Knock! Knock! Who's There, Really

Knock Knock...Who's There?
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The information in this article will be useful to the person who has come to the place in their life where success, material wealth, and relationships, no longer have the meaning they once did. The dream we once had has been fulfilled and yet there is a yearning for something more, a knowing deep within that I am more than my career, my house, my car, my relationships, my retirement, my investments, etc. These things no longer fill the void within my soul and there is something else that I am seeking which is needed to make me feel whole and complete.

Is there something more? Is there a satiation point? Must I continuously be seeking more and more stuff in order to feel worthy and complete as a person. Is my conditioning so strong that I don't feel worthy unless I have the latest car, the best suit, the biggest house, the largest retirement fund?

There is nothing wrong with having all these things and more. We all deserve to have what we want in life. The pain and suffering that comes from needing these things could be from feeling empty inside.

What We Really Want

We all want to feel accepted, appreciated, and acknowledged as a person. We want to feel we are responsible for our own lives. We want to allow others to make their own choices and be responsible for their own lives. We want to feel we have the power to guide our lives in the direction we choose and not be tossed about emotionally by the attitudes and actions of others.

We want to create the life we imagine we can have. We want serenity. We want peace. We want love. Seems the harder we try to get these things the more resistance we get. It appears to us that the rest of the world is happy, so why aren't we?

Who Are We, Really

We have been going along our merry way playing out the roles we have been conditioned to play since childhood. Our personality, our social mask, hasn't changed much since we were kids, yet, there is something that is pushing us to change, to mature, to be more real and to stop acting the part which we have been acting, without even knowing we have been acting. We have learned our part so well we react to others in the same ways every time we are with them. Afterward, we think about the experience and wonder why we said what we said or did what we did?

Who is asking? Who is pushing us to inquire within? Who is analyzing? Who is judging? Who is comparing? It must be me because they are my thoughts, aren't they? Who Am I? If these thoughts are mine why do I question them after the fact?

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Could there be two parts to me. Is there be a part that I show to the world, a part that changes continuously, and another part that has never changed and never changes.

Birthing the New Whole Me

Change is certain in life. We can't avoid it, no matter how hard we try. Yet is there a part of me that never changes? One that is wanting to be heard. One that is breaking out of its shell and wanting to experience life for the first time.

Exploring the different ways and means we bring birth to this new me, and at the same time honoring who we have been and who we are now is called healing -- which means to make whole. We just want to be a whole person. There is something within that is prompting this search for wholeness.

There is nothing wrong with us now, nothing we have to do, nowhere we have to go, nothing we have to lose, and yet we have so very much to gain. We have given the opportunity to give birth to a brand new ME!

Our lives are so much richer when we are a whole person, when our outside world is a "true" reflection of our inside world, when we accept, appreciate, and acknowledge our whole self during our process of life.

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About the Author

Michael D. JohnsonMichael D. Johnson has been on a 50 year search for his true self and has found that the journey and the destination are the same. Michael is available to act as your guide via email and the telephone. A guide is one who shows the way by leading, directing, or advising.


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