Learning To Use A Super Power We All Have

Seeing Through The Eyes of Love: Let Love Radiate, Without Concern For Results
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All of us already have
a super power
that can transform
the world from the inside out.

In this lesson,
learn how to use it.

The previous lesson introduced the D Train (Riding The D Train: Getting Up and Doing Something Different), a process for disrupting "normal" to access and express Love. I hope you've been practicing because that's the only way we turn insights into habits.

Today, I'm introducing another new term, a word I invented years ago that turns imagination into a verb: "imagifi." Usage: We can imagifi a situation by applying our imagination to it and asking, "What if..?"

This is a super power all of us have but very few of us have learned how to use.

Here's one way that it works (there are many) in four steps:

  1. In considering any situation, identify what's happening that you'd like to change.

  2. Feel the emotions connected to this, without judgment.

  3. Identify what's missing and wonder, "What if what's missing could be provided somehow."

  4. Express the related emotions.

Here's an example, then you can start practicing on your own:

You see something on TV. Trump tweeted this, Hannity said that, Greta posted something, etc. What does that stir in you? What do you feel? Irritation, anger, rage even, maybe fear, frustration. Feel these feelings, without judgment. Own them. They are yours, triggered by what you perceived.

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What's missing? You might think of understanding, compassion, honesty, integrity, or kindness. Feel these feelings, without judgment. Own them. They are yours, triggered by your choice to imagifi this situation.

Aim those feelings into the situation. This is challenging to describe, easier to experience. Imagine flexing your bicep, something body builders do to show off their muscles. Visualize flexing, or flipping a switch, or opening a valve, or turning your head to look in a different direction.

You are activating your imagifi gene.

I call this "looking through the eyes of love." It is a blessing attitude that employs much more than your eyes. It is a quantum skill you can develop, a super power, the ability to transform with your emotions.

There are all kinds of invisible powers, in nature and via technology, that exert power over a distance: radar, lasers, sonar, x-rays, etc. Your imagifi gene, once activated and developed, gives you the ability to transform with a quantum wave of emotion, directed into any situation.

But there's a catch.

This super power absolutely works, every time in every situation for everyone (once it's sufficiently developed through enough practice), with one condition:

You can't have any strings attached.

There cannot be any hope of personal benefit connected to what you express. It can't be done to change others. It doesn't work as a "strategy." It must be purely done, for the benefit of all beings, human and otherwise, with no manipulative intent or follow-through. It must stand on its own, an internal operation undertaken in secret.

Let Love radiate, without concern for results.

We know the phrase, "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me." We probably also know the injunction, "As within, so without." The concept that the external world we experience is a reflection of an internal reality is also well-known. Activating and developing your imagifi gene enables you to live the truth of this age-old understanding.

All of us get drawn into conversations about what's wrong with the world. Maybe we start them, having been stimulated by something we read or saw or heard. Now we have a new tactic that can render such conversations – and sometimes they just happen inside our own heads – valuable.

We can embrace the content of the moment, however it comes to us, to practice using our imagifi gene. I like to reference one Jesus story, turning water into wine. That's a great image. But we are turning toxins into medicine. Transformation can happen.

In fact, imagine having the ability to transform every situation you find yourself in, simply by using this four-step imagifi process? You don't have to buy anything. There's no onerous time commitment involved to learn it. No one can stop you and there are no regulations against this.

You already have this super power of transformation and the only question is, will you learn how to use it?

Will you learn to see through the eyes of love and become a visionary activist?

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Reprinted with permission of the author.

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