Letting Go Of Our Fear When In The Midst Of Change

Letting Go Of Our Fear When In The Midst Of Change

These are incredible times to be living in. Seemingly on the verge of self-destruction, we have been given a chance right here and now to change the course of humanity. This window of opportunity will only be open for so long. How long? None of us know. It is therefore imperative for all of us to act from an awareness of how we use our thoughts, words and deeds so that they are to the highest good of all.

Each and every one of us is CALLED to do his and her part in clearing our mental and physical vehicles, so that we may see through a new lens of sharper and deeper perception. As we open our eyes, our new vision shows us a new reality. And our new vision becomes:

I am co-creator with the Universal Life Force; I am working cooperatively in a flow of harmony; and, I am a responsible steward of the earth. I can see clearly now; and I can see my love for others through the reflection in their eyes. New feelings have poured into my physical vessel, and it overflows with gratitude. Through this gratitude, I have found my compassionate heart. I have learned to come from a place of unconditional love, with no expectations in return. I am filled with joy and contentment. I am choosing positive thoughts, as this brings a positive outcome.

As I start using my intuition, I am shown that we are all one – one and the same. We are all made with God’s love and we are all God’s children. Each of us is endowed with unique gifts to share with one another and I am ready to stand in my truth and share mine. I have come to know that I will be guided on my journey at all times. I just have to be quiet, listen and pay attention to what my Creator is showing me. I know and trust fully that my Creator will guide me.

Pass On This New Way Of Thought To Others

By clearing our path and entering into this new way of thought, we start to pass it on, one to another. Our new modes of perception, thought and awareness become contagious. People may ask you what you are “doing.” They may notice that you are glowing, and that you look peaceful and content. I have even heard, “Did you have your face done?” to which I have answered, “No, I’m just at peace now. I know who I am. I am coming from my truth and my essence is showing it.”

So, you pass on what you have been doing and what you have been being. Then, they too may be inspired to make a change and pass it on. We are paying it forward until enough people get it, so that individually and collectively we change the course of our future. This is not hard to understand; it just takes a commitment to be the best you can be for yourself and others and to love every minute of it.

It all starts from within, from the inside out and not the outside in. We will be experiencing and changing the world through our Creator. We have found our wholeness and self-worth. From this place of knowing, you will be experiencing life in the Fourth Dimension which is the frequency of heaven on earth and love and compassion for all.

What will you choose to do?


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Changing Ourselves

A friend of mine who is very aware of these changes and has been stuck for some time asked me how we move forward. “If you could write some sort of guideline, it would be helpful,” she suggested. I took some time to really contemplate this, vividly recalling what my own experience had been. I will attempt to describe it to you.

The first and most difficult part of my life has been the fear of change. Fear keeps us glued to our seats, and the frustration of being stuck just eats us alive. We hold on for “dear life,” which is more like “dear death,” hoping not to have to make any changes. This is something we do to ourselves. The pull and tug of “Can I?” or “Can’t I?” keeps us stuck. At this point, due to the status of not making a decision, sickness can set in. This is what happened to me.

The biggest thing on your mind is likely to be how you’re going to make a living if one of your choices is to change your job. First of all, we need to understand that what we do for a living does not define who we are. We are making a change to express who we are. If it is a career choice, it would be one that most defines who your true self is at a soul level. By making this choice, you will be happier and able to truthfully give more of yourself to others. Now, you will be sharing who you really are, which in turn will provide you with your income. It is not Income = Happiness; it is Happiness produces Income. Always ask yourself, “Am I coming from love or fear?”

Staying Stuck And Getting Sick

I will share what happened to me. I had been working in my family business for years and really enjoyed it. I was young, and felt it was where I would probably be for the rest of my life. However, over time, the dynamics of the family changed and I became stuck and unable to feel I was accomplishing anything or moving forward. I felt my opinions and thoughts were not being valued, and my self-worth was waning. Who I was as a person seemed to be disappearing.

I had three children at home and a failing marriage, which put great financial responsibility on my shoulders. I assumed that I could never leave or get out. I felt stuck. I started getting sick a lot, which gave me the label of being lazy. All of this weighed on me so heavily that after years of stress, I wound up in bed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

When we want to stay true to ourselves but we do nothing about it because of fear, the infinitely wise Universe does step in. I was forced to lie in bed and look at myself for months. I saw that I had a choice. I could stay sick and possibly never recover and just lie there, or I could make the changes necessary to feel better and live.

I was scared to death! I had a mortgage, three children, a husband who did not even realize that I was sick, and a family at work showing disappointment in me. I was in crisis. What was I going to do?

Finally a little voice in my head spoke up saying, “Do you want to truly live, or are you aiming to die? Because the fact is, you are dying here if you do not make changes.” So, I made a decision that I wanted to live no matter what happened. Absent other options, I turned my life over to God and said: “I give my life to You. I know and trust that You will take care of me.” It was a leap of faith, and from that day forward, my life became better and better.

I got out of bed and made a phone call to my mother. “I need to talk to you,” I said. “Can I come into work and meet with you?” I went in the next day and simply said, “I need to leave my job. It is not working for me anymore and I must take the time to get well.”

It was done. I left my job and felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. A newfound freedom washed over me. I finally gave myself permission to start living from my truth. I did not know where I was going, but I undeniably knew that the Universe would take care of me, no matter what.

I put my house up for sale and separated from my husband. Everyone thought I was crazy, but you know what? I started getting well. I wound up moving to New Mexico with my small son, where I nurtured myself in body, mind and spirit. If I was not going to do it for myself, who else would?

My children are fine and I have not had a major relapse of chronic fatigue syndrome since I left. I will say, however, that my body does get exhausted and starts to go down quickly whenever I am not following my truth. It is a physical reminder to pay attention.

Letting Go Of Our Fear

A friend of mine would always tell me that FEAR is False Education Appearing Real. Isn’t that the truth? We have been “educated” and conditioned to live in fear instead of love.

Can you imagine how different life would be if, from now on, we came only from love? Let us just sit with that thought for a minute. “Today, right now, I can decide to come solely from love and not fear.” Your world would change in a heartbeat - pretty simple! Remember, change will only help you to rediscover more of your innermost self; it will not redefine you.

As I look back at what I needed to understand to free myself from all of these fears and to really live as my true self, I remember that:

  • We always have a choice. We must first choose what it is we want.
  • We must empty our vessel of all people, places and things that do not work anymore.
  • Know and trust in your heart of hearts that you will always be taken care of by your Higher Source, no matter what. You must truly believe this.
  • Take that leap of faith, saying, “I trust You, God (or Universe). I am going with You. I am You, You are me, and we are one.”
  • Follow through with your intentions one day at a time.
  • Love and nurture yourself on a daily basis.
  • Remind yourself that you are always worth it!

Here is something I wrote to myself when I was in the midst of change.

“I know there are things I must do, so I follow the rhythm that carries me along the next thread that weaves the fabric of my existence. I go with what the whispering tells me. There come many twists and turns with the force of this wind. It is a graceful, flowing dance with storms I must go through.

On the edge of change, I remind myself to stay at the center of my truth, maintaining the development of my journey which holds the bases of good living. I keep as clear as possible, so that I may see and feel the next road sign, trusting that whatever it is will be the right direction for me at that time. It is a paradox, not always easy, yet as easy as can be. It is the turmoil and the freedom that comes with choice that is creating my own Picasso.”

©2016 by Jodi Hershey. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the author.

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The Call of the Day by Jodi HersheyThe Call of the Day is a compelling invitation to see beyond the turbulence of our ego-driven lives and connect with who we really are; not our material outward looking self but the spiritual entity that dwells eternal in each of us.

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Jodi HersheyJodi Hershey graduated from the University of Miami with a BA in Education. Her expertise is in Holistic Education for adults and children. She is the author of “Thoughts to Consider with Love.” Jodi is a trained hypnotherapist in basic, advanced and past-life regression. For more than 15 years, she has provided support as a hypnotherapist, psychic/intuitive reader and spiritual counselor. She has worked extensively with sound, color and crystal healing which she incorporates into her readings. Jodi is the founder of J.O.Y. Journey of You. For more info, visit http://joyjourneyofyou.com/

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