We Are Made To Live In Harmony and Learn From Our Mistakes

We Are Made To Live In Harmony and Learn From Our Mistakes

"In order to get it exactly right,
be willing to repeatedly get it wrong.
To move toward perfection,
requires traveling through imperfection.
The longer you persist, the closer you get."
               -- Ralph Marston

All of us are created in a fashion to learn through our mistakes. Making mistakes is part of our makeup, as natural as drinking water and breathing air.

To deny us the freedom to make mistakes can cause us to become sick, just as denying us needed water or air will make us sick.

No Punishment

Unfortunately, one of the most difficult ideas to recover from is the delusion that people -- and other beings -- should be punished for making mistakes.

When acted upon, such a misconception is capable of causing every kind of social and interpersonal problem. The fact is, threat of punishment generates fear, which distorts our vision and keeps us from living and growing freely.

As we bring our thinking into harmony with nature, we realize how all our actions and reactions, thoughts and words, affect everyone and everything around us - including ourselves.

As though all of us are in a large still pond, and as I make an action, thought or sounds, the vibration and waves affect everyone -- myself included.

What I do to you, I do to me and all of us. There is no separateness; we are all one, breathing the same air that gives life, sharing the same Light of Spirit within.

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Freedom Is Ours

When we live more in harmony with all that surrounds us, exchanging ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions, we begin to know that each of us is very special indeed. Special enough to be created and placed in this life to share and learn how to make a mistake and grow from it. 

Let us walk in enlightenment and let go of the delusion of punishment. 

Let us, in harmony, discover and share our birthright of freedom -- of mind, soul, body and spirit. 

Let it begin with me 

About The Author

Charles Radler is a spiritual traveler and at the time of this writing was an inmate at Albion Correctional Facility.

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