Expanding Your Awareness and Discovering Who You Are

Expanding Your Awareness and Discovering Who You Are

A natural expression of who you are is to learn, to grow, to expand your self awareness and your perspective. Eventually, you will come to realize your Divinity, to know who you truly are as the divine reality creator. By your nature, you are That – the Divine in action. Even God, Goddess, All That Is, at the very greatest and highest level, is still expressing Itself through the three channels: loving-touching-healing, creating with passion and ecstasy, and learning-growing-expanding all the time.

The Big Bang Theory says that the universe just came out of nothing in the Big Bang, and that it is still expanding. Well, yes, that’s just in the nature of it all. It’s the Divine’s nature to expand, to create new worlds, and to keep expanding and becoming more. (Note; it may not have been a Big Bang. Imagine a River of Love, Light, and Sound constantly pouring through a Portal into the Balloon of your Universe that continues to get bigger and bigger. That may be more like what’s really happening!)

Now science hasn’t figured out to connect to the love, touch, heal part yet, as it doesn’t have the measuring instruments for all of that. But science and scientists are getting closer, as they have embraced quantum theory, string theory, and some are becoming great metaphysicians in the process!

The most advanced scientists are talking about multiple universes. They are beginning to see that physics ultimately must become metaphysics. They are looking at the science of consciousness. They are getting close to recognizing that the music of the spheres and the energies of the universe are actually a harmony of love, of divine song or resonance, and of beauty that can love, touch and heal. And an amazing reflection of themselves as creators, and divine beings themselves.

Expanding Into Love

Science has generally left Love/Touch/Heal up to religion, and Creating with Passion up to artists. But religion is not expanding, as it has become snared in judgments. The founders of religions, the realized beings, didn’t encourage their followers to make negative judgments on anyone, and suggested that people be good and do good. So often, even the best sects will focus on doing good and not awaken to the Divine within. That is often because those who find the Divine within themselves no longer follow the accepted dogma of a religion, and free beings bring too much chaos to the highly structured hierarchy of religion and the control of the followers’ resources (tithes).

When you discover who you truly are, you will also discover the greater expanse of the Universe, jumping beyond the assumptions of science, religion, and social philosophies. When you are on your road Home, you will eventually leave this Universe. Until you are there, learning, growing and expanding is what you like to do. Learn from everything at every level. It’s all reflecting you and giving you feedback for your choices.

Discovering Who You Are; the Learning Process

All the learning you are doing is discovering that you are Divine in your very nature. If you can remember that, then the learning won’t be so painful or frustrating.

The Collective Belief is that learning is a painful and hard process – no pain, no gain. It is only when you see yourself as not good enough, inadequate, or when you shame and judge yourself that learning becomes hard. Or when you insist on trying to control your reality and make it consistent (safe) for you. This happens when you cannot trust that you will be okay even through times of chaos.

The antidote for suffering through learning is to understand where you are going. You are aligning yourself to a glorious, beautiful, fulfilling future, one in which you are the person you want to be, the Greater Self that is expressing your Divine Nature through every aspect of your life. This is best served by expanding your Self Image and claiming your Divinity.

When you are doing your meditations, check in frequently with your Greater Self’s image and re-choose it. Sooner or later, you will find yourself moving forward in alignment to it and your reality offering you the information you need to get to that level. Your Future will begin to PULL you forward! This makes learning way more easy.

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Antidotes to Aggravation, Guilt, and Drama

Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, failures, and stupid things you’ve said or done. Learn how to step into your Greater Self and forgive that Lesser you that made the mistakes. Take responsibility for making positive changes and move on. Remember not to take yourself very seriously, or you’ll give yourself a lot of aggravation, guilt, and drama over everything you don’t do perfectly. There is no such thing as failure.

Instead, focus on loving yourself. Lighten up, and put your attention into your three channels of divine expression: Love, touch, and heal yourself. Reactivate the passion and step back into your energy flow. Expand your self image and see yourself as the divine being you are, having a physical plane experience in a body. And have a lot of fun. Yes, fun. Divine Play. Enjoy creating. Enjoy dreaming, envisioning, and imagining. Remember, life is all an experiment in the illusion of materiality.

And don’t push and drive yourself to succeed at your spirituality. Heavy discipline will not work for you, but only make the road more unpleasant. Be gentle with yourself. You have spent a lot of time (an illusion) fascinated with the limitations of darkness. Now, you are moving into a New World, a new playground for you. You may not be used to the light!

On occasion, pause. Take time off of your practices, of your seeking. What you seek is You. Go within. Center. Ground. Love yourself. Evaluate what you have experienced with a lot of love and compassion for yourself and everyone one else involved. That enables you to learn from what you’ve done so far. Watch. Be aware. Once you have your perspective, then initiate another cycle of creating, dreaming, and imagining. When you do that you’re learning and growing. You are expanding into the awareness of Who You Are, the Divine One.

This article is being published with permission of the author.

About the Author

Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.Ginger Metraux, Ph.D., is initiating the Dream Future Project, sharing the Greater Self Process, bringing hope and light into the world, and learning how to align our probable future tracks to the Ideal or Dream Future we want for ourselves and for the world. Ginger invites you to join her and do it for yourself and with her so that together this world can heal and become beautiful. Contact her at ginger @ giniel.com (remove the space before and after the @ symbol). Ginger is also the channel for Galexis, a group of beings who speak as One. Type in "GalexisSpirit" on YouTube and watch the video on how to connect with us. For more information on Galexis, please see http://www.GalexisSpirit.com.

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