Always & Never: The Two Most Powerful Words

Always & Never: The Two Most Powerful Words

Always". "Never". These are probably the two most powerful words in the English language. Even more powerful than yes and no, since saying yes (or no) applies to the moment or subject at hand, while saying "always" or "never" sets the tone for everything to come.

The two words can be powerful in a beneficial way, or in an adversely negative way. If you use "always" in affirmations such as "I am always increasing my level of joy and aliveness", or "I am always growing nearer and nearer to my divine reality", or "I am always at the right place at the right time", etc., then these uses of the word "always" become an empowerment.

However, when we use the word "always" in negative situations, such as "I always get it wrong", or "I always catch a cold", etc. then we are "creating our reality" in a powerful & negative way. The choice is ours. What do you prefer to "always" have in your life? Just say the word!

Which Reality Do We Want?

Which reality do we want for ourselves. One in which we "always" have joy, love, abundance, and happiness in our lives, or one where we "never" get what we want -- where we always get sick, always are late, always... You get the picture.

The Universe (or God if you prefer to use that picture of the Creative Force) is infinitely loving and says "yes" to whatever we envision for ourselves. When we say "I'm always sick" the Universe lovingly says, "yes, whatever you say". When we say "I am always blessed with love and great happiness", the Universe also lovingly says "yes, whatever you say". It is not God who withholds from us -- it is we who place the wrong "order" from the great menu of life.

Is Someone To Blame?

Always & Never: The Two Most Powerful WordsIt has been easy, in the past, for us to blame our environment, our past, our childhood, our parents, our teachers, our ex, etc., for whatever was not going right in our lives. After all, this is what we were taught. Yet, the time comes (in each moment of every day), where we choose what we want for that moment and for moments to come. What do we want for "always"... Do we really want what our words (and thoughts) are projecting out to the Universe? Do we really want to "always catch a cold", "always get the short end of the stick", "always get cheated on", "always get passed up for promotion", etc.

The use of the word ALWAYS is very powerful -- so is the use of NEVER. While I encourage you to find empowering ways to use the word "always", I also encourage you to drop completely the word NEVER. One cannot use that word positively. Even if you say "I never catch a cold", or "My husband never cheats on me", or whatever -- the focus, and thus your attention and the image in your head, is still on something you don't want in your life -- a cold, a cheating husband, etc.

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It is better to replace those statements (and thoughts) with "I am always healthy", or if you're not quite comfortable with that statement, then say "Each day, I get healthier and healthier". Rather than focus on the picture of a cheating husband, better to focus on "My husband is always faithful to me", or "My husband and I are faithful and honest with each other."

Being On The Alert!

You can ask your subconscious to help you root out your use of the word "always" and the word "never". Ask your subconscious to alert you when you use those words whether in thought or conversation. When you catch yourself "creating your reality" in a way that does not meet your highest vision of a happy life, then rephrase your thought or statement.

If you find yourself saying "I always..." followed by a negative projection, you could, at the least, replace the "always" with "in the past, I..." (omitting the word always or never). In this way, you at least keep that picture tied to your past, and free your future for something which is more in keeping with your dreams and vision for yourself.

I leave you with these thoughts: May you always be blessed with many wonder-full experiences. May your heart always be full of love for yourself and for others. So be it!

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