Shifting Out of the Age of Fear into the Aquarian Age, The Age of Love

Shifting Out of the Age of Fear into the Aquarian Age, The Age of Love

To know what you want in your lives... you will have to question "the System". The System rewards you when you follow its messages and its rules: You jump when its bells are rung, mindlessly agreeing to play its game for a paycheck, a vacation, prestige, and status. By going along, you abdicate your ability to think for yourselves.

The test you face is one of power, so we will explore some of the positive -- and not so positive -- aspects of power, because there is no escaping power. Your value and your power have been undermined. Perhaps you have been taught that you are flawed, or that the Gods must intercede on your behalf. Well the Gods, those whose dance through the heavens has become the cosmic quickstep, are going to appear everywhere in the next years, and these Gods may offer to "save" you with their technology.

Understanding the Absurdity of These Times

So as you seek to understand the absurdity of these times, look at what is important by applying your values to yourself. Imagine a computer with data banks of stored information. If you push the proper button, a tremendous amount of data is available; however a computer only holds the information put into it. In many ways you are far more advanced than any computer you will ever create in third-dimensional reality. You are living biological constructs with a magnificent lineage, capable of an impeccable existence. There are, however, a few adjustments needed to get you up and running, insights that are rarely understood by humans.

In order to truly know yourself, begin by taking a deep breath and acknowledging your body: Be who you are and you will discover that you are very much alive and are here to live. Now stretch your imagination to see your ancestors: your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and on back through time; we dare you to find an end to your bloodline. If you found an end to your line, you could not be, could you? And as you consider your lineage, imagine your ancestral blood and the genetic codes stored in your body at this very moment. Over time what has been passed through your genes? How far back through time can you reach in your mind?

Leaving the Dark Ages

During the Dark Ages and early centuries of the Piscean Age, particularly the first five hundred years, considerable ignorance and confusion prevailed. Different factions formed back then and argued over whose God was God and which book held the truth. If you explore the cells of your being and drift into another avenue of perception, perhaps you can remember what it was like.

As the Piscean Age actually began to blossom, many souls were purposely sent to incarnate. The Piscean Age is characterized by some as one of great enlightenment and passion, one of forgiveness and deep cosmic connection. We ask you to look back and see: Is that what has happened over the last two thousand years?

Whenever an age is opening or closing, a great shift of energy occurs. It could be considered like a change of political administrations, and as with a change of administration, there is always a shift of power. Now, one of the most vital forces you must understand is power. When you reflect on values and what you want to have, some of you think that power is money or money is power. KNOWLEDGE is power. And then consider that just because you have knowledge does not mean you are wise. How you use knowledge will determine what will happen with power.

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As reality continues to maintain the ongoing law of mirroring itself, how you use your power will determine what happens to you. This is very important for you to grasp. You cannot escape power and its lessons. As a matter of fact, everything being directed at you today is meant to make you feel powerless, to have you believe you have not one iota of power. And this belief, stored in the cells of your being, was imprinted thousands of years ago.

You are easily duped and tricked; however do not berate yourselves for what we share with you. It is essential that you take charge of your lives and learn that life is significant, and that there are lessons to be learned in living.

One of the most important lessons is for you to develop a sense of humor, to maintain a sense of humor and keep a perspective on the development of human consciousness. You are a consciousness that incarnates again and again, yet you now live as if your lives were meaningless struggles with disease, sickness, starvation, and war.

And What About Love?

You have all been touched by love at least once in your lives, and many of you come here over and over again just to experience love. When you find what is important to you, what is worth accruing, and list your values, we ask you to reflect for a moment: How important is love? Love comes in many many flavors and experiences. Love is the heart opening through an energetic connection between electrical fields that unites people, touching you in a way that never leaves you.

As we look at the Book of Earth, we see over and over again that what moves you forward is this invisible force, this frequency that is called love. However some of you believe you are here to experience, to learn, to gather data, and to have a good time, and the importance of love is news to you. There is nothing wrong with these assumptions. Yet understanding the frequency of love is your ultimate lesson in living. To manifest it, all you have to do is feel it.

You must begin to manage yourselves as biological spiritual beings. Love is one of your major tools to living. How free you are with it, how self-generating and responsible, is the lesson that you have come into life to learn.

