Core Themes Are Like Closets In Our Mind and The Body's Messengers

Core Themes: The Body's Messengers

If we stepped back from our life for a moment, we'd see that it's merely a series of events that seem random and unconnected at the time we experience them, yet are very important. However, they really are connected because each event builds off the others emotionally so that they not only form our attitudes and beliefs, they create our core themes.

Just think -- every event, perception, drama, trauma, relationship (both the good and bad ones), fear, belief, success, and failure are rooted in our core themes. They're all just waiting for the right time and opportunity to resurface and express themselves through our words, actions, and health.

In addition to the core themes we create for ourselves, there are genetic core themes that are passed down from generation to generation. These tend to center around illness predispositions; economic status; levels of education; cultural and family traditions; religious beliefs; and expectations associated with being the first born, a middle child, or the youngest. They, too, are an integral part of our life stories and surface in our words and actions.

Is What You Do in Alignment with Who You Really Are?

Other than our inherent personality traits, core themes drive most of what we do and how we think and feel. However, they aren't always in alignment with who we really are.

Core themes are the substructure behind our stories and are responsible for how we view life. They're like closets in our mind, where we lump everything together based on appearances. Yet if we were to look closer at the contents of our core-theme closets, we'd find they aren't the same at all. Some core themes belong to others, most are limiting, many have emotional hurts attached to them, and are unhealthy because of how they affect both our mental and physical states.

Core Themes Have Several Important Functions

Core Themes: The Body's MessengersCore themes actually have several important functions. One is to form a mental blueprint that the brain can use to hasten the process of connecting a new experience with the past. Another purpose is aiding the mind in categorizing the constant steam of information it receives energetically and through the physical senses. Core themes offer the direction needed to help us navigate our way through all of the thoughts we create and the experiences we attract. They tell us what behavior is acceptable and what isn't and how we should interact with other people. They help steer us away from experiences and relationships that may cause us pain.

We're on an evolutionary journey that takes us through various stages and attracts many experiences, all intended to help us grow personally, evolve spiritually, and connect with our souls -- to teach us how to live joyful and purposeful lives. Yet we've forgotten those intentions, because something else is driving us and causing us to disconnect from ourselves.

Digging Deep to Uncover Negative Core Themes

When our core-theme closets are energetically filled with drama and trauma and charged with strong negative emotions, it's easy to see how we can lose touch with ourselves. It's apparent how we fall victim to our fears and allow them to determine who we are and how we live. We understand why we experience fear-based illnesses such as allergies, ulcers, strokes, asthma, hypertension, heart attacks, depression, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.

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While core themes can be either negative or positive, most of the time the ones we deal with are negative because they're the ones that ultimately impact our health. If you desire to truly heal yourself, then you must dig deep to uncover the emotions, attitudes, beliefs, and core themes that are preventing you from having the life and health you desire.

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Healing Happens With Your Help: Understanding the Hidden Meanings Behind Illness
by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

Healing Happens with Your Help by Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.Healing Happens with Your Help uncovers the hidden meanings behind illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, and headaches. It looks at illness not from symptoms, but from origins; and not from the perspective of curing, but from the perspective of healing. It explores the complex relationship between emotions, attitudes, and beliefs and provides a mapping process to show you where you energetically hold these triggers in the organs, glands, muscles, and spine of your body. Most important, Healing Happens with Your Help offers insight into how you can heal your body and your life by simply changing patterns and changing thoughts.

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Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.Carol Ritberger is a medical intuitive, a radio host, and an innovative leader in the fields of personality typology and intuitive medicine. Her education includes personality behavioral psychology and behavioral medicine. She holds a doctorate in religious philosophy and a doctorate in esoteric philosophy and hermetic science. Carol is the author of What Color Is Your Personality?; Your Personality, Your Health; Love . . . What's Personality Got to Do With It?; and Managing People . . . What's Personality Got to Do With It?. She has a weekly live Internet radio show on and has appeared on national television and radio. She is the cofounder and executive director of The Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies. Visit her Website at

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