A Call to Action: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential

A Call to Action: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential

We are living at the precise shift point between devolution and evolution. Because there are so many people working toward the goal of “gentling the birth” to our next stage of evolution, I believe that the social potential movement is cresting right now.

We are fortunate to have so many social innovations to help us surf this very pivotal moment in history, but they are not con­nected. The most obvious next step in awakening the power of our social potential is to connect the golden innovations working toward higher consciousness, freedom, and order in every field and function. We also need to increase interconnectivity among groups of people already attracted to evolving together and cocreating a world in which we can do so.

The time has come to accelerate the synergy among all of us already attracted to evolving together. This is the call that conscious evolutionaries must make together now — a call for a more effective process of collaboration among the many projects, people, and innovations already moving in this direction.

This shared planetary purpose goes beyond any existing proj­ect or organization. Yet we must call for this new level of global collaboration to occur systematically and intentionally. It is our challenge to discover how to facilitate social synergy, the coming together of separate people and projects to make a new whole greater than the sum of its parts. This is nature’s way. We can learn it, because we are nature evolving.

What Is Your Heart's Deepest Desire?

I suggest that you now take some time to contemplate your deepest heart’s desire. Ask yourself these questions: “What is my intention? What I am called to do?”

As an example, here is my intention:

I intend to be a global voice to accelerate humanity’s con­scious evolution, to help catalyze the “global moon shot.”

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I intend to participate in the cocreation of a new evolutionary educational system to serve the community of pioneering souls to connect with one another worldwide to realize their potential as universal humans.

I dedicate all my teachings, movies, books, tapes, and 186 volumes of journals as a living legacy for this purpose.

Once you have identified your personal intention, take action toward it with courage and persistence. Through that action you’ll be connected to the vast movement for positive change.

The Evolutionary Communion: Embodying the Sacred Story of Creation

To help you activate and embody the impulse of evolution as alive in you in this very moment, I encourage you to read this medi­tation aloud as you remember the symbol of the Spiral and the Wheel. Create a sacred space by lighting candles and putting on beautiful music, and then begin reading.

We conscious evolutionaries represent a deep communion of pioneering souls, from every race, nation, and religion, who experience within ourselves the emergence of a universal human, a cocreator of new worlds.

Our crisis is the birth of a universal humanity.

Let us remember and embody our birth story, our sacred journey of creation:

Out of the mind of God

Out of the cosmic field

Out of no thing at all is arising everything that was, is, and will be.

The Evolutionary Spiral is unfolding —

The great flaring forth,

The formation of energy, matter, the billions upon billions of galaxies,

The trillions of planetary bodies, some of which may have life comparable to our own.

Now focus on our beautiful blue planet Earth:

Mother Earth is giving birth to life,
To animal life,
To human life,
And now to us, going around the next turn on the Spiral.

We place the crisis of our birth in the vast unfolding story of creation.

We feel the pain of Earth as the emergence of our birth.

We struggle to coordinate ourselves as one planetary body.

We feel the core of the Spiral as the universal love and intelligence animating the whole process of creation within us,

Incarnating within each of us as our own impulse to create, to express, to give our unique gift more fully into the whole.

In our atoms, molecules, and cells is encoded the whole story of creation.

We are the universe in person.

We are entering our turn on the Spiral — the Wheel of Cocreation.

We reside at the center of the Wheel, where the core of the Spiral is awakening in our hearts.

We are in the presence of the global communion of pioneering souls, each of us animated from within by the same core of the Spiral, the universal intelligence of creation, connecting now in Spirit and in small groups to evolve ourselves and the world.

We invite this impulse of evolution within us to commune with the impulse within others, joining together with the universal impulse of creation empowering us all together.

Moved by the sacred core within us, we discover our unique callings. We reach out and offer our gifts into the whole process of cocreation.

The power that coordinates atoms, molecules, and cells is now coordinating us.

We are becoming a cocreative, coevolving species.

We enter the ecstasy of the planetary birthing experience healing ourselves as we love one another.

We bring these higher vibrations of energy downward into every chakra, infusing our higher mind, our voice, our vocation, our unconditional love, our emotions, our will, our generative organs, and our sense of security.

Within ourselves, we integrate what is rising within us with what is descending from beyond us.

We breathe all aspects of creation within ourselves. We are becoming whole beings, universal humans, imbued with the irresistible love and intelligence of the whole process of creation. We are the universe in person evolving.

I am alive at the dawn of our birth as a cocreative, universal species. For this I give thanks and am filled with gratitude and joy as I experience the reality of life ever evolving within myself.

©1998, 2015 by Barbara Marx Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,

New World Library, Novato, CA 94949. newworldlibrary.com.

Article Source

Conscious Evolution - Revised Edition: Awakening the Power of Our Social by Barbara Marx Hubbard.Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential (Revised Edition)
by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

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About the Author

Barbara Marx HubbardBarbara Marx Hubbard is an evolutionary educator, speaker, author, and social innovator. She has been called "the voice for conscious evolution of our time" by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch's new book "The Mother of Invention." Along with Stephen Dinan, she launched the “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training and formed a global team to co-produce a global multi-media event entitled, "Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time" on Dec. 22, 2012 (www.birth2012.com). Visit her website at www.barbaramarxhubbard.com


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