Why Our Wounded Healer Needs To Be Our Constant Companion

Why Our Wounded Healer Needs To Be Our Constant Companion

The burdens and pain we overcome grow into our greatest storehouse of wisdom and compassion. They literally become the power that enables us to assist others in their healing.

Our suffering has been our initiation of the heart for we can only assist the planet and humanity to heal and rise above our current deep crisis in evolution if we have been touched by suffering ourselves. It is through meeting our deepest pain that we can offer the service and the knowledge of liberation to others. In this sense our awakening to who we are as we rise up out of our suffering likens us to Chiron, the wounded healer.

The Wounded Healer

Chiron was reputed to be the wisest of the Greek centaurs. He was immortal and therefore could not die. One fateful day he was accidentally struck by an arrow that had been dipped in Hydra’s blood. Had he been mortal then he would have surely died, however, in his immortality, instead of dying he suffered great pain as a result of his wound. Chiron traversed all of the known world in search of a cure for his affliction.

As time went by he amassed great knowledge and experience of what it was to heal and others began to seek him out. His very own wound created the destiny of becoming the wounded healer.

Empathy and Acceptance

The wounded healer understands the pain of those he helps for he has suffered the same pain, the same anguish, the same loss of faith, the same grief, the same anger and the same fear. The wounded healer is most effective when the path that the other has walked is both felt and understood from the perspective of personal experiences instead of just theory.

When we embrace the path of the wounded we surrender our need to stop all pain, but rather we shift our focus towards uncovering the individual and collective human heart – the source of all grace, of all love and of all compassion. This pivotal shift in focus does more to alleviate and uplift than all of the energies we may have invested in either resisting suffering or trying to stop it at all costs.

When we stand alone against human suffering we are in effect arguing with reality and that is one argument we can never win. The forces of change and the forces that bring about the evolution of our species will bring us to the next stage that is beyond just being sentient, to a level of existence in which we will consciously co-exist with other worlds. Those other worlds are inclusive of all the beings that we share our planet with, the seen and the unseen.

Chasing the Light?

We cannot rid the world of its ignorance and suffering through chasing the light for that has the effect of disconnecting us not only from the life we are living but also from what is standing right in front us.

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When we become a ‘light chaser’ we often live life through the vision of our ideals and seek to remove or ignore whatever is painful of threatening. Chasing the light does not heal, it separates. Those who are lost in their suffering cannot see us or feel us when we are not fully present in our body and in earth life.

Our job therefore is to take the light of consciousness into every corner of our being that is separate, afraid, angry, hateful, enraged and feeling desperately lonely. Through this process of integration we create a template that many others can follow in their own good time.
We stand solidly with our feet on the ground, rested in the centre of our heart having run the gauntlet of our inner demons as a warrior of the light.

We’ve peered into the darkest corners and have sobbed the deepest of tears and have fallen, fallen, fallen time and again into the bottomless pit from which there was no return and no escape, only to discover that at the bottom of this pit, the dreaded abyss of separation, is a trap door that opens up into the resplendent and luxurious light of the heart – the sweet pure nectar of God, the essence of our true selves.

The Abyss of Separation

Each time we have the courage to come home to what is true, to what is really true, what is true beyond all the words that have been spoken about us, to us and by us that sought only to convince and imprison us over and over and over again with the grandest lie that we are inherently bad and that there is something wrong with us, we release more of the bondage we have imposed on our very own heart.

As we take courage and meet the abyss of separation not once, not twice, not thrice but a hundred times if necessary and fall into the deeper truth – no masks, no idealistic projections, we have an all pervasive experience that all is well with us and with our world.

This truth, as it is experienced by us each time we dare to cross the threshold of the abyss, paves the way for many more to follow in our footsteps. Neither the Buddha nor the Christ became the enlightened sons of God through chasing the light.

Each faced their demons and each faced them alone in the abyss of suffering and separation. This was their gift to us, not the dogmas that have spread in their the name, but the gift of their inner journey.

Spiritual Resources

As we become willing to see and tell the absolute truth of our existence, unlimited resource becomes available to us. Not only do the energies of the deities, saints, enlightened ones and gurus come in to support us, but the Shamanic world that contains all of the realms of our ancestors becomes available to us too.

The Ancients, the wise women and men of epochs gone by come forth to support us, for their evolution is intrinsically tied up with our own. Everything that happens on Earth and with humans is keenly felt in the many worlds that live intersected with our own.

This world was very real to me as a child and is still very real to me today. All of my inner work has been supported by what for most people is the unseen world. When we simply want to dabble in predicting the future or are simply curious with no motivation to grow, we attract information and attention that matches our level of commitment to personal evolution.

As we progress in our personal journey of healing, our sincere longing to transform fear into the love we are in the process of remembering, is then met by beings of merit that take a keen interest in human evolution and healing.

We are supported and more than we can imagine.

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