Taking Responsibility for Yourself: Love As A Conscious Choice Motivated from Within

Taking Responsibility for Yourself: Love As A Conscious Choice Motivated from Within
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If you have accepted the idea that you are totally responsible for everything that happens in your life, and also for everything that happens in your body, and therefore for everything that happens in your consciousness, you must also have accepted the idea that no one else is responsible for you, or for the things that have happened in your life.

You have been faced with conditions, and it was you who decided how to respond to those conditions, and it was you who lived with the effects of having responded in that way.

Responsibility: Yours and Theirs

In owning the responsibility for your own life, and in releasing others from that responsibility, it is important to recognize that others must be left with the responsibility for the things that have happened in their own lives, and in their own bodies. These have been the result of what they have chosen to put into their own consciousness, and the way they have chosen to respond to the conditions that have been presented to them in their own lives. In that way, you are not responsible for those others, or for what they have chosen to do with their own consciousness.

When parents are said to have responsibility for their children, they have agreed to accept that responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of those children, until the children are considered by society to be ready to assume the responsibility for themselves. The parents assume the responsibility for providing a home, and nourishment, and direction, and as much of a sense of well-being as they know how to provide.

Even here, however, the parents are not responsible for the way the child chooses to respond to its environment, nor for the ideas that the child chooses to accept into its consciousness. As a result of that, the child still creates its own reality, and is therefore still responsible for what happens in its life, and for what happens in its body, as the result of what it has chosen to put into its own consciousness.

Of course, there may be a possibility to offer some ideas that can help the child interact more successfully in the world, or release some symptom, but it remains the responsibility of the child to accept these ideas, or reject them, as the child chooses. If these ideas were offered with a sense of responsibility, then the presentation of the ideas has satisfied that responsibility, whether or not the child has chosen to accept those ideas.

Responsibility As Healers

Some people feel a sense of responsibility for sharing these ideas and services of healing with the society in which they find themselves. There, too, the sense of responsibility must end with the presentation of these possibilities, and not with whether or not the others have accepted these ideas or services.

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We, as healers, know what can be done with these tools, and if others feel resistant, for any reason, to accept the help that is offered to them, we must know that any sense of responsibility has been satisfied, and that after that, the rest must remain the responsibility of the other. We can choose to offer our services where there is an openness and receptivity to them, and not waste our time and energy imposing these ideas where they are not welcome.

Responsibility of Love

Some of us offer our services not from a sense of responsibility, but rather as an expression of love, because we know some way that others can feel much better, or even save their lives, with what is being offered. This expression of love doesn’t come from a sense of obligation, but rather as a conscious choice motivated from within, and a true desire to see others happy and healthy. After all, the motivations for expressions of love must come from within, and not from an avoidance of guilt, if love is to make any sense as an evolutionary process.

In functioning as healers, we are implicitly offering our services to the society in which we find ourselves, whether that offering comes from a sense of responsibility to that society or as an expression of our love.

If it comes from a sense of responsibility, it can be very easy for us to feel thus responsible for every person in the world who is feeling ill or in pain, and in that way to feel bad for every person who is not feeling good. If we do that, however, we are then adding our own bad feelings to the total unhappiness of the world, making it an unhappier world. To create a world that is happier, we must begin with ourselves, by doing what is necessary to make ourselves happy.

Responsibility For Developing Ourselves As Positive Energy Centers

We take the responsibility for developing ourselves as positive energy centers and can have a positive effect on the world around us, simply by being as happy and positive as we can be. One way to do this, of course, is by letting ourselves feel all of the love that it is possible for us to feel, and by letting that love radiate, affecting others in a positive way.

Then, when we see others who can benefit from what we do, we can see them with a sense of compassion and understanding, knowing that they have created their situation as the result of what they have been doing in their own consciousness.

When we can do something for them, we are happy to do so, and happy to see them happy as a result. It is done as an expression of love, and although it is a responsible act, the motivation for doing it was not responsibility, but love. The motivating force was not the avoidance of a bad feeling, but rather a true desire to enhance the experience of another.

In that way, the true lesson of love was learned, and another level in the evolution of the individual, and of our planet, has been achieved. Love heals.

Anything can be healed.

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Martin Brofman, Ph.D.Martin Brofman, Ph.D. (1940-2014), a former Wall Street computer expert, was a renowned healer and founder of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing. He developed a special healing approach, the Body Mirror System, after he cured himself from a serious terminal illness in 1975. He helped many people over his more than 30 years in practice. Martin had said that he would not live to be 74 years old. In 2014, three months before his seventy-fourth birthday, he was gone… Since 2014, his wife, Annick Brofman, continues the legacy of his work within the Brofman Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland.

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