Please Help Me See This Differently

Please Help Me See This Differently

One of the most helpful tools I have received from A Course in Miracles is the suggestion to seek the Holy Spirit’s help by asking this tiny question: "Please help me see this differently." The very first time I sought His help, I received instant relief from my incessant drive to control whatever had nabbed my attention.

Even though I understood early on that “the mira­cle,' as referred to by the course, was simply a shift in perception, I didn’t immediately adopt this suggestion in my daily life. For some reason, I failed to grasp that if I utilized the Holy Spirit’s help to see whatever was trou­bling me differently my life would become peaceful. And it would remain so every time I let the Holy Spirit guide me. What a failing that was.

When I seriously requested His help, I was utterly amazed by how quickly and how quietly my life changed because my perspective changed. What had been con­suming my mind and controlling my actions, regardless of how large or small the irritant, simply seemed to dis­solve. To melt away.

Almost instantly, my heart felt lighter. And just as quickly, my mind cleared. Not more than a minute passed before I felt an inner shift that softened me, completely, and then bolstered my desire to express this feeling of love to all the people who were sharing my path.

Please Help Me See This Differently

Since that moment in time, I have tried to hang on to this tool. To make it a “daily driver,” so to speak. Believ­ing in the constant presence of the Holy Spirit offers such comfort. Whenever I want my life to change, my feelings to relax, my grasp on others to lighten, a simple request to the Holy Spirit comes to my aid immediately. What more could one ever want?

To never again be stuck in our old behavior and controlled by our earlier mind-set is so refreshing. So relieving.

Seeking the help of the Holy Spirit, who is a mere thought away, has made us genuine change agents, serving all the men and women who are intentionally sharing our journey. What a powerful realization that is.

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I have met no one accidentally. I have had no experience that wasn’t chosen by and for me. Whatever is left for me to experience in this life is already on its way to me, and if I’m troubled at all, I have the perfect solution. Ask the Holy Spirit to help me see the situation or the person dif­ferently. And the journey will become smooth.

Seeking More Peace In Life

There is no one reading this who hasn’t sought more peace in their life at some time. Conflict with oth­ers simply doesn’t feel good. And yet we encounter those people who seem to seek conflict on a regular basis.

What I have come to believe is that the only way we can truly appreciate peace is to be able to compare how it feels with its opposite. I don’t think conflict visits us to ensnare us but rather to give us an opportunity to demonstrate another way to experience life.

We are the teachers as well as the students on this journey. Demonstrating peace def­initely puts us in the teacher capacity.

The Two Voices In Our Minds

There are two voices in our minds. I have written about this many times. One belongs to the ego. The other one belongs to the Holy Spirit. Which one has your atten­tion most often?

Are you content with your life? If not, it’s your responsibility to make a different choice.

You and I are the miracle makers. And every time we choose again, we benefit so many. Is this on your agenda today?

Creating a miracle is no mystery. A miracle is a simple shift in perception. Nothing more. It’s as close as the next thought we have.

Do you want to see this or some situation differently? Now is your time to prove it.

©2016 by Karen Casey. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission of Conari Press,
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52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life by Karen Casey.52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles: Cultivate a Simpler, Slower, More Love-Filled Life
by Karen Casey.

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