You know when you feel love it is quite contagious, is it not? Love spreads quite easily and is the opposite of fear. If you reflect upon fear and are truly honest with yourselves, you will see that many of the ideas instilled in you through your ancestral lineage, books, and history, are about fear. You are encouraged to be afraid of God and your bodies. You are convinced you must have an authority outside yourselves because you are not capable of managing your own biological beings. And now you are being convinced that even your local governments cannot manage you, that you need a larger global government to manage your world.

Limited thinking, encouraged and taught to your ancestors, is imprinted in the cells of your body. Your ancestors' responses to these teachings over thousands of years, and to the times in which they lived -- their reactions to violence, laws, and authority -- were imprinted in their bodies in the course of daily living. Everything you deal with in daily living is recorded and stored in your physical body, and just because you do not consciously remember your experiences does not mean the cells of your body forget. Memories and responses to living are passed through your genes from one generation to another.

The Cellular Memory and Imprint of Fear

Throughout the annals of Western history, you have passed down an imprint of fear. When Family of Light incarnated over two thousand years ago, they were adepts of Light and Love, capable of many miraculous feats, and those in authority felt threatened. They did not want these teachings brought to the masses, and so there were many opposing factions from the beginning. (*The Pleiadians say "Family of Light" are system busters who travel through time to systems in need of change, helping facilitate the collapse of the system.)

The Roman Empire was the Piscean version of the New World Order -- a karmic parallel of the Aquarian Age. Both orders, old and new, offer the possibility for a domineering, world-conquering force. When you manage people, you must first convince them they need managing. So they create the problems and then let the people cry for solutions. Fear is distributed throughout the land -- not love. Fear has a very powerful vibration, and when one holds fear in the body it transmits everywhere rather quickly with the same "catchiness" as love.

There was a battle over love and fear. If love had prevailed, then the people would have understood their higher powers: the ability of the human mind to transcend the body, to astral travel, and to feel connected to All That Is. If that had occurred, then humans would have ended their separation.

Well it was not to be. In the last two thousand years, you have moved deeper into separation rather than deeper into unity and love. Fear won. If you question this conclusion, we ask you to open the fan of history and see how many people have died in the name of a higher power. How many books have been burned and how many people have been raped and tortured? How many indigenous lands have been wiped out and ancient manuscripts destroyed?

The Enlightenment of Humankind

In the coming era of the Aquarian Age, the energy coming through will seek to enlighten all humankind. In order for this to occur, you must understand the depth of your past, your karma, and the lessons in living of the Piscean Age that you are about to conclude. You must make sense of the last two thousand years and spread the awareness to humanity.

A veil has been laid like a thick and heavy fog over your consciousness for many reasons. When you were born most of you immediately felt the struggle of living. Throughout your childhoods you strove to make sense of life; however you were told that life had no point or purpose and you were filled with fear.

In school you had to memorize data that did not link up to anything, reinforcing the ancient limited thinking of separateness. Everything was separate, nothing was significant, everything was an accident. Most of your ancestors were encoded with this idea, yet there were always renegades. You are the renegades today, as there were renegades two thousand years ago and two thousand years before them.

There are always those who do not buy the stories in the history books. Remember, the victors write the books; however those who live their own truths record their stories in their genes and in the ethers.

Now two thousand years later you are a product of the fear stored in your cells, a fear of opening to a new age of being and of being all-powerful. Your history is filled with fights in all countries, in all corners of the world, over whose God is God, whose beliefs are correct, who are the infidels and who are the righteous ones.

Now if you look at this story from a larger perspective, you will begin to get suspicious. How could the same pattern be so predominant all over the world? Why do we find people always fighting each other over their truth, over their God, a God supposedly based on love, but a love located outside the self?

Love is The Great Solution

Your great solution, no matter what is occurring, is to love yourself and vibrate that frequency outside yourself. Doing so will allow many doors to open, and likewise many unwanted probabilities will simply pass you by, like a bird on the wing.

Today you are faced with a recurring opportunity. Imprinted in the consciousness of humankind are the experiences of all of your ancestors. When the ages shift, a great opportunity is at hand, so what will you do about it? Will you claim your power? Will you claim what is in your genes?

