Learning to Work With Wonder and Discover Answers

Learning to Work With Wonder

As long as we allow our True needs to be answered by the familiar, we are going to live out our lives making unseen circles. We need to go up, not around. What we really need is to make contact with that Higher part of our own True Nature which alone has the power to reveal ourself to our Self. Self-discovery is self-elevation.

Learning to work with Wonder is unlike anything we may have ever tried to do before. When it comes to working with Wonder, our ultimate success is determined by what we don't do. When working with Wonder, one of the first actions we don't take toward a difficulty or heartache is to tell ourself what to do about it!

Many times along our way to what is Higher through Wonder, we will encounter what appears to be a hopeless dead-end. Confusion and doubt will cloud our minds and it will seem as though there is no way out. Don't buy into this. This is a temporary inner condition that is essential for our spiritual growth.

How else could we make the wonderful discovery that only when we come to the end of ourself -- and all of our self created answers -- that we meet the beginning of something that isn't us! This is the beauty and incomparable magic of Wonder. What we need is to be touched by something that isn't a part of our hidden circle of self.

Wonder & Awareness

A necessary part of establishing this contact comes with making it crystal clear to ourself that anything which directs us from our self-circle is part of why we stay dizzy and in the dark.

The idea of this hands-off approach to self-solving may seem a bit unsettling at first. But, even a brief glance at what must be seen as undeniable self evidence will support our decisions to embrace this new kind of spiritual non-action.

Let the following special facts serve to confirm our suspicions: 1. We don't now the real answers or we wouldn't repeat the same problems; and 2. We don't know the real problems or we wouldn't keep arriving at the same empty solutions. It is crucial we be reminded -- as often as possible -- of the Goodness that comes to us each time we will dare to take this kind of honest self-inventory.

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Why is it good to make ourself conscious of our present painful position? Because it is our unawareness which delivered us there in the first place and our habitual answers are all a part of the unconscious patterns which imprisons us. Placing this new and true understanding of ours before our mechanical mental tendencies to always return to the known proves to be an exciting and Wonder-filled challenge.

Our new inner position of taking no action toward our dilemma -- will seem like it places us between a rock and a hard place. Again, this state is both good and necessary.

The uncomfortable inner sensations of feeling squeezed, is born out of realizing that we need a solution to our growing self concern, but realizing a the same time that we must not allow our usual thinking to supply the answer. In other words, we NEED to know, but we know we don't!

Afraid to Wonder?

Never be afraid to Wonder. Never limit yourself to what you can Wonder about. Whatever your need to know may be, turn it over to Wonder and step back. You will receive an answer. Real Wonder has no fear and fears nothing. Let your Wonder wander as far and as deep as it may wish to go. Then, let it take you even further. Within each new insight gained, you will naturally Wonder what else there is waiting within you; what else can be revealed. In this way, your inner life, your True Life, will begin to open up before you. With increasing daily certainty, you will come to realize that your life was always meant to be a voyage into the new.

There is one caution which must be mentioned. Unlike other dangers which may rise because we do something risky, the only danger to us on the road to a Wonderful new life come from not taking risks! The risk you and I must dare take is to laugh in fear's face and in spite of its dark attempts to convince us otherwise, we must give ourselves permission to Wonder about our own weaknesses. This means to begin living with the intimate and unspoken question that comes with knowing that we don't know how to be strong and that we need to be.

So just go right ahead. Give yourself full permission to wonder about that weakness, whatever form it may take. Wonder about being always weary or why you worry so; about your heavy heart or nagging fear; Wonder about the cruel thoughts and thoughtless acts; Wonder about resentment and regret and the anger that never doubts itself. Go ahead and Wonder about any painful self-defeating habit you sense weakens you and ruins your days. Don't be afraid of it. Whatever the doubt may be -- put it to Wonder and watch what happens.

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