Shifting Our Frequency In Order to Transform Our Reality, Together

Shifting Our Frequency In Order to Transform Our Reality, Together

According to Gram, an elder of The Seneca People of the Five Nation Peace League, the history of the earth will span seven “Worlds.” The first three Worlds have come and gone. Within very recent history, we have moved from the Fourth to the Fifth World, although we are still under the influence of the Fourth World and not fully feeling the influence of the Fifth.

During the Fourth World, religion became a primary controlling factor, distancing humankind from Great Mystery by fostering the concept of a God who is separate from us and in Gram’s words is “male, two-legged, and up in the clouds.” However, Gram felt this entire process is necessary for human beings to evolve, to live their destiny, and to finally come to realize the inherent oneness of the cosmos.

The Fifth World, according to Gram and many other teachers, began at the Harmonic Convergence, on August 16, 1987. In 1987 author and visionary José Argüelles beseeched 144,000 people to come together to conduct ceremonies or to gather at sacred sites to pray and meditate. Tens of thousands worldwide heeded this call and participated. This unified gathering was the first synchronization of this many individuals coming together in prayer and ceremony to shift the evolutionary path of humankind toward unity consciousness, which is the realized energy of the Fifth World.

In Gram’s opinion, the twenty-five years following the Harmonic Convergence would be a period during which we could realize our full potential of illumination and so have the ability to take our place as a planetary family in the cosmos. This time span included the widely cited Mayan transition date of 2012. During these preparatory years, we would experience deep personal and collective fears, witness vast injustices around the world, and be held accountable for the far-reaching cultural and environmental destruction we have caused through our greed.

“These tribulations,” Gram said, “are not punishments, but keys that can unlock our hearts, so that through love and respect we can accelerate personal growth, unite globally, and become proper stewards of the Earth, eventually taking our place in the galactic unfolding.”

Shifting Our Frequency In Order to Transform Our Reality, Together

Gram felt that if we all did our self work, by the end of this preparatory period we could each shift our frequency enough so that together we could transform our reality, both on our planet and as part of the fabric of the cosmos. Illumination, she said, is possible during the Fifth World, which would herald a time of collapse of the old paradigms, environmentally, politically, economically, and religiously. Gram felt we were living in exciting times, and we had each chosen to be here at this momentous time in the Earth’s and humanity’s history to experience our part in and contribution to this reawakening.

Gram equated the Fourth World with what she called third-dimensional reality, which is bound by time and space and experienced predominately through our physical senses. When our reality is locked only into the third dimension, we limit our frequencies and this restricts us from experiencing the breadth of knowledge available in the higher realms.

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In contrast, the Fifth World is one of fourth- and fifth-dimensional reality, which is unbounded and where humans can expand their awareness to access other inter- and multidimensional realities. It is my understanding that these higher dimensions carry more refined light frequencies so the negativity or denseness of the third dimension vibration cannot penetrate into those realms.

Inhabiting The Higher Frequency Dimensions

Many indigenous peoples, and those comfortable with the idea of other dimensions, already have a sense of their interconnectedness with the cosmos. However, those who have a more limited belief system—in which superiority, ownership, cultural control, and unchecked growth and consumption dominate—tend to struggle with this perception.

Those who refuse to deal with the density of their actions or reactions, or who remain unaccountable for the negativity they willfully generate, will remain bound to the third-dimensional plane, continuing to experience chaos and lack. Gram suggested that at the end times those who inhabit the higher frequency dimensions will be invisible to those who remain on the lower frequency plane.

Gram predicted, as have others, that from December 2012 onward, many of us would have the opportunity to begin to live in this fourth- and fifth-dimensional awareness, conscious of, yet separate from, the chaos of the third-dimensional experience. She said of those who will vibrate at that more refined wavelength, “In that future, they will simply know and be.” She suggested we would begin to know that these challenging yet transformational times were upon us because we would be able to see different spectra of colors beyond what we normally have been able to perceive. Other signs would be both the discovery of new animal species and the increase in mutations in the animal kingdom.

Holding the Higher Vibration of Our Potential

Shifting Our Frequency In Order to Transform Our Reality, TogetherMaya Perez had told me something similar: that we are all here at this time to learn how to hold the higher vibration of our potential. Maya felt strongly that everyone who has incarnated at this particular time in Earth’s history is here not to walk away from our problems but to work out in this lifetime where we are still asleep, especially as concerns the environment and our connection with each other. She said that “we are here now so every thought form and action that our souls have experienced since the beginning of time can be healed.”

She suggested that between the years 2010 and 2025 the “doors will start to close” and we will either ascend in consciousness or remain in suffering. Those who do not learn to raise their vibration and ascend in consciousness will have to continue coming back to the “the density of matter,” a period that she suggested may last another 30,000 to 40,000 years. However, those “who make it through the door will be able to know what’s happening in third-dimensional reality without having to experience it.” By learning to live with humility, love, faith, and discipline, we can expand our conscious awareness and attain the vibration that shifts us through the door, because “we each have the capacity to be the bright lights that we really are.”

I remember asking after hearing this information, “Maya, how do we stay in faith and raise our vibration when there are so many atrocities happening all around us?” She smiled and said, “You don’t lose what you don’t have. You either have faith or you don’t. It is through faith our desires are manifested. Faith is neither passive nor conditional.”

I suspect that the Mayan end date of December 21, 2012, signaled the disintegration of the paradigms that have ruled and conditioned us. The natural disasters and the man-made ones; the financial collapse of national economies; the constant wars over religion, ethnic superiority, and political systems; and economic need or greed are showing us that our way of operating on personal and global scales no longer makes any sense.

Many of us have become ignorant in our use of free will, acting willful only to meet our own needs, and so we have created the conditions that support the ego’s inability, or its resistance, to let go of what is separating us from the inner purpose of our higher selves, which is to awaken. Eckhart Tolle, in A New Earth, points out that the extent of the ego’s inability to recognize itself is staggering. He states,

“The ego will do exactly what it condemns others for. When it is pointed out, it will use angry denial, clever arguments, and self-justification to distort facts. People do it, corporations do it, governments do it.” He further states, “Awareness is conscious connection with universal intelligence.”

The Opportunity To Attain Our Soul’s Central Aim: Enlightenment

For me, the Mayan prophecy is an expression of evolutionary consciousness, where we have the opportunity to attain our soul’s central aim—enlightenment. I believe life is chaotic because we are transitioning from the values of this present age to take on new, shared values supporting the greater good of the planet and ourselves. Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., writes in his book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness,

“The difficulties, or even catastrophes, in the time ahead will have much less to do with natural disasters than with the social, spiritual, and psychological consequences of the old values coming to an end as a result of a change in consciousness.”

We have hopefully developed a better awareness of how our personal choices can, and will, profoundly define humanity’s challenges moving forward. I see both the Hopi and Mayan prophecies as both an opportunity to restructure and a seeding time, not as an ending or catastrophic time. And I see the accelerating global social climate and cumulative effects of shocking world events as tipping points to quicken our ultimate transformation.

The “Many In One” is the Reality of the New World

Indeed we are at a choice point where we have to crystallize as a species a truth that the many prophecies have disclosed—we are not limited, physical human beings, but divine, multidimensional beings. From that knowing, we will be more capable of becoming open to the voice of God within creation because we finally find God’s voice within ourselves. With the verity of seeing God in each other, we will not be able to act unconsciously toward each other. Although we live in a world of infinite possibilities, multiplicity is not a contradiction to unity; the “many in one” will be the reality of the new world—the Uniworld of which Gram spoke.

To me, this does not suggest a political “One World Order,” but the reality that we share basic human needs—food, water, shelter, security, health, education, and, most importantly, love—and that we serve ourselves best by working together in unity.

I am not so naïve as to not realize that we face very real and complex challenges as globalization tethers nations and economies together. However, with the world population experiencing more and more disparity at all levels, the answer can only lie in social equanimity and social accountability. It is true, as my teacher Maya pointed out, we cannot walk away from the problems we have created, either personally or collectively, for the time to advance a unity consciousness, more than ever before, is now upon us.

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Shamanic Awakening: My Journey between the Dark and the Daylight by Sandra Corcoran.Article Source:

Shamanic Awakening: My Journey between the Dark and the Daylight
by Sandra Corcoran.

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