If you reach further back in your mind, you might remember another calendar point... about thirteen thousand years ago on the precession calendar, another important time of enlightenment occurred. It was a time when power was to be understood, a time that you yourselves remember as the final collapse of a very old civilization, a royal age unable to manifest because it was based on selfishness. No one in Atlantis counted love as their most important value.

Contemplate what their experience, thirteen thousand years ago, suggests to you. The Atlanteans were savvy with their technological skills, and they too understood the ether as an invisible spirit world, a world to travel into and to bring energies from. They understood the power of crystals and the power of the mind. More than that, they understood mind control, for the ability to control another human's mind reaches deep into time. You seem to have developed your own perfections of it in late-twentieth-century Earth; however this practice dates back into the early annals of existence, as some already know and remember.

Your world may appear baffling. You may feel that there is so much to integrate, and wonder: How can I make sense of it all? You can. You will. You must. You are here to chart foreign territory and to pioneer an unnamed opportunity. By doing so you can truly discover one of your greatest abilities: that you are creators.

You are not victims. You are not flawed. You do not need authorities. And no one needs to save you. You do not need to memorize anything from books. You must learn to use the power of your will and your intent to discover the great flowering and blossoming of life that is occurring in your Now.

Your world is marketed for separation, for meaningless living; with all the sins, heavens, and hells, it is a wonder anyone wants to be born any more. However, love is here in a form that is beyond what you can ever experience any place else.

Our Destiny: Turning The World Into a Love Frequency

Your ultimate destiny is to turn the whole world into a love frequency, and we are here to assist you in that process. We cannot do it for you. Actually, all we can really do is entertain you, feed you ideas, and perhaps act as instigators. You are the final makers, creators, and doers.

As you learn more about mind control and its many levels of influence, you will see that you are easily controlled because you do not want to be in charge of yourselves. You like it when ideas come to you, and you do not have to think. You like to be told what to do. You surf the Internet and have no idea that the ideas you are fed lock you in limited thinking. You do not realize your genes can be rearranged telepathically. It is not so easy to do; however it is done, particularly at the beginning of one Age and the end of another.

A dark shroud has been cast over your consciousness, a darkness so vast that now so many of you are truly frightened to live. Your bodies are filled today with cancer, stress, and pollution because you have been primed for fear over the years and have drawn to yourself negative energies from the other realms, and these spirits of lower energies feed off your fear. Reality mirrors itself.

The marketing of fear has been massive: Through meaningless data and meaningless living, you have drawn to yourself those who suck your power, vampires and parasites completely invisible to your perceptual acuities. They are, nonetheless, sucking your vitality because you do not want to claim it. We will say to you, dear humans, love yourselves, place value on who you are.

As you move forward and understand the unfolding absurdity of your times and why your civilization is collapsing, love yourselves. As you shift your perceptions, you will be able to rebuild your civilization based on value and respect for all life, including your multidimensional ancestors, your multidimensional parents, and your reincarnational selves. As a diamond your facets include all of them, as you discover who you are.

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Article Source

Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living
by Barbara Marciniak.

Family of Light by Barbara MarciniakWith compassion and compelling insight, the Pleiadians, those system-busting time-travelers from the future, take us on a journey through the unchartered lands of The Book of Earth, which comprises all human experience. While “our world goes belly-up in these most absurd of times,” they offer us “tools for survival.” We have the unique opportunity to move from the deepest of density to the highest of frequencies--where we shift from linear to multi-dimensional living. To make this transition, we must face not only the limitations of our 3-D world with its electronic manipulation and mind control, we must embrace our own wounds, and those of our ancestors and our leaders. To heal ourselves, to raise our frequency from one of despair and fear to one of great inspiration and love, the Pleiadians urge us to rethink and reevaluate our lives: “You shall change, you will change, you must change, because this is the season of change.”

Info/Order this paperback book. Also available as a Kindle edition.

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Barbara Marciniak

BARBARA MARCINIAK is an internationally acclaimed trance channel for The Pleiadians, and author of Bringers of the Dawn and Earth, which have sold over half a million copies and have been translated into more than a dozen languages. She teaches workshops throughout the United States and sacred sites around the world. She is the publisher of the quarterly journal, The Pleiadian Times. Visit her website at

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