The Power of Right Seeing and Bringing Forth the Goodness of Life

 The Power of Right Seeing and Bringing Forth the True Goodness of Life

A great way to raise your energy, increase your power, and improve your life is to practice what I call ”right seeing”. By ”right seeing”, I mean focusing your attention on the Good that is already present in all people and situations.

When you focus on the Good that is inherent in everyone, everywhere — you bring it forth. Then wondrous things happen and it’s as if you become a magician. Your life will take on a new glow. People will start asking you what’s your secret.

See Loveliness

Take a half an hour and sit down by yourself and focus your attention on the loveliness that is all around you. When you make up your mind to do so, you will find loveliness everywhere.

Be it in the vase of yellow flowers on the table next to you or in the smile on your daughter’s face or in the excitement on the face of the little boy you passed in the supermarket… or in the kindness of your doctor or the helpfulness of your bank manager or your sister’s unexpected warmth yesterday or the fine, fine feeling of satisfaction you experienced after the presentation you just gave…

The list is endless once you begin. But it’s an exercise well worth undertaking because how can you expect to savor the Good you are dreaming of — if you believe it’s somewhere far, far away? If you believe it’s far, far away, it will probably stay far, far away because Life has a way of becoming for us exactly what we believe it will be.

See Strength

If you feel weak or tired or in any way despondent or disappointed with yourself or with Life, I suggest you focus your attention on “seeing strength” for a week or two. I guarantee it will revive you. Here’s what to do.

Again take a half an hour a day and sit down with yourself, close your eyes — and focus your attention on the strength of Life. See the strength that is everywhere present — the strength of the Universe — the strength of this thing we call Life.

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Go for an imaginary walk and focus your attention on the strength of Nature. See the strength of the Earth, the strength of a great tree, the strength of the ocean pounding against the shore, the strength of the wind, the rivers; look mentally at whatever brings strength to mind.

Then focus on the strength in the people around you. See the vitality of your neighbors. See their energy, their aliveness — the very same aliveness that is animating you. Remind yourself how this strength feels. Let your body thrill at the thought of this strength. Feel the strength of Life pulsating through you.

For again, how can you expect to feel strong, how can you expect to experience strength if you do not allow yourself to enjoy it? The secret is to enjoy the strength you already have — the Life that is already given to you — because what you focus on grows.

See Goodness

No matter who you are or where you are, there is untold Goodness in your Life right now. Because you have Life itself.

This means that all the Goodness of the Universe is already yours. You may find this hard to believe, but that is only because you have covered your true nature and your true power with a veil. You have forgotten that you — the Choice-Maker in your Life — are endowed with the power of focus. And that by choosing the focus of your attention, you are already bringing forth from the invisible the Life you are presently living.

If this Life is less than the Good you desire, it is only because you have forgotten your true power. And because you did not understand the mechanism, you may have thought that this less than perfect Life was something that was happening to you — that you were a victim. But this is not so. The life you are presently living is the life you are choosing.

Thus when you understand the mechanism, you will see that the Goodness you seek is waiting for you to choose it.

This is the secret that the Wise have long known. That the Goodness you seek is here now. But that you — and you alone — are the only one who can bring it forth in your Life. Until you do, this Goodness will lie dormant like Sleeping Beauty — awaiting your praiseful kiss to bring it to Life.

See Wisdom

And what about intelligence? Does there seem to be a lack of intelligent behavior around you? If so, you are again seeing the outer world mirroring your inner focus back to you. Focusing on what you may perceive as the ignorance of others is just as devastating as focusing on poverty and lack. In fact they are the same.

If this is the case with you, perhaps it is time you sit down with yourself and practice seeing the wisdom and intelligence that is everywhere present — working in and through everyone all around you right now. This type of seeing is more than just focusing on the genius of Nature, which is relatively easy to do. This is a higher focus — a higher seeing — because it means focusing on the intelligence in your neighbors and in all the people you meet. This is a focus on the wisdom they are all expressing through their daily actions and activities.

If you look carefully, you will see clearly that this intelligence is there. Fully present and that it was there all along, but you — perhaps in undo haste — forgot to recognize it for what it is. Now I suggest you take the time and do so. If you feel there is a lack of intelligence around you, I suggest you sit down with yourself — for at least a half an hour a day — and focus your attention on the intelligence of all whom you meet.

Once again, to experience intelligence, you must first recognize it.

Right Seeing

Thus right seeing is the bringing forth from the invisible into beautiful manifestation the true Goodness of Life. If it is Love you wish to see, then focus on seeing the Love that everyone is expressing and that everywhere surrounds you. Again, sit down with yourself and see it in your friends, in your family, in your neighbors, in your colleagues. Is it beauty you wish to see? Then look for beauty and recognize it. Is it prosperity you feel you are lacking? Then focus your attention on the bounty that is everywhere present — both in your own Life and in the Life of others.

It is an important turn of the inner wheel to understand that a praiseful feeling towards bounty or beauty — whether you think you own it or not — is the quickest way to call forth and experience bounty and beauty in your own life. This is because whenever you allow yourself to see rightly — Goodness springs forth at every turn. And quite soon, you will magically find Goodness everywhere.

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