Although her relationship looked outwardly perfect, Linda was deteriorating inside. Every year, she would have a new health condition and part of her body would degenerate. The turning point came when she was lying in the hospital being checked for a brain tumor.

Although her physical security was important, Linda decided that being honest with herself and staying alive was essential. So at fifty-two, Linda left her husband. She moved out within a week and began a journey of self-inquiry.

Processes for Working with Your Archetypal Energy

The Prostitute Archetype: Connected to Fears Around SurvivalLinda knew that her first step was to heal and listen to the wisdom of her body. She learned about archetypes, and began to work with and understand the challenges — and the power — of the prostitute. In particular, she felt she had to own the part of herself she called the “bad girl.”

Linda had to befriend and listen to her prostitute archetype in order to heal. Having a profound relationship with this archetype gave Linda the courage to follow her dreams, keep her integrity, and find a strong life purpose.

Below are two processes that can help you work with your archetypes and transform your relationship with them.

Move with Your Prostitute Energy: The Root Chakra

When working with the prostitute energy, connect with your first energy center, also known as the root chakra. The dominant color of the root chakra is red, and it is located around the lower hips and genital area.

While standing, place your hands on your hips and take three slow, deep breaths. Put on some music with tribal beats and shake your hips. As you shake, feel your connection to your body.

Imagine inviting the prostitute energy into your space. Visualize it as someone who is part of your circle of friends. Ask it to show you, through dance, how it affects your life. In other words, does it lead or follow, and is it supportive or disruptive in its role? Do you live your life from a place of listening to yourself and doing things because you believe in them, or do you take action primarily out of the need for money, through fear, and because it’s easier not to question aspects of your life and remain the same?

Imagine that you could talk to this part. Stop moving, sit, or lie down and relax your body. Ask your prostitute archetype some questions in an attempt to get to know it better. How does it help you? How does it harm you? How can you use its passion, power, and strength to transform your life?

Don’t worry if you don’t get all the answers the first time you begin exploring this aspect of yourself. As you connect to your own wisdom and ask questions, you will start to receive answers and be guided to people who can support you.

Meditate for Change: Dissolve Any Fear of Change

Sit with a straight spine. Take some deep breaths. Make a fist with the fingers of both hands. Place your fists just above your belly button, with both your fists and the thumbs touching.

Imagine that there is a red fire burning in front of you. As you focus on the red flames, reflect on where in your life you are being dishonest and prostituting yourself. As you breathe in, imagine that the red flame moves inside your body and begins to dissolve any fear of change. Then visualize breathing in a blue ray of courage and faith. Give yourself permission to listen to the light side of the prostitute energy that can help you do what you love and be a success. Take your time with this process.

Say: “Divine Wisdom, allow my healing and transformation to occur with ease, grace, and softness. Help me to receive the wisdom from my archetypes, and assist me to be friend them. Allow me to have patience and compassion with myself and others, and to evolve at the right time and in the right pace. Thank you.”

Repeat the word “CLEAR” several times, until you feel lighter.

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The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life's Big Questions --  by Inna Segal.

The Secret of Life Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life's Big Questions by Inna Segal.Whether your challenge is physical, mental, emotional, or practical, Inna Segal helps you tap into your internal guidance system to achieve comprehensive wellness. With simple wisdom and easy and impactful exercises that can be integrated into one's day-to-day life, she clears away the complexity to offer 'must have tools' for healing, transformation and evolution. 

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