Searching for the Key to Happiness?

Searching for the Key to Happiness?

There have been many songs written about love. The Beatles tune “All You Need is Love” is one that often comes to mind when I think of how many people are searching for fulfillment. It seems we are all searching for happiness in our materialistic world. If you search long enough, you will real­ize that love is what you’re looking for.

As I am out and about connecting with people, I don’t see many smiles on people’s faces. Why is this? I feel that many of us are caught up in our fast-paced life and are not noticing that there are people all around us, searching for the same thing we are. Are we all in our own little worlds so much that we are not seeing each other?

I often wonder how the joy got lost in some folks. Why don’t they smile? I have witnessed people looking down as they text in the supermar­ket line or crossing off the items on their list. No one looks up and speaks to each other, let alone flashes a smile. What’s the deal? Where’s the love? Have we become that discon­nected? It’s sad for me to see.

I just want to shake those folks who are in line texting and say, “Wake Up! Don’t you get it? There are people all around you who are in need of your smile, a kind word, your love energy.” Here’s some of Mother Teresa’s wisdom regarding love: “I repeat that it is not what we do, but how much love we put into doing it.” [Love: The Words and Inspiration of Mother Teresa]

Giving Love Through Paying A Compliment

Paying someone a compliment can be a very meaningful act of kindness. Maybe that person in line is having a bad day and needs a kind word. A compliment from any human being, stranger or not, is appreciated. A few kind words can make someone’s day a good one!

What I have come to realize is that when you are happy and know that you are loved, you give love freely. The nice thing about love is that it’s free and it’s contagious. The more love that you give, the more love you will receive. This is the law of the Universe.

Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love
one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.
The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,”
“You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,”
“You shall not covet,” and
whatever other command there may be,
are summed up in this one com
“Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Love does no harm to a neighbor.
Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.
—Romans 13:8–10

Giving the Energy of Love

This lesson is simple: if you want love, you must give the energy of love! The Universe knows when you are giving out love vibrations, and it, in turn, rewards you with love energy. God has engineered it that way.

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Have you ever heard the say­ing “You only get what you give”? Giving love starts the love energy flowing. Once the giving of love is in motion, the love energy will flow out into the Universe and return back to you tenfold.

Have you ever noticed a couple that’s in love, walking along holding hands, and wondered what their secret is? What they have is not a secret. The concept is simple: when you love unconditionally, then you will receive love uncon­ditionally.

If you understand this concept, then you are one of the more fortunate souls on this earth. It’s the give and the take, the yin and the yang.

Searching for the Key to Happiness

I can remember a time when I was searching for the key to happiness. I assumed (as most of us do) that when you have achieved your next material goals in life, then you will be truly happy! It took me much trial and error to realize that the car or the house—the things—were not fulfilling me as a person. Only love, true love, the love energy, fulfills the human soul completely.

My husband and I are in love with each other. So no mat­ter what is happening in our lives, we know that we always have each other at the end of the day. I know that when we are out in public shopping or out to dine, people notice that sparkle in our eyes when we look at each other. What they are picking up on is our love energy for each other.

Many times people notice us and comment on how happy we are, as it is evident that we are a happy couple. It is a good feeling to know that you are loved and that you love someone so much that it shows. The love seems to ooze out of us, and we are bright, happy souls.

On the other side of the spectrum, I see many unhappy people who are just going through the motions and seem lost. There are negative folks out there who do not like happy cou­ples. It’s the misery-loves-company scenario.

What Is Going On Here On Our Planet?

I believe we are so caught up in our worldly life that we have forgotten what the most important thing is—love. We have become such a materialistic society concerned over money, jobs, and basic living issues that our spiritual side has gotten lost.

The only way to overcome these stumbling blocks in life is to send out love energy. Love, and the energy that it holds, possesses the ability to bring joy and laughter into anyone’s crazy world.

The Gift of Love

I want to share with you what I have learned thus far in my lifetime about love. The lesson is that the tough days here on this planet are bearable when you have love in your life. You may be in love with your spouse, a child, a parent, or even a pet who keeps the love alive in you. The key is to keep the love alive inside of you, keep the energy flowing, and allow the magic of love to fill you up.

My hope is that we all learn to give love and to receive this precious gift that God has given us. The Dali Lama says this about love: “The foundation of all spiritual practice is love. That you practice this well is my only request. Of course, to be able to do so in all situations will take time, but you should not lose courage. If we wish happiness for mankind, love is the only way.” [The Dalai Lama: His Essential Wisdom]

With all the violence and lack of respect for each other occurring daily in our world, to find our way back to loving each other seems nearly impossible. But we have no choice! If we as the human race do not stop the killing and the hatred toward each other, we will be no more. Our world is at a tip­ping point. We have a chance to Wake Up! The mission is to send out love energy and watch it grow!

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Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You: Learn to Use Universal Energy by Mrs Nancy E Yearout.Wake Up! The Universe Is Speaking To You: Learn to Use Universal Energy
by Nancy E Yearout.

What if you were given the ability to change your life for the better? To create what you want for yourself? All you need to do is pay attention to what the Universe is showing you.

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