Keeping Your Vibrations High to Navigate Through Life

Keep Your Vibrations High to Navigate Through Life

You must be vigilant about maintaining your vibration at a high enough level to enable you to navigate through life more purposefully, authentically, and, most importantly, safely. You will attract whatever you imagine, so to be mindful of the frequencies you are focusing on.

Yes, you are psychically attuned and evolved enough to create whatever you wish, but please—no manipulation of anyone’s free will, as nothing will diminish your energy more quickly. Keep your vibrations high or risk dissolving instead of evolving.

You can maintain a high vibration level by:

  • Releasing all energy vibrations from shame, blame, or guilt
  • Refusing victim consciousness
  • Cutting any energy cords that are draining you
  • Grounding your energy through meditation and relaxation
  • Removing emotional blockages through regression therapy and Reiki
  • Protecting yourself by visualizing a white light around you
  • Removing yourself from drama and chaos
  • Being selective regarding whom you invite into your space

Not taking things personally also helps. Be the observer; don’t let yourself get hooked into any drama. As we experience these mental, emotional, and physical changes, we may notice that others around us are treading water or are even resentful of the new us. The reason for this is that they are still living in the old world of duality and control. Again, don’t take it personally.

When You're Feeling Down...

Your overall vibration level determines your world and how you experience it. When you are feeling down and your vibration bottoms out, your perception of reality will be negative. You also may find it difficult to relate to someone who is having a stroke of good luck because you aren’t tuned in to that frequency.

The best way to get out of the dumps is to recalibrate your frequency by linking up to the love vibration. Yes, love has a vibration! It’s precisely 528 Hz, a frequency that stimulates creativity, benefits the heart, and brings about almost instantaneous manifestation.

Love raises your vibrations, taking them from dense, slow frequencies to faster, finer frequencies. Higher vibrations enable you to let in more light; suddenly, things will appear to come about for your highest good and the good of the collective consciousness.

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Have you ever noticed how people who are in love always seem to lose weight and look their best? This happens because they are vibrating at a high level and becoming lighter, spiritually speaking. The love frequency is even capable of bringing about miracles when it is resonating with a well-intended, visualized thoughtform. This is actually what occurs during healings.

The use of imagery changes the vibrations of the body on a cellular level. When that imagery is reinforced and confirmed with a driving positive intention behind it, a miracle often results. Love comes from the heart, not the ego, and when you work with love energy you are drawing on the main voltage line of the Divine.

Transmuting Negative Energy

Take a few purposeful, deep breaths and visualize your whole body and surrounding aura filling up with white light to ensure that you attract higher vibrations into your essence. One of the hardest lessons in life is learning to let go. Created drama will keep you stuck as you continuously attract more of the same vibration.

Remember that you can also transmute negative energy. Don’t dwell on problems; your time is better spent thinking up positive solutions to your dilemmas so that you can move forward. Put down those limited (and limiting) patterns of behavior that you’ve been carrying. You will feel so much lighter for it.

The Frequencies of Food, Medication, and Other Factors

In order to maintain and protect your newly opened extrasensory senses, you’ll need to be vigilant about the frequencies of the foods you eat. Food is fuel for the physical body, but it is also much more than that. The vibrations of foods directly affect your psychic centers.

You know what happens if you download a lot of useless crap on your computer—it will crash. Low-octane fuel will cause a car to sputter and set off your Check Engine light. Likewise, food with negative energy or lower vibrations can cause problems in your subtle body system, which in turn may hinder your evolution.

Processed foods, additives, dyes, hormones, and medications are all likely culprits. This is the problem that the energy-sensitive Indigos ran into when they began to incarnate in Earth’s plane. Their sensitive systems were actually corrupted by foods that contained artificial additives that didn’t resonate with their higher vibration. Many had reactions and health problems, such as attention deficit disorder (power failure) and hyperactivity (power surges), leading to misdiagnosis and overmedication.

