Understanding Your Relationship to Your Past to Better Shape your Future

Understanding Your Relationship to Your Past to Better Shape your Future

Most people in early childhood display qualities from their past birth. They bring into their new bodies, memories that have yet been fully submerged. Such memories stirred in me from early childhood. They grew fainter with time, and it was not until I began a dedicated meditation practice at the age of 20 that they began to surface again. As my meditations deepened over the years, memories of scenes and conversations from long ago emerged with such clarity that I could no longer ignore them. They would be evoked by people I would meet or places I would visit, and there would always be an important lesson, a teaching for me.

To understand my current work as an interfaith organizer and advocate of a greater spiritual role for women, I traveled back in time to pre-revolutionary Russia and Nazi Germany, the pre-war American South, Africa, Persia, India, Japan, and finally to the world between births where the experiences of one’s past life are assimilated and the blueprint for the new life takes form.

I experienced myself in all these time periods, gaining knowledge that would shape who I am today. I have recorded these stories in the book My Journey through Time: A Spiritual Memoir of Life, Death and Rebirth, in the hope that it can help bring clarity to other people.

From Past Relationship, to Current, to Future

These memories took away the fear of death, and I learned that just as the past has shaped my current life, so my current life is shaping my future, and I can take greater control of this process. I also learned to see what comes to me in life within a larger context.

Often I remember the words of a woman shaman teacher I encountered in Africa centuries ago: “All of what you experience will pass away when you die, and your life will seem to you then as only a dream…. But nonetheless it has a reality that will never die. The fact that you and I are here together will always be, because what comes into being can never die, only transform. Our meeting exists outside of time, which continually flows like a river, every changing, but there are those things that exist beyond time. One day you will know this.”

The Web of Life

Each of us passes through an array of experiences that creates a beautiful but complex weaving of life. Here is how you can find impressions from your past for the purpose of directing your future:


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1. Trust your intuition. It accesses information that the rational mind cannot access.


2. Review events and people who had an impact on you in your childhood, and especially strong attractions, likes and dislikes.


3. Pay attention to dreams, especially recurring ones. They can be indicators of the past.


4. Be mindful of strong feelings evoked when you meet people.


5. Pay attention to difficulties in life – i.e. relationships, work. Most likely they reveal similar problems from the past that must be worked out, or they will follow you into the future.


6.Try to connect with people close to you who have passed away. This will bring greater familiarity with the world between lives.


7. Be ever mindful of the universal law of cause and effect. The positive energy you generate will bring positive returns in the future. The same is true of the negative. How you think and act today will shape your life in the near or distant future.

Article by the Author of:

My Journey Through Time: A Spiritual Memoir of Life, Death, and Rebirth
by Dena Merriam

My Journey Through Time: A Spiritual Memoir of Life, Death, and Rebirth by Dena MerriamMy Journey Through Time is a spiritual memoir that sheds light on the workings of karma — the law of cause and effect that creates one’s present circumstances and relationships — as we see it unfold through Dena’s vivid memories of her previous births. We travel back in time as Dena learns of a previous life. With each past life, we can see the way in which it has impacted her present life, how it has stemmed from the end of the previous birth, and how it will influence her next life. She has not used and does not advocate past-life regressions or hypnosis as a way to prompt memories to return. Dena has decided to share her story, despite being a very private person, in hopes that it can provide comfort and awaken the inner knowing of your own ongoing journey through time.

Click here for more info and/or to order this paperback book or purchase the Kindle edition.

About the Author

Dena MerriamDena Merriam is the Founder of The Global Peace Initiative of Women, a non-profit that brings spiritual resources to help address critical global issues. She is the author of My Journey through Time: A Spiritual Memoir of Life, Death and Rebirth.  A long-time disciplined meditator, Dena’s access to her past lives brings a clearer awareness and purpose to her present life, and also overcomes any fear of death. Learn more at www.gpiw.org

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