Change Is Here Now: Expanded Awareness and The Fourth Dimension

Change Is Here Now: Expanded Awareness and The Fourth Dimension
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Change is happening now, not through revolution, but through transformation. The vibrations around the Earth are changing rapidly now. Earth is becoming fourth dimensional.

Change is occurring peacefully and is bringing peace. It does not always come in a calm manner however, either on a personal or planetary level, but it is coming and quickly.

Change is rising up in government, education, business, religion and all areas of life. Our heroes in each area are being seen as ordinary men and women with the same faults as anyone else. Separation is breaking down. The individual person is quickly growing and changing. Are you one of them?

Are you ready for change? Are you open to change? Are you flexible enough to bend with the winds of change? Those who are not will be left behind. Those who can change will flow into the open and expanding fourth dimension.

It is a matter of desire, choice and willingness to grow. There is no competition involved, just expanded possibilities for everyone who wants to change.

The Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension is not an area of time or space but a higher vibration that gives those who are open an expanded awareness. This brings to you additional gifts and abilities.

You still have a physical body, go to work and live in houses, but life is filled with greater joy and excitement. Competition, control and fear will disappear. Our world will radiate peace, love and harmony. Manifestations will become easier and occur faster. People and things will have an invisible, but recognizable glow around them.

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You do not have to leave the Earth to experience it. It is here now. You spend some of your time in fourth dimensional awareness now. Change involves spending an increasing amount of your time in fourth dimensional awareness, until you are aware 24 hours a day, even while the body sleeps.

Expanded Awareness

This expanded awareness leads to increased love, joy, wisdom and everyday abilities. Things that disturbed you before, both personally and planetarily, will gradually cease to exist.

Our personal and collective new ways of thinking will definitely bring change. If we want to enjoy the ride, we are required to change also. We don't have to leave Earth to go to Heaven. Heaven is coming to Earth.

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Excerpted with permission.
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About the Author

John Hall is a writer, speaker and teacher, and has been a serious metaphysical student more than 30 years. ©1995. John can be reached at: 10723 Preston Rd., #144, Dallas. TX 75230.

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