Reframing Where We Have Been: Ultimate Truth or Ever-Evolving Truth?

Wheels Within Wheels: Ultimate Truth or Ever-Evolving Truth?Image by Марина Вельможко

We stand at the precipice of a remarkable adventure—the adventure of human evolution. We may have been here before but never in recorded history and never exactly like this. By simply being alive during these potent times, we have become the chosen ones to steward an entirely new way of being.

The wheels have turned, the cycles progressed, and we are moving from a polarized existence into unity consciousness. What does this mean to us as individuals and as a people? We have the opportunity to move beyond the current system, which has served us well in the past, but is becoming increasingly restrictive. We can now become the co-creators of our experience, and we can work magic on the physical plane.

In unity consciousness there is no war, because there is no cause for war. There is no loneliness, because there is no separation. There is no poverty, because we can manifest at will.

But I get ahead of myself.

Reframing Where We Have Been

Without first building the foundation of understanding, this concept may appear at the very least, a pipe dream, if not the ravings of a lunatic. Bear with me.

In order to see where we are going, it is necessary to reframe where we have been. It's important to make clear that there is nothing wrong with our past. As we expose the underbelly of past and current existence, the information may seem a bit negative, if not paranoid. This is not the case. All has been perfect, given the lack of expansiveness we've had to work with, but now we are moving into a time of greater light.

~ Fear not—everything is truly in divine order.
It is simply a matter of perspective. ~

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Please join me as we map out the adventure of a lifetime. You may very well find this to be your personal Map Home.

The Map Home is a set of teachings and techniques designed by the Path Home Shamanic Arts School to aid the individual in moving beyond their restrictions and limitations on the physical, mental, emotional and physical levels. Through this process, people can regain balance, return to their natural expression, increase their overall frequency, and come home to their rightful place in the circle of life.

Death of a Mother

I helped my mother die. After a life lived in avoidance, indulgence, isolation and pain, a life in which she increasingly collected things and avoided people, I watched her succumb as her body could no longer bear the burden of her denials. She loved me—of this I have no doubt—but she loved her things more, at least until the end, when she slowly started letting go of all her treasures and clung to me.

I had no illusions. I was well aware that she had traded me for the life of wealth and privilege she had never known. Like Scarlett O'Hara, somewhere along the way she vowed that no matter what the price, she would never be hungry again. I was the first price of many, as she left me at four years of age to tour the world and live abroad with her new husband. Then later she chose to ignore his abuse of me, rather than lose the privileges he provided.

Years later as she lay dying, while I watched her body fade, I saw her spirit build and grow above it. No longer tethered to the mundane, it could truly shine. No longer fueling her defense mechanisms, running her programs, or limited by the illusion we call reality, her spirit's glory emerged. It was then, for a brief time—a matter of hours—I got to know, connect with, and love the mother I had lived without. Then she was gone. I will treasure those few hours for all time.

I helped her cross—showed her the way to the gate. It was an honor, but in truth, I think she indulged me. In the end, she knew her own way and needed me not at all. I watched my mother die, and for the first time, I saw her truly live.

The Time For Letting Go

I know more of death than of living, yet I know more of life than most. I am a shadow walker by nature, Scorpio by sign, woman by gender, and shaman by trade. Death and life are my business.

Now it is my time to die. I see all the signs. I am letting go of all my possessions, friends, beliefs, and dreams. I am dying, of this I have no doubt, but my body is not failing, nor am I about to leave it behind. To the old world, I am soon quite dead. I am already a mere specter that haunts the “living,” a shadow soon to fade and, for the most part, to be forgotten.

But that's only half of the story. There is a new world, a new heaven, and a new Earth into which some are being birthed already incarnate. This is the place of ascension, the “garden” of the old myth and legend.

Learning New Ways

As the age changes, we are no longer on the old track, even though we occupy the same space as before. In this new place, old laws need not apply. As I dispassionately watch the old ways fail, I increasingly disengage.

Should we choose, we are no longer subject to the illusion. However, we are indeed subject to the way life works, since only the true laws of nature apply—laws long forgotten.

The challenge is in learning to navigate this new world, we may discover formidable new gifts and powers we do not yet know how to wield. In order to become capable of true co-creation—first, we must learn to walk in this new terrain before we can fly.


I emptied the fireplace today.
The ashes of many long dead fires had piled up, covering the grate.
It was a job that he used to do, so I was very careful to get it right.
As I put shovel after shovel of the light grey ashes into the black pail
A fine dust rose up in the air.
It danced in the rays of morning light that came in through the east windows,
Like ghosts of evenings spent last winter.
I could almost hear the crackle of those long dead fires as they warmed the room
The quiet room, where two people sat and stared into the flames,
One afraid, the other unwilling to break the silence.
It is not good to remove all the ashes, you know.
Some must be left, or the new fire won’t burn well.
I did that once to a wood-burning stove.
I vacuumed it out until it was shiny clean.
I don’t think it ever burned well again.

Childhood's End

As a spiritual teacher there is one main law that stands—those who “know it all” cannot be taught. What I know and can do come from a lifetime of introspection and processing. Many have seen the result of my years of study and want this “power” for themselves. At first, they seem to be earnest students, but in the long run they are seeking power and glory, not truth. They are unwilling to let go of what they consider to be their already formidable spiritual knowledge. There is the misbegotten belief that they have arrived and just need a few more techniques to perfect their magnificence.

The concept that they may need to reevaluate their stance is out of the question, much less the idea that they might need deep personal growth and processing. Investigating their own shadow is never considered because they believe they do not have one. When it rears its ugly head, it is seen as belonging to someone else.

I was just this sort of student when I started with my first teacher, who was Native American. Take it from one who knows—you can't get here from there. The first part of my path was horrendous, amounting to nothing more than being beaten up by my own ego, arrogance and denials, and then blaming my teacher. How he found the patience to deal with me at all, I have no idea.

I was surely a disappointment to him. I was the wrong race, color, and gender. I knew nothing of the proper treatment of an elder or spiritual leader, and my denials and damage ran deep. At one point, he indicated to me that he did not choose me, but I was chosen for him.

While he always treated me with a sort of distant kindness, at times I could see that he found me humorous, and to this day I'm not sure if he liked me, but he did teach me. In the end, it saved my life and may very well save yours.

The First and Second Steps to Evolution

The first step to evolution is cracking your personal cosmic egg of western knowledge and arrogance. Let go of everything you think you know, let go of who and what you think you are, and then let go on a deeper level. That's the price of entry.

The second step in evolution is realizing that it is entirely an inside job and no one can do it for you. I do have a carrot for you, though—you are ever so much more than you think. But to come home to all that you are, to all you can be and do, you must let go of who you are not.

This is a process, not something we can just declare and make so. Humility and openness are the key, and childlike wonder is the stance. Willingness to be infants in a new way of being is paramount.

Yet, all you have lived and learned is not wasted. Its value and purpose remains; it just needs to be set entirely aside for a while to make room for your new life. If a baby does not learn to crawl, part of its development is stunted. Once we learn to walk, we rarely crawl, yet the skill is useful in scrubbing floors, sneaking up on game, entering a sweat lodge, or playing on the floor with babies.

Ever-Evolving Truth

There is no ultimate truth but rather an ever-evolving one. Truth is an ever-expanding frequency—one we must ourselves evolve to embrace.

I discovered that one cannot find truth, or possess it, but rather must become it. We can only let it shine through us into the world, for it is too boundless to contain, and everyone we encounter can only embrace a limited portion of it. Truth is an organism, and those who bear it are simply single cells of a much greater whole.

I have been called a spiritual teacher, and yes, I suppose I am. But life is my teacher, and as I share what it offers, I myself am taught.

©2013, 2016 by Gwilda Wiyaka. All Rights Reserved.
Excerpted with the author's permission.

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