Saying Yes! Release Pain, Beliefs, and Assumptions Into Peace

Saying Yes! Release Pain, Beliefs, and Assumptions Into Peace

Any pain, any belief, any assumption can be released into peace by letting go of it. We can allow it to dissolve and flow away in the great flood of love that courses through us when we switch on.

The more often we reconnect, the more pain we can release. Trust begins to form between us and the universe. The Tiny Me learns it can relax into the Great We and be free. We can now start to let go of any fundamental disappointments we might have with the universe, with life itself.

We are, already, part of the universe. If we don’t fully trust the universe, then we cannot trust ourselves. And if we don’t trust ourselves, we cannot trust the universe. Until this relationship is clear of bullshit stories, we won’t feel fully at peace.

To trust life, we have to find a way to be OK with whatever


. . . in this moment here, even if we wouldn’t choose it in an ideal world. We have to find a way to replace OI! NO!—the protestations of the Protector— with


By saying yes, you signal to your body.mind that you accept what is—trust it, surrender to it. Try it right now. Think of something that has been annoying you, something you or somebody else has done. Something that feels intensely irritating, upsetting, scary, or stupid. Now say, ‘YES!’ to it and see what changes in your body.mind. Breathe deeply and keep saying, ‘YES!’ until either you release into peace, or you spot an area of pain that might benefit from some inner work.

Now for our natural ingenuity. Follow ‘YES!’ with

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AND . . .

The magic of the creative spirit now begins. Saying, ‘AND . . .’ allows you to take what IS and adapt, flex, pivot, adjust, iterate, and innovate it into what it could become in the future. This is like dancing with a partner. For you both to flow, you can’t criticize what they do, no matter how much you may dislike it. If you have a go, it will shut them down, and you will lose the flow. Instead, you have to work with them and guide, coax, tickle, and inspire them into a style, rhythm, and tempo that you love.

This YES! AND . . . is the core teaching of all improvisation training for actors. It is what every musician has to learn when jamming. Go with what IS, and use your ingenuity to shape it into what you want.

Try it now. Take that thing that has been irritating or upsetting you and say, ‘YES! AND . . .’ to it and see what your body.mind comes up with after the AND.

Saying, ‘YES! AND . . .’ doesn’t mean we have to agree with the way the world is and it definitely doesn’t mean that we want it stay the same. It is just that we accept that what is . . . well, IS and, with that acceptance, we can look to see what we can create differently in future.

We don’t waste our energy and effort on resistance, either internal or external. Instead, we accept the ISness of this moment because it IS. We can then use all our energy to find, and bring to life new possibilities that can bring more love, truth, and creativity to the next moment.

The ‘YES!’ gives us the peace we need to let our patterns go into love. The ‘AND . . .’ stimulates the Connector to get busy creating things that move us toward more thrivability.

Mandela and Gandhi Both Enacted YES! AND...

Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi both enacted this YES! AND . . . philosophy in their world-changing work. Gandhi was a major proponent of the philosophy of non-violence, ahimsa. He refused to fight the ISness of the British occupation of India with violence. He did not deny the reality of what was by repressing it or reacting to it. He accepted it, while committing himself in the core of his being to the liberation of his people.

He believed non-violence was the most powerful force in the world, the key to unlocking the creative spirit. He saw peace as the start of love coming into the world as action. This is the essence of the YES! AND . . . Peace moves seamlessly into love, which ignites creativity. Peace is the essence of creativity.

In a parallel epiphany, Nelson Mandela realized he had to transform himself from righteous fighter to collaborative statesman, if he wanted South Africa to transition to peace. To do that, he had to accept that white people, including his predominantly Afrikaner oppressors, needed to be part of the future of the nation. He had to say ‘YES!’ to them, and the past, before he could play with the ‘AND . . .’ He had to tame the troubled waters of his own pain before he could bring more peace and prosperity to his people.

He switched on to his 27-year prison experience, recasting it as a massive source of empowerment: ‘If I had not been in prison I would not have been able to achieve the most difficult task in life, and that is changing yourself.’

With a tranquil HEART, he had the insights he needed in his HEAD to guide the country from minority to majority rule. In one powerful moment, on national TV, he reached out his HANDS to President F W De Clerk in a clear display of brotherhood in a war-torn land.

In other words, peace is not the end of our journey. It is a prerequisite for accessing our full creativity without wasting precious time and energy on patterns (and the reactions these spark in others).

By diligently reclaiming all the energy stored up in our pain.pattern crystals, we can bring it to bear on creating a thriving world for ourselves and our people. The splinters are removed, the walls come down, and we open up new fields of possibility to explore.

The Big Surrender

The Tiny Me usually thinks it can outsmart life. After all, this is what it spends most of its time trying to do to keep us safe. Yet how can we be smarter than a universe that has created millions of species, all adapted to their specific niches, and all able to thrive on this planet?

Although we might think we can control it, in reality life is always in the driving seat. So our only hope for real peace is to surrender to that cosmic wisdom, even if we have trouble understanding it. So we all have to choose whether to fight it, resist it and be angry with the universe; or surrender to it, with a big YES! AND . . . so we can start to co-create with it.

Time To Let Go

If you really want to grow with every challenge, and are committed to having a fully thrivadelic life, you will have to learn how to let go of everything that is keeping you stuck. Any time you feel yourself moved to blame, shame, or complain, it is because your Tiny Me is fixated on something and thinks what IS should be different. Time to let go.

Every regret is an opportunity to relinquish another story about what coulda/woulda/shoulda happened.

This is why the Way of Breakthrough, living from enlightenment, is not a piece of cake. I often hear people say how easy it must be to drop out like a hippy. Yet the true path of wisdom, of switching on, is profoundly challenging because we have to keep on surrendering. There is nowhere to run away to. There is nothing to hide behind. Stories, assumptions, ‘noble lies,’ habits all drop away, leaving us naked in the ISness.

Once we have seen the truth, each moment becomes a choice: To live in fear and reaction . . . or let go of it all and find a way to be at peace with every experience. We can let go of the stories, the attachments, and the fear; or we can remain tenaciously holding on to them as the clock counts down.

Every shade of fear, worry, or doubt is an invitation to switch on and remember our oneness with the universe. We have to give something up when we do. We have to let go of the opinions and assumptions of the Tiny Me. Those ‘noble lies’ have to be released. In fact, enlightenment experiences are often called ‘ego deaths.’ Our Tiny Me has to ‘die’ continuously (or at least fade out of the mix), for us to enjoy the peace of oneness.

This can lead to a lot of resistance within because the last thing the Protector wants is to disappear! So it will kick and scream until we learn how to reassure and secure it. The more we reconnect, allowing our Tiny Me to fade out gently for a few minutes during lovemaking, meditation, or dance, the more willing it is to come to terms with death.


Switched Off: The nearest we get to peace is when we forget our worries for a moment or drown our sorrows. Lasting peace is impossible as there are always more things to be fearful of, more random events that can hurt us, including the ultimate, which is our death.

Switched On: Peace arises when we let go of our pain and the patterns that defend us. We release every fear and anxiety as we deepen our connection to Presence. The more we surrender to what Is, the more can create what might be. We can even conquer a fear of death as we surrender to the universe of which we are already an intrinsic part.

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