Control versus Trust: Learning to Live in the Neutral Zone

Control versus Trust: Learning to Live in the Neutral Zone

Theoretically, in the twentieth century with all the technology and modern conveniences we enjoy, living should be easier and more prosperous for everyone. Still, for many there is a gradual erosion of the quality of their lives. No doubt, like many people, you have an inner sense that something is changing as though the very fabric of the world you live in is changing. You're right. What you're experiencing is an energy shift. The energies that have supported the economic and religious systems of the world in the past are evolving and changing. 

A new paradigm is being created for humanity. You've been trained to work and compete in an era when conditions were very different from what they are today. You were taught to live and work within a paradigm that is no longer valid. The truth is that the old ways never really worked, it only seemed that way. Certainly if you look at the world today you can see that what we've created out of that old paradigm has endangered life on earth.

Theme of Patriarchal Societies: Control

You grew up in a male-dominated, patriarchal society in which the theme was control. A patriarchal system is a "take-charge", rigid, and unimaginative system in which whoever fights his way to the top is the king of the hill. Leaders are respected and followed out of blind allegiance, simply because they are in authority, regardless of who they are or the types of people they are. Authority begins to assume the role of God, and will continue to do so as long as it is left unquestioned.

This patriarchal system began to break down in the sixties, but it wasn't until the eighties that the effects of this change were felt by all. Make no mistake, the paradigm your parents, your grandparents, and their grandparents operated from will not work for you in your life today. Of course it didn't really work for them either. You can see the old guard continually trying to reestablish itself. When things go wrong, how do those in charge respond? They establish more rules, laws, regulations, restrictions, safeguards, and so on. 

This piling of controls upon controls is what has brought our society to its current state of dysfunction. We are trapped behind the doors to our homes, if we are fortunate enough to have homes. Individually, and as a whole, we are losing ground fast. Control does not work. In order to make your life work, you must stop trying to control it. But it's not easy because your ego -- your personality -- loves control. Controlling gives your ego a sense of power; yet in truth, to have a tight grip on anything is to smother it.

Aligning with Natural Order

There is a natural order to life that affects everything. Any attempt to manipulate that order by any means prevents and distorts all naturally occurring consequences, which are infinitely more beneficial than anything you can fabricate with your ego's expectations. All of your successes in life, large or small -- whether you know it or not -- are the result of your alignment with the natural order of the universe.

People have sought to live outside of the natural order, in a kind of no-man's land. But when you're living in the neutral zone and not judging the events of your life as good or bad (which always leads to an attempt to fix the bad) you will experience fulfillment. We've lost sight of this way of being to the point where few even realize the possibility that such a life exists.

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So exactly who is in charge of your life? You? Your ego? Your soul? God? The truth is that there is a natural process of co-creation between you and God -- that is, when you're not trying to create by edict and force of will. Living in the neutral zone is exactly the opposite of taking charge of your life.

Up until this point, you've been trying in vain to take charge, haven't you? If that had worked, you wouldn't be reading this. It's time for you to surrender the grip you hold on your reality, and to allow the natural process of co-creation to proceed.

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From The Mouth of God: Changing Life Struggles to Powerful Energy
by Richard Dupuis.

 From The Mouth of God by Richard Dupuis. In this book, Richard Dupuis aids readers in understanding that life was never meant to be a struggle, and describes how people can escape from personal battles into a creative frame of mind that will allow miracles to come into their lives.

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