Finding The Doorway To Living A Most Exceptional Life

Finding The Doorway To Living A Most Exceptional Life.

It can seem like our human narrative has lost its way. Where the everyday news is filled with stories of humanity struggling with itself. Our eyes can show us everything that we don't want. And the chances for hope can seem fleeting.

But there is a much bigger story going on as well. And you are a player in that story too. Humanity is hungry for a better paradigm. A vision of a better future. Indeed, we have all been in a kind of a karmic pressure cooker. Pushing us deeper and deeper into our own collective karmic shadow. An upheaval of sorts. And we are ready for change.

Enter the Soul. Your Soul.

Your life was chosen. It was a conscious choice of your own soul. Your family of origin had karmic tendencies that were specifically chosen to set yourself up for your own life-path. Each one of us has our own unique karmic collage. A collection of karmic imprinting from our past. A series of karmic attributes that we are experiencing in these passing days.

And each one of us has our own unique life-purpose too. A paradigm of possibilities that has been set up just for us. If you took the time to ponder your own life-purpose, what comes to mind? What are the karmic lessons your own soul chose for you? What was the karmic posturing of your family of origin?

You can get a sense of what that might be by looking at the values that your family held dear. For example, a strong work ethic and a strong back might be highly valued growing up on a family farm. Or perhaps living the righteous path would be valued growing up in a family where religion was the strongest core value of the family. And then there are several thousand other possibilities too.

There are so many unique paradigms being played out on this global stage upon which we stand. Each one having its own karmic momentum of sorts. But yours is perhaps the most powerful … for you. Kind of a “blossom where you are planted” mentality.

Often our egos can covet someone else's life path. It is not that there cannot be value in noticing what we desire, as we observe the lives others are living. However, make no mistake, your seat is indeed the best seat in the house. For you.

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Changing Your Perception of Your Life

You will not find what you are looking for by copying someone else. You are unique for a reason. You are here for your own personal experience. A handpicked adventure of sorts. Chosen by your soul. Complete with unique karmic lessons and opportunities. And an escrow of sorts too. An escrow in the sense that you can evolve who you are. You can master, and thus transcend, your karmic tendencies. And evolve yourself into whole new arenas of living for yourself. And there are no limits as to where that can take you.

But to really get some serious traction with that will require changing your perception of your life. Changing, perhaps, how you feel about your own life. It can happen when we shift our focus. When we shift our focus from the perception of our ego, and move it into the vision of our own soul. Your soul.

By moving our perception to the perspective of our soul, everything becomes impersonal. Your soul knows that the principles of karma are indeed very impersonal. And the karmic interactions you are having with others in your life are following the same timeless karmic tendencies of our human nature.

Karmic Lessons and Contracts

Every single karmic interaction you are having with those people in your life is modeling an impersonal karmic lesson for you to learn. For myself, I would rate one of the strongest and most difficult karmic interactions I have had in my life as perhaps one of the biggest gifts of my life.

Over a period of ten years, I had a daily interaction with a boss that was very difficult and demeaning. And yet, he broke me open. He put karmic pressure, of sorts, on my own psyche every day. And my own karma would re-act to it over and over again. Eventually putting me on the couch in my psychiatrist’s office. Where my life changed forever. Opening me up to a much bigger life-path for myself. That “tyrant” was one of my best karmic teachers.

You have karmic contracts of sorts. With the people with whom you interact as you go about your life. As part of your life-path that was chosen by your soul before you were even born. And there is a gift behind each and every one of them.

To take the perspective of your soul, you would see every interaction as an opportunity to learn about the impersonal aspects of karma that are playing out in your life. And as you open up to that bigger perspective, the vision of your life can expand as well.

Then, perhaps, there comes an opportunity to see your own life-lessons, and how they relate to the collective struggles of humanity. Those karmic arenas of upheaval that we see humanity going through. And where your own karmic lessons have had you grow yourself too. This is where the idea of service can come in.

The Doorway To Living The Life That You Love

When our soul has an opportunity for us to serve others, we can have a very deep and satisfying sense of self. A very deep feeling of accomplishment. This is the doorway to living the life that you love. From your own soul’s perspective. To be alive on this planet at this time is to participate in the classroom of the very advanced classes of karma. Where the old souls come to learn how to love one another, walking in the center of the karmic storm itself.

Take the time to daydream. Surrendering what you thought your life would be, and open up your imagination so that your soul can feed you new visions, and new dreams of where your life can go. Getting out of your ego and surrendering to the vision of your soul is the doorway to living a most exceptional life.

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jensen lesLes Jensen is an author, radio host, speaker, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life-purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts New Human Living Radio, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. Les’ latest book, “Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior” was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include “Citizen King: The New Age of Power” and “Personal Power Fundamentals.” To learn more visit his websites at and

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