Defining Requirements, Wants, Desires, and Our Soul's One True Need

Defining Requirements, Wants, Desires, and Our Soul's One True Need

I think it is important to differentiate between a need and a requirement. I say this because I often say to people that I have no needs, meaning that all my needs are taken care of by my soul before I know I have them. However, the response I usually get is that of course you have needs. Everyone needs oxygen, or they will die. For me, oxygen is a requirement, not a need. Let me explain.

Whereas a requirement is something that is necessary, a need is something that is lacking. We say we need oxygen to survive, but rarely, if ever, are we in a situation where we don’t have oxygen. That’s why oxygen is a requirement. A requirement only becomes a need when what is required is not available or is believed to be lacking.

Similarly, food, like oxygen is a requirement that is necessary to sustain life. However, food only becomes a need when food is not available or is believed to be lacking. Food and oxygen are known as physiological needs because they are necessary to sustain the life of the body. Other examples of physiological needs are water and warmth. When these are lacking, they are needs; when they are not lacking, they are requirements. All our physiological needs are requirements until we don’t have them available. Only then do they become needs.

Defining Wants

Another confusion we often make is between a want and a need. A want is not a need. A want is an object, action or situation we believe will enable us to get a need met—alleviate a deficiency sensation or feeling deficiency. When I say I want food, I am responding to a deficiency sensation. When I say I want love, I am responding to a feeling deficiency.

What we are effectively saying when we are dealing with “wants” is: if I get this (object), if you do that (action) or if this (situation) happens then my need will be met. In other words, a “want” is a wish for something that we believe will satisfy a need.

Defining Desires

Desires are not needs because a desire is not a yearning for something that is lacking; it is a longing for something that is as yet nascent or unexplored. It is a yearning for the “materialisation” of potential.

Whereas the ego gets anxious if its deficiency needs are not met, the soul does not get anxious if its desires are not met.

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Definition of a Need

We can define a need as:

A real or imagined lack of something that is essential for maintaining the body’s physiological (biological) stability or the ego’s emotional stability.

A need is what the ego consciously and subconsciously believes is necessary for the soul to fulfil its purpose. It is what the body knows it has to do to keep the soul’s incarnation intention alive.

You know you have an unmet need whenever you experience fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience or any other form of emotional upset. The emotion of fear and its derivatives are signs that you either have a belief that something is lacking or a belief that something you have that is important to the satisfaction of your needs may be taken away.

What I am saying, when I believe I have a need is: “My life conditions are not perfect because I am currently experiencing a deficiency sensation or a feeling deficiency. I lack something that I believe is necessary to satisfy my soul’s desire to be present in 3-D material awareness.”

When you can convince yourself that nothing is lacking from your life—when you consider your life is perfect the way it is, when you are grateful for what you have and consider what you have to be sufficient—you are not just living in soul consciousness, you are living in as state of grace.

Our Souls Don't Have Needs

The reason our souls don’t have needs is that in their natural energetic environment of 4-D consciousness they instantaneously create the energy form of whatever they wish for through their thoughts. That’s how the energetic world works: your energetic reality is created through the thoughts you hold in your mind.

Consequently, our souls lack for nothing and never experience needs; they live in a state of abundance and connection. This is the energetic state we call love.

Love Is All We Need

Love is the energy that supplies all our needs. If we have love, we have no other needs. When we allow love to flow out into the world through us, all our needs get met because love flows back to us through the “automatic” provision of the things we need to fulfil our soul’s purpose.

When you learn to be who you are—a soul operating from 4-D consciousness in a 3-D material world, everything you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose “magically” appears. Even the needs you did not know you had are met.


The implication of living in a world where your thoughts and beliefs create your energetic reality, where your thoughts and beliefs attract material outcomes, is not as far-fetched as the rational mind would have you believe.

Let me give you two examples: one linking thoughts and beliefs to material outcomes—the placebo effect—and one linking subconscious thoughts and beliefs to emotional outcomes. Both of these examples illustrate the quantum reality, that believing is experiencing.

Material outcomes

Whatever we believe, is the outcome we attract. That is why pessimists and optimists are equally successful in creating their realities. These statements align with quantum theory, which suggests that everything exists in all its possibilities in the quantum energy field, and it is the belief of the observer that collapses the field into a specific outcome that aligns with the observer’s beliefs.

Nowhere is the positive belief phenomenon more obvious than in the practice of medicine. Countless studies have highlighted the importance of the placebo effect, sometimes called the placebo response. The placebo response is often used to test new drugs. One group of patients with a particular ailment are given a new drug, and another group with the same ailment are administered an inert substance, such as sugar, distilled water or a saline solution. Both groups are told they can expect the medication they have been given to improve their condition.

A significant number of people who are given the placebo recover from their ailment. Amazingly, sham (placebo) surgery also produces similar results. A Baylor School of Medicine study, published in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine describes a study that split sufferers of osteoarthritis of the knee into three groups. Two groups were operated on using proven, but different, clinical techniques. The third group went through the same surgery protocols, but once in the hands of the surgeon they only received an incision, then the incision was closed up. All groups went through the same rehabilitation process.

The researchers were shocked by the results. The outcomes of those who had placebo surgery were the same as those who had real surgery, and the improvements in the placebo group were just the same after one year as they were after two years.

Another article, published in 2002 by Professor Irvine Kirsch in the American Psychological Association, entitled, The Emperor’s New Drugs, made even more shocking discoveries. He found that 80 per cent of the effect of antidepressants, as measured in clinical trials, could be attributed to the placebo effect.

When Harvard researcher’s told a group of Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers they were going to be given fake, inert drugs (delivered in bottles labelled “placebo pills”) and also told that placebos often have healing effects, they were shocked when these people showed real improvement.

What these studies show is that we can change our biology through our beliefs. We can express this statement in the following manner: Consciousness takes in information; beliefs turn that information into meaning; the meaning that is given delivers an outcome which aligns the belief. This applies to both the emotional world and the material world.

Consciousness → Information → Belief → Meaning→ Outcome

This can also be stated in the following way:

Consciousness → Information → Belief → Energy change → Matter change

The stronger the belief, the more energy there is behind the belief, the stronger the psycho-energetic causation will be and the stronger and more instantaneous the material outcome will be.

Emotional Outcomes

If we can accept that positive beliefs create life-enhancing outcomes, it is not too difficult to accept that limiting (negative) beliefs create life-suppressing outcomes.

Where do limiting beliefs come from? Limiting beliefs (and imprints) are formed when our needs are not met or when we struggle to meet our needs, particularly during the periods when our reptilian mind/brain, limbic mind/brain and rational mind/brain are growing and developing. Repeated attempts to meet our needs which result in failure create limiting beliefs. The three most significant limiting beliefs we can learn are:

* I do not have enough of what I need to survive.
* I am not loved enough to feel safe or I am not lovable enough.
* I am not enough to feel secure, or I am not important enough.

When circumstances are such that during our early lives we fail to get our needs met, we form limiting beliefs. The limiting beliefs thus formed continue to operate throughout the rest of our lives attracting negative outcomes. Whatever we believe, consciously or subconsciously, attracts the reality we experience.

When your needs are not met, or you believe they may not be met, you will have negative emotions—anger or fear—and you will have negative feelings.

When we hide, deny or suppress our feelings, the energy associated with our emotions and feelings cannot dissipate. The negative energy of anger and fear stay in your energy field causing energetic instability.

Just as when you deny your hunger, the energetic imbalance that is creating the hunger sensations does not go away when you deny your need for love, the energetic imbalance that is creating this feeling deficiency does not go away. Just as you can only satisfy your deficiency sensation when you allow yourself to express your need for food, you can only satisfy your feeling deficiency when you allow yourself to express your need for love.

Similarly, if you are suppressing your anger about not getting your needs met, a failure to express that anger will create energetic instability in your energy field. Unexpressed anger towards someone creates energetic separation; the opposite of love. For this reason, anger is the most injurious emotion. It leads to depression—the sadness of the soul about not being able to connect—and eventually heart disease. The heart is the centre of love. Whatever blocks love, blocks the heart. Cholesterol is not the issue in heart attacks; the issue is unexpressed anger. Unexpressed emotions are the cause of all our mental and physical disorders.

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A New Psychology of Human Well-Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego-Soul Dynamics on Mental and Physical Health by Richard Barrett.A New Psychology of Human Well-Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego-Soul Dynamics on Mental and Physical Health
by Richard Barrett.

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