The Power of the Vision: This Is A Time of Great Awakening!

The Power of the Vision: This is A Time of Great Awakening!

What is the next step? Where are we all going?

We are witnessing ... and participating in ... great events, extraordinary events. Nothing less than a planetary transformation is taking place, right here and now. Nothing less than a revolution in consciousness is going on.

This is A Time of Great Awakening! Hallelujah!

Humanity has moved—more or less—from an intuitive, group-oriented, tribal consciousness, which lived in harmony with nature (as all natural tribal people did, e.g. the American Indians, the Aborigines, the Eskimos, etc.) for countless generations to an individualized, ego-based consciousness, which spread out aggressively from Europe and conquered the tribal peoples of the world by unleashing the enormous powers of science and technology. This ego-based consciousness, with its focus on the individual and the material world, mastered the planet by developing our intellectual and analytical abilities.

Now this ego-based, analytical orientation—this secular worldview called scientific materialism—having served its purpose by unleashing the vast powers of science and technology has gone amok. Greed, selfishness, war, pollution, violence, profit without thought for the wellbeing of the Planet... you know the story. We all know the story. And we all know that we cannot continue in this direction any longer without self-destructing pretty soon.

Add to the world situation we have created, the fact that scientific discoveries now clearly demonstrate that the "materialism" upon which this secular worldview is based was incorrect. It turns out that the Mystics were right: We are all bodies of Light. We are all inter-connected patterns of energy.

The universe is a massive energy system in which the observer participates. In short, there is no so-called "objective" world out there, which can be measured independently of the observer. Instead science now tells us that our reality is in fact the result of our intentions. (Hallelujah again!)

It's Time For A Change

So obviously it's time for a change in our orientation. Time for a planetary shift, a massive transformation in our collective consciousness. Which might explain why there are so many souls gathered on the Planet right now. It's as if we all decided to come here to join the party!

Undoubtedly, the analytical mind has done its work: We've opened new doors, we've liberated enormous powers. But now we need to re-orient and use more than our analytical minds—we need to listen to our hearts once again. We need to tune into that inner voice and get in touch with our True Selves so that we have the necessary vision to take control of our creations.

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Yes, It's Time. It's Time.

It's time we grow up and take the next step in our evolution and become the Conscious Choice-makers, not only in our own lives, but in the planetary life of our species. Because yes, we are the Guardians of the Sacred Fire now. We are grown up now. We are all Co-Creators with the Force.

But to take the next step, to take our rightful place in the Universe as Co-Creators, we must have the vision.

Many are using the techniques described in my books and in other books to re-orient their own consciousness and their own lives. And this of course is fine because individual re-orientation is basic to the survival of the Planet. So of course, this is the first, crucial step.

You must get your own house in order first.

You must become the Conscious Choice-Maker in your own life, first. Because until you do this, until you attune yourself to a higher energy level, you can do nothing. All your dreams and good wishes and good intentions for Planet Earth will amount to nothing if your own house is in shambles. ("By their fruits ye shall know them.” Matthew 7:20)

But when your own house is in order, when you can no longer contain the joy of living which fills your soul. When this joy bursts forth in your Life, then you'll find that you're definitely ready for the next step. Because joy is expansive and cannot be contained! Oh yes, you know how it feels... Joy is compelling, irresistible and catching!

Joy is joy, something you automatically want to share with everyone you meet. Something you want to infect your neighbors with. Something you can't contain or resist... something wonderful...

Real Love, Divine Love, Universal Love, according to Frederick Bailes, is "the intense desire for the well-being of others!"

What a marvelous definition!

What Next?

So what are we supposed to do now? How are we supposed to live, on a daily basis, as Co-Creators with the Force, as the Conscious Choice-Makers in our own Lives and in the Life of the Planet?

First of all, we must remember the Nature of the Universe: The Thought always comes first. Thought is the first cause.

Thought is the First Cause, in your Life and in the Life of the Planet and in the Life of the Universe. And since Thought is the first cause, we must, first of all, have the Thought. The Right Thought. The Clear, Focused Thought. This means it's so important that we train ourselves to think clearly and envision Good. We must see in our mind's eye a clear vision of the New World before it can manifest and become reality.

In other words, we must conceive it and believe it first. Then and only then will it appear on the outer plane. Then and only then, when the vision is clear and strong—and we know it and believe it—will it manifest. So it's vitally important that we do the inner work for Planetary Transformation right now and maintain a clear vision in our daily lives of where we're going.

How Are We Supposed to Live?

How then do enlightened men and women actually live?

Ask yourself.

Meditate on this question.

Find concrete answers.

Find solutions that you know in your heart will work.

This is what I envision:

First of all, life on Planet Earth, humanity as we know it, is evolving. This means we are capable of evolving, becoming better, higher, more loving.

This also means that enlightened men and women are practicing and will continue to practice the Golden Rule of Jesus on a daily basis, every minute, every hour of every day. We must “do unto others”... There is no other way, no other viable solution for ourselves or for the Planet.

And this "doing unto others" includes right thinking, too, since Thought is the Seed of Reality.

In the next stage of our evolution our thoughts will be visible. (For those who are sensitive, they already are.) Thus ... doing unto others includes envisioning and seeking for others the very same Good that we envision and seek for ourselves. Yes, the Good of One is the Good of All.

This also means seeing the Divine in everyone, including people we dislike and our so-called "enemies". We may condemn the way other people behave. In other words, we may dislike the outer man or woman and denounce his or her behavior, but we must recognize and salute, at all times, the Divinity within each and every person we meet on our way. We must wish them well and envision the Highest Good for them too, or again as Frederick Bailes put it, constantly entertain "an intense desire for the well-being of others."

With this in mind, we will always make the right choices, for ourselves and the Planet.

Recycle Your Garbage and Be Conscious of Your Actions

When we know and see ourselves as the Conscious Choice-Makers in our lives and in the Life of the Planet, of course we'll think about the consequences of our actions. All our actions. In practical terms, this means we'll recycle our garbage, save water, eat organic foods, buy environment-friendly houses, conserve our forests, put environment-friendly toner in our printers, ride bikes, clean up the oceans, drive environment-friendly cars, support sustainable growth projects, wear clothes made of organic cotton or recycled cans, buy natural cosmetics, stop smoking, support quality and craftsmanship, boycott products which are hazardous to our health and the health of the Planet, practice deep peace, eat less, plant and hug trees, heal our bodies, practice silence, circulate our money and resources and energy, tithe, listen to the wisdom of our hearts, and use our unique talents to do righteous work for righteous companies and decent, honest, ethical humane organizations. In other words, we will give and love and give and love and give and love some more...

It goes without saying doesn't it? That the Conscious Choice-Maker is conscious of what he or she does and how it affects the Whole, the Unity of All of Us, each and every step of the way, each and every moment of every day.

Listen to Barbara Marx Hubbard

No one says it better than Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard in her book Happy Birth Day Planet Earth. This is her call to all of us:

"Think carefully. Think clearly. Think aspirationally. Focus upon your vision of what you want to become. Ask your inner calling to speak to you. Let the compass of joy guide your thoughts till they focus on the magnetic attraction for a creative act in the world.

What are you born to do? Image yourself doing your heart's desire. Conceive yourself doing everything you ever dreamed of doing, being everything you ever dreamed of being.

Place that vision in the context of the evolution of humankind toward full humanity. See yourself participating in that evolution, joining with all others also responding to a unique call from within."

Make That Shift Right Now

Now is the time to practice Right Thinking. Now is the time to focus the power of your thoughts on the Highest and Best you can conceive of. Now is the time to move from old, outdated, worn-out models of existence and ego-based competition to actions which are in harmony with Nature and which promote love, health, peace and harmony among all Creatures and Beings on the Planet—for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

And make sure your thoughts are always Positive, Constructive, Beneficial and Specific in all of their aspects. For yourself and for everyone else. Use your power as a Conscious Choice-Maker wisely. Envision and manifest Deep Peace, Wisdom and Understanding, Perfect Health, Inexhaustible Vitality, Unshakable Joy, Wealth, Prosperity and Overflowing Abundance for yourself and for everyone else on the Planet.

Feel the Joy

Think positively about the Planetary Shift in Consciousness that is taking place right now. See it happening. Feel it happening. Feel the Joy of it. Know in your Heart of Hearts that we, together, we the Conscious Choice-Makers, are now transforming Planet Earth, our home, into the Heavenly Paradise we see in our Minds' Eyes. See it, feel it and believe it... and it will manifest.

Because, yes, we are the First Cause.

And because yes, yes indeed, we are, all together now, Divine Spirits, who are singing and dancing, on the Road to Power!

And so it is.


©2018 by Barbara Berger. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the author.
Published by: O Books, an imprint of
John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

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