Where Are You Now? Heaven, Hell, or Limbo?

Be Ye Changed by the Renewal of Your Minds

The mind is the focus, the central point inside you, so the fundamental change which is required on the Path towards Enlightenment will occur with a fundamental change in the mind. This is why we say: Be ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds. If no fundamental change takes place in your mind, you will not be changed.

So this is a very crucial statement. First of all, it says that you must be changed. Then it tells you how to be changed: By the Renewal of your Minds!   It doesn’t say, “Be ye Changed by getting a new car” or “…by buying new clothes” or “…by getting into shape”. It doesn’t say that you have to change anything in the world. It doesn’t say that you have to change anything with your body, Spirit, or ego. It is very precise: Be ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds. That is the key.

Are You in Heaven, Hell, or Limbo?

What is in your mind is what you are going to experience. If your mind has negative waves in it, such as anger, fear, hatred or depression, then that is your existential reality and that is what you experience. If your mind is happy, joyous, peaceful and united, then that is your existential reality and that is what you experience.

Heaven, hell or limbo are always a condition of your mind.

Change Your Mind, and Your Body Follows

If your existential condition is one of depression, unhappiness and gloominess, then obviously your mind is in such a condition. Therefore your mind has to be changed. You don’t have to go to the doctor and take pills. You don’t have to go to a psychiatrist. This is common in America: you waste a lot of money on astrologers, psychiatrists and doctors, but the actual problem is in your mind. All you have to do is change your mind and all those problems will disappear.

The body follows the mind. So, if the mind feels depressed, suicidal, neurotic, angry, violent and negative, then naturally the body will follow this pattern. On the other hand, if the mind is peaceful, happy and serene because it is reflecting the Higher Self, then the body will follow. Similarly, everything else outside of us will follow in the same way. The world is only a reflection of our minds.

Change Your Mind & Everything Changes

Every condition in your life is changed by changing your mind. Whatever your mind perceives is what you are going to experience at that time; whether it is heaven or hell, bliss or indifference, it is only mind-stuff.

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“Heaven” is just an illusory realm of the mind; it is that part of the mind which enjoys itself in bliss and creativity. “Hell” is also an illusory realm of the mind; it is that part of the mind which enjoys itself in depression, suicidal mania, fear and violence. These are all just states of mind.

What you are in your mind is what you experience! Therefore this injunction, Be ye Changed by the Renewal of your Minds, is all-important. It is the key, not only to spiritual progress but even to normal day-by-day living. Your mind will determine what you experience. To understand this Law and to apply it right here, this very moment, is all-important.

You Have Total Control Over Your Life

Article by Imre Vallyon: Be Ye Changed by the Renewal of Your MindsWherever you are, if you know that your life is not as you want it to be, and if you know that it’s only a mental condition, then you know that you can change it by the renewing of your mind. This simple Law means that you have total control over your life. Whatever moods you perceive, they are not a final condition. If you are feeling depressed or angry, then say, “Okay, this is just a mind-condition; I’m going to renew my mind and this condition will disappear.” And it will disappear.

Some people live in hell because they don’t realize that their mind created their hell. Yet the mind can dissolve hell as much as it can create heaven. For the mind, it is the same thing. The mind is a creative instrument, the only creative instrument you have. It is not only the musicians, scientists, artists, writers, poets, great thinkers and metaphysicians who use the mind as a creative instrument; we are all using the mind as a creative instrument!

You can change yourself completely, you can change your destiny, you can change your environment, and you can change the world you live in. To do this practice, simply still your mind and collect yourself together. Then say: “Be ye Changed…”, and pause. Then tell yourself how: “…by the Renewal of your Minds.”

When you do this, you immediately set up a certain Truth Principle in your mind. The mind will understand the message and begin to realize, in a very direct way, that it has to change. You are giving a command to the mind to change. It is a command to your mind from the Inner Teacher, the Higher Self.

Command the Mind to Change & Step Away

Remember, don’t seek results! And don’t try to tell the mind how to do it. The command comes from the Higher Self; it has nothing to do with you. Simply give that command from the Higher Self directly to the mind and leave it alone. If you itemize what you want to change, that itemization will be done by the ego. The ego wants to direct the whole process. The ego wants to tell you what needs to be done.

Put the mantra into your mind and leave it at that. Just forget about what needs to be changed and how it needs to be changed. What needs to be changed will take place on its own, so don’t involve your ego in it.

You should practise this mantra and see what happens, without expecting results. Don’t expect anything. Just do it!

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©1990. www.soundinglight.com

Article Source

This article was excerpted from the book: The Magical Mind by Imre Vallyon.

The Magical Mind: The Teachings of Imre Vallyon, Volume One
by Imre Vallyon.

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About the Author

Imre Vallyon is the author of the article: The Real Spiritual PathImre Vallyon was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1940. From an early age, Imre immersed himself in many spiritual streams of the Western and Eastern teachings. In the early 1980s, he began writing and lecturing full-time. He continues to teach at spiritual retreats and workshops around the world. The Foundation for Higher Learning was formed to help provide people with the opportunity to practice their spiritual work within the support of a group environment. There are centers in several countries around the world and retreat facilities in New Zealand. For more info, visit http://www.planetary-transformation.org/


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