Keeping the Love Vibration Strong

Keeping the Love Vibration Strong

I get asked a lot how I stay positive in a world that seems full of chaos and despair. 

The truth is, sometimes I don't think I'm that good at it. 

My heart gets heavy. I feel frustration and grief and anger when I read the headlines. I sense the growing intensity in the air.  

I wonder, "what the heck is going on?".

How To Keep the Love Vibration Strong

No matter what we believe in, I think we can agree that stuff is up in our world and it's unsettling. It's disturbing actually and it can make us feel scared.

So how DO I keep my Love Vibration strong?

For me, it's all about the little things.

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Finding reminders of love, seeking out the good inside myself and in the world. It takes practice and it gets easier over time.

Everyday, I read a positive messages

I still feel all my feelings. I don't mask my emotions. I just turn toward the inspiration and it helps to keep the fear out.

I think of a world where there is a love vibration humming in all of our hearts.  

I can feel that world. I feel how natural it is.

We are such loving creatures and we all crave it so badly. 

Daily Mantras

Give Voice to your HeartDaily mantras are a BIG part of it, as well. 

I write the daily messages on the 'Life is Beautiful' calendar in hopes that they uplift the heart of whoever reads them AND I write them for me. 

I need to read the messages everyday, just as much as anyone. I need to get lifted up and reminded what my heart knows to be true.

I look at the I Stand For Love APP on my phone.  


The Time Is NOW To Really Turn Things Around

Take a Break from your MindIt's hard to feel hope and love and inspired all of the time.  I get it. 

What I also get is that the time is NOW to really turn things around and it's up to us.

There's no need to play this out any more. We can turn towards loving ourselves more deeply, our children and our relatives. We can send love out into the world with every thought, word and action.

It takes practice and it helps when you have people in your life that can lift you up

The good news is that the ripple effect is instantaneous and the shift can happen in a snap.

Contributing An Energy Of Love

We are all putting out frequencies and what better way to make a difference in the world today than contributing an energy of love?

Isn't that more fun? More rewarding? More loving?


AND (more good news) I am dedicated to helping YOU with it. 

Everything I share and create, I do with the energy of love. I do it to raise the vibration of the planet. I do it to keep myself sane, as well. In the upcoming year, I have many new things in the works to support us all in pumping up the volume of love in our hearts. I'm excited to share when the time is right. 

For now, I'll share the most recent act of love I was inspired to do. 

This week I had the most amazing experience of donating 300 'Life is Beautiful' calendars to the SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Center) organization!  I had the pleasure of meeting with Holly, the Volunteer coordinator of SARC, and delivering the big box of love in person. 

It only took about an hour out of my day, but the high from making this donation to people that could use an uplifting message on the daily kept me inspired all week long.

I can't wait to hear back from the women that receive the calendars as a holiday gift. Who knows what ripple effect is in motion?

Take A Step In The Direction Of Love

I'm just one person living in this wild world, just like you. Sometimes I have no idea what to do with all the intensity of our current time.

But when I take a step in the direction of love, my heart grows and I am hopeful again. 

I hope you are inspired to love yourself a little deeper and allow that love to ripple out in all directions. 

If not you, then who?

Thank you for being your sweet and loving self. And thank you for all the stuff that doesn't feel sweet and loving too. It's all part of this human experience, but I believe that LOVE is WINNING!

May your holidays be blessed in ways you haven't even dreamt yet.

Now go out and LOVE somebody!

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2016 Life is Beautiful and So Are YOU! Calendar by Sarah Love. Life is Beautiful and So Are YOU! - 2016 Calendar
by Sarah Love.

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Sarah Love McCoySarah Love McCoy is the visionary artist behind the I Stand For Love movement and the creator of the "Life Is Beautiful and So Are YOU!" calendar. Art and magic intertwine in all of her creations. Besides firing up the Love Revolution, her most favorite things to do are finger paint, hike through lush landscapes, sip jasmine tea and ponder the mystery of it all. Say hello to Sarah (and find out how to become a Love Warrior) at www.istandforlove.


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