Staying Grounded in the Moment: The Key to Creating Your Future

Staying Grounded in the Moment: The Key to Creating Your Future

When we stay in the moment we are actually experiencing the fourth dimension of space-time, or nonlinear time, in which what we project in the form of our thoughts is cast back down to our three-dimensional world as a shadow or illusory reality. The fourth dimension is where we think outside of the limitations of the three-dimensional box of the physical world. We experience the fourth dimension in dreams, during OBEs, and during other vibrational shifts such as déjà vu.

This dimension is our “bridge zone” that helps us become acclimated to the higher frequencies that will soon be a familiar part of our advancement. Eventually we will be able to move past the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension of consciousness—what the Hopi Indians called the Fifth World or Day of Purification. The Maya anticipated that this would occur at the end of a 26,000-year astronomic cycle and would create a new opportunity for the transformation of humanity’s consciousness.

In the fifth dimension anything and everything is possible. We won’t need to engage in the lower-consciousness struggle for control, nor will we need to impose limitations upon ourselves or others; rather, we will simply exist as free, creative spirits who no longer need to attach themselves to heavily weighted material things in order to have an identity. In fact, the ego itself will be obliterated entirely because there will no longer be any need for that false shield to protect the once-vulnerable spirit. We are evolving to be our authentic selves, vibrating to the higher frequencies of light, truth, and love.

Returning to Our True Nature: Spirit Energy

The infinite intelligence that resides within each of us is currently being sparked. We are returning to our true nature, which is spirit energy. Our ability to manifest our thoughts into matter via creative visualization is one of the most significant extrasensory capabilities we have. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that we live mindfully.

When we become aware of how our thoughts can shape our personal reality (and, on a larger scale, the collective reality of our planet), we will appreciate the value of staying in the moment. Admittedly, staying in the moment is an incredibly difficult thing to do. The world today moves at such a fast pace that our thoughts often race ahead of us. The antidote for this all-too-common malaise is to start being conscious of the thoughts we are projecting.

As we evolve, our ability to manifest our thoughts will become more and more finely honed. Every thought that we have is actually “seeding” the future. Therefore, it is imperative that we recognize our newly awakened creative abilities and understand how the law of attraction, thought projection, creative visualization, and torsion waves all work together to manifest the world we live in.

Combining Intention with Staying in the Moment

The third dimension of consciousness is where energy slows down enough to take form and become matter. It is easy to get stuck in this phase of consciousness if you have formed attachments to the things that you have created; this, in turn, defines and hence limits you and causes you to over-identify with the material world. Therefore you need to be cognizant of the intentions of the creative energy behind each and every thought.

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Every thought that you conceive is “birthed” somewhere down the line as a created reality; if you are not grounded in the moment, your thoughts are likely to become distorted and show up as unintended or unwanted realities.

The trick to manifesting your thoughts and bringing about what you desire is intention combined with staying in the moment. The intention behind the thought is what colors the outcome. Once you realize that your multidimensional capabilities are fully accessible to you, you will begin to understand how your perceptions are directly influenced by your thoughts. Is the glass half empty or half full? You are the deciding factor. The vibration and frequency of your own thoughts will determine the outcome of every situation.

Re-read those last few sentences a few times and let it all sink in.

Fear: An Anxious Projection Into Future Events

Staying Grounded in the Moment Jealousy, greed, competitiveness, and other fear-based feelings will not sustain you for very long because the new frequencies coming in are of a higher vibration and thus won’t resonate with those lower “fear-factor” vibes.

In other words, if you go around thinking negative thoughts and living in victim consciousness, you will embody and live in a world of constant low vibrations (read: negativity). Likewise, if and when you shift gears and amp up your vibration, you will not only look and feel better but you will also begin to have a better relationship with your environment.

Say, for instance, that you find yourself in a tight financial situation. By panicking and focusing on your lack of money or how you can’t pay your bills, you are actually bringing about the undesired results of falling short financially. If you are like most people, you are probably unaware that you’ve been creating your lack of financial security by projecting negative thoughts that are fear-based and limiting. If the intentions behind your thoughts are all fear-based, the strong emotion of fear will manifest more of the same unwanted results.

As difficult as it may seem at times, you must stay in the moment, because fear is, by definition, an anxious projection into future events. Only by living in the moment can you control your thoughts and hence the outcome you desire. It can be difficult not to let your emotions take over when you are trying to stay positive in an already negative situation. You must be disciplined and focused enough to control what you create. As with anything else, this takes practice and repetition.

Grounding: Keeping Your Energy in the Here and Now

Because we are energy beings first and foremost, the process of grounding is important—especially now that our psychic energy sensors are becoming more acute. Grounding is one way of staying in the moment and not letting your energy get diverted into a projected future outcome. You may have heard the saying, “Don’t focus on what you don’t want; focus on what you do want.”

Stay in the moment. Remain positive and avoid thinking about or saying anything negative. Phrase your desires positively as affirmations. By saying things like, “I will never be debt-free,” or, “I don’t feel well,” you actually wind up creating more of those unwanted negative circumstances. So put aside the negative words and instead choose to start consciously phrasing your desires in a more positive way. For example, when it comes to your finances, say, “I am financially free.”

In regard to your health, say, “I am in good health.” Even in cases of catastrophic illness or injury, relief and even complete healing can be brought about by a change in thinking. (I will get into our ability to self-heal a little later in the book.) According to author Louise Hay, every disease (dis-ease) starts out as a thought vibration. It’s critical that you eliminate the negative because such thoughts and statements tend to materialize rather quickly.

How To Stay in the Moment & Create the Outcomes You Desire

Here are a few things that you can do to stay in the moment and create the outcomes you desire. As you work with all of your newly ignited energetic, spiritual, and creative abilities, watch how quickly and magically you will create the positive results you want:

  • Avoid negative thoughts, situations, and people.

  • Retain a sense of calm, even in tough situations. This is actually fairly easy to do if you realize that third-dimension reality is basically an illusion. Focus on solutions, not problems.

  • Focus on your breathing; feel every breath.

  • Drop imaginary grounding cords down into the ground.

  • Bring your awareness to the moment at hand, and don’t let your mind wander into the past or future. Experience the fullness of the Now. Take note of your surroundings and allow yourself to really feel the energy around you.

  • If you begin to project too far into the future or get stuck in the past, tap yourself three times on each shoulder; this will help reset your conscious to the Now.

A Quick-Start Guide for Cosmic Travelers

To fully connect to the universal power source, complete the following quick-start steps:

• Breathe! Breathing pulls in prana, the life force.

• Keep your feet firmly on the ground or hug a tree to ground any errant or negative energy.

• Conjure a positive thought and hold it in your mind for at least five minutes.

• Become aware of how the energy feels in each of your chakra centers. Roll your shoulders to loosen up any psychic kinks.

• Remember that all problems have solutions, and that your perception is directly controlled by your own thoughts and consciousness.

• Tap into your intuition to get an answer to your most pressing query—or maybe even a hint of future events!

• Stretch your arms and lift them above your head. Clasp your hands together and slowly bring them down to your waist. Release your hands and breathe deeply again.

Now you’re good to go! Go through these steps periodically as you read to remain fully open to the magic of the universe.

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