Their bodies simply could not hold the negative vibrations of all of the garbage going in. As a result, many Indigos developed serious medical conditions and mental disorders. The “old system” quite literally made them sick. Organic diets hold a much higher vibration and thus are better suited to the transforming body and evolving psychic senses.

Managing Fear

Before Earth’s shift into a new frequency, psychic abilities were viewed as a hoax or an anomaly at best, and an abnormality or curse at worst. Psychics usually had to put up with being thought of as unbalanced or a little “out there.” The idea of psychic ability scares people because it has so many negative connotations, thanks to all the scammers, kooks, practitioners of the dark forces, and other misguided souls.

The word psychic has its origins in the Greek word psykhikos, which means “of the soul or spirit.” This seems to imply that your extrasensory, psychic side is connected somehow to your spiritual or energy nature. In other words, it is something wholesome and beneficial.

Every now and then your logical mind may try to shut down your psychic side until your transformation is complete. Don’t try to suppress your extrasensory senses because you will likely block out useful information that could be of help to you or others (which, by the way, is the general purpose and highest good of being psychic in the first place).

Tuning In To Your Extrasensory Channels

Hopefully any concerns you may have about your awakened extrasensory senses have been somewhat ameliorated now that you know you are not losing your mind bur rather expanding it into the higher dimensions of consciousness. Even so, opening up to your psychic capabilities can be really scary for the rookie psychic because the feelings are so unfamiliar and strange.

Initially, psychic hits and impressions can be a bit unsettling and even frightening, but don’t dismiss them or tune them out because of this. I remember one particular day when I was very glad that I paid attention to the little voice inside my head: I was getting ready to go out when I heard an inner voice tell me to check the hot water tank in my utility closet. Now, I am not a handy person and I usually don’t check these sorts of things unless there has already been a problem. The hot water tank was relatively new and I wasn’t experiencing any problems with my water pressure, so I had no idea why I kept hearing the phrase Check the water tank. Sure enough, when I opened the utility closet there was a huge puddle of water under the tank.

By listening to the psychic message in my head I managed to avoid a major problem that most likely would have left quite an expensive mess in my family room. Since then I have grown accustomed to my psychic sense of hearing and, moreover, actually listening to what I hear.

Psychic hearing manifests in different ways for different people. Before I receive a message I usually hear a high-pitched sound that alerts me that a message is incoming. In this way I’ve learned to tell the difference between self-talk and real information from the outside.

Detecting Energy from a Higher Vibration

I have spent many years as a practicing lightworker, and because I am open to my psychic senses I have experienced some amazing things. You have a whole new dimension of consciousness to play around in and explore. The more you use your new abilities, the more adept you will become at discerning between the different kinds of energy. This is true knowing in its highest sense.  When you detect energy that comes from a higher vibration it will usually smell sweet or flowery. Low frequencies that are negative and possibly harmful will smell musty, “thick,” and unpleasant.

It is always a good practice to repeat an affirmation that only messages for your highest good are allowed to tune in to your frequency. If you receive an impression of something that is negative or upsetting—or something that you would rather not see at all—send out transmuting energy toward the premonition and obliterate it from your mind’s eye. This is similar to changing the channel when you don’t want to watch something on TV.

Just because you are suddenly psychic doesn’t mean that you can’t shut down your psychic portals if you find that you are getting bombarded with too many impressions. Just as you close your eyes when you go to sleep, you can also willingly put your extrasensory senses into a kind of sleep mode to avoid psychic burnout.

The main thing is to always use your new awakened senses with responsibility; no matter how tempting it is, do not use your enhanced sensory powers to infringe upon the will, rights, or space of another person. The energy you put out, whether negative or positive, always returns to its source, so always keep it positive.

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The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos by Lisa Barretta.The Book of Transformation: Open Yourself to Psychic Evolution, the Rebirth of the World, and the Empowering Shift Pioneered by the Indigos
by Lisa Barretta